UK politics

“You lost, we’re leaving, shush!” – 12th October 2016
This post is about the constant outcry of Brexiteers trying to silence opposition. Using such arguments as “you lost, we’re leaving, shush!”.

Corbyn Unelectable: Origins – 28th September 2016
In this post I tried to track down where the idea of Corbyn being unelectable came from.

Is Corbyn Unelectable?  – 24th September 2016
This following Corbyn’s win of the Labour leadership contest.

Corbyn vs Branson: Virgin Trains – 24th August 2016
This article is about the row regarding Corbyn not being able to find a seat on a train, and the ensuing shit show that happened when Branson hit back.

Diversity doesn’t Help Businesses – 28th July 2016
Here’s a piece about my concerns on diversity quotas, and how they don’t help businesses.