posts about trans stuff

Non-binary and Trans – 8th November 2016
Follow up to “The difference between trans and trans”. In this post I discuss how some non-binary people are still part of the “trutrans” label on account of sharing the same medical condition as traditional trans people. Recommended that you read the previous post first.

The difference between trans and trans 7th November 2016
In this post I discuss the need for separation of terms between two wildly different branches currently using the same label. I posit that we refer to typical and traditional trans people as “trutrans” and those who aren’t suffering from Gender Dysphoria/Incongruence can remain as “transgender”.

TERFWar – The Finale – 3rd November 2016
This post is my final word on TERFs. The post itself is meant as a resource for anyone in arguments with TERFs online to refer back to. It has a lot of well referenced and researched information that can be used to disprove a lot of TERF ideology.

Is it transphobic to not want to date trans people? – 2nd November 2016
In this post I discuss whether or not its transphobic to turn someone down for relationships or sex based on them being trans and that alone.  I think its hurtful, but not necessarily wrong, and I explain why in the post.

“You’re not a woman you’re a man” – 30th October 2016
In this post I respond initially to TERFs, but anyone really, who would insinuate I was a man, based on me being a transsexual woman. It’s an out look that I think a lot of people would benefit from adopting.

Gender vs Gender Expression – 28th October 2016
In this post I discuss the difference between Gender and Gender expression. The post was originally meant as a response to a video. However I think it works a lot better in a wider context.

#TransDepath is retarded – 22nd October 2016
In this post I discuss a growing movement amongst the non-trutrans part of the trans crowd. Who are arguing to depathologise trans, which could severely affect a lot of trutrans people’s ability to get medical support.

The idea of pronouns – 20th October 2016
This post is about the idea of pronouns, how they come about, how you get them, and what they mean. I also challenge the idea of preferred pronouns and explain how they are impractical in society.