This is a hashtag used by the anti-trans brigade to showcase trans people doing or saying bad things. The usual format is some non-trans person is out there doing something, encounters a trans person acting kinda shitty, realising the shitty behaviour our non-trans friend posts about it online. The madfems then all crowd around them … Continue reading #PeakTrans


Pregnant people instead of pregnant women?

A lot of people are losing their shit about this, most notably the madfems but also Ian Miles Cheong for what appears to be no reason at all other than I think he dislikes SJWs and a lot of SJWs are trans.  He's pretty ideologically opposed to anything that seems a little SJW-y and as … Continue reading Pregnant people instead of pregnant women?

Riley doesn’t know what male is.

https://twitter.com/RileyJayDennis/status/920720478909620224 https://twitter.com/RileyJayDennis/status/920720561927462912 There were other tweets in this chain of similar crap. These are the ones that are most relevant about what I want to talk about today. What is male? and are trans women male? When we use the word male (or female) in relation to humans - we're talking about the body of a … Continue reading Riley doesn’t know what male is.