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^ same radfem reported me and got me suspended.




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Other notable TERF moments

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I figure that’s a pretty good selection. There’s some of the more mental ones included, some of the more academic and reasonable ones there too. There’s even some trans people who support the TERF logic just for good measure.

In essence their argument is that, “woman” means adult human female because it says so in the dictionary. If you press them on how this fact isn’t 100% true because outliers exist such as intersex, which they do accommodate for. They do so for me all the time as soon as I drop the bomb that I’m XX. But if you press them before telling them this then they change their tune a little bit.

They start arguing its about socialisation. I can’t really speak for anyone else, but until puberty and high school I don’t see how socialisation between sexes is all that different. I have an older sister, 2 years apart, and as kids we were fairly inseparable. Whether that was making dens together, or playing with dolls and action figures, or having stupid fake concerts and jumping around on our beds. It was only when puberty started for her that we began drifting apart.

The socialisation argument really kinda bugs me. Their whole jibe is about patriarchy and sex based oppression. Which they argue is contributed to by socialising women to be weaker and teaching them that they’re “the other sex” as Simone De Beauvoir put it. So you’d think they’re totally opposed to socialisation as being key to a claim of womanhood – since they oppose the consequences and cause of the socialisation. But I guess its rather a convenient argument to use? I mean… its basically impossible to disprove or prove.

So yeah in short the argument is:

  • adult human females = women
  • oh wait, i guess there are some intersex people who count too
  • yes, women are oppressed for their biology, sexual dimorphism is a thing
  • no, sexual dimorphism of the brain isnt a thing thats down to socialisation and neuroplasticity for no reason at all!

And the thing is? Most of the trans people I speak to don’t even care about people not calling us women. We didn’t transition for other people’s acceptance and validation, it was done because we had a problem and we needed to fix it. So we did. If they want to call me a man still, by all means, I can’t police their speech and I would never try to.

I just think their arguments for the things they’re doing and saying are dumb. I’m not gonna stop using a women’s bathroom just because they don’t agree that I should, you know?

I get their assholery towards trans women – they see us as men because we’re male and they hate males cos “muh oppresshun!” But what I don’t get is not only their assholery to FtMs like my friend Tolga – who by the way is one of the hottest dudes I’ve ever seen. But also their assholery towards cis women too. If you need an example of that you should talk to Hannah of the Honey Badgers, cos holy shit are they cunts to her. See:

Its anti-sexism that is ironically painfully sexist, and they have absolutely no self awareness about it at all.

If there’s anything else you want let me know. I’ve got a buttload of screencaps and such that i’ve been getting people to send me, ill drop ’em in an imgur album if you’d like them. 🙂