I really annoyed the anti-tranners this time huh.

As you know I butt heads against anti-tranner types a lot - anti-tranner being my new word for TERFs and tradcons and etc who dislike trans people. Because lets be honest, they don't actually stand for the values they claim to, TERFs in particular are staunchly anti-female if said female doesn't fit their specific mould … Continue reading I really annoyed the anti-tranners this time huh.


Are we TruTrans or are we Trender?

I had a little chat with ContraPoints on Twitter about this stuff and it was really interesting actually. A lot of good points were made but with Twitter being Twitter, I feel like this discussion needs to be opened up a lot wider for everyone who calls themselves trans to weigh in on. I'll get … Continue reading Are we TruTrans or are we Trender?

Why gay?

I mentioned this briefly in a post already on are traps gay? and so I wanted to follow up with some actual proof of my claim. My claim being that "gay" as a word only exists because of society's desire to say "that right there? that's bad, that's gay." Although the word "gay" today is … Continue reading Why gay?

Are traps gay?

I didn't want to write this, its all just a meme, nobody really cares that much about it, right? That's what I thought, but now I've seen lots of people genuinely talking about it, including Chris Ray Gun and Armoured Skeptic and also verified trans twitter accounts like Parker Molloy and Katelyn Burns. It doesn't … Continue reading Are traps gay?