I’m keeping the blog mostly anonymous, not only for privacy purposes, but also because I think that an identity can cloud meaning. It also means I’m much more able to talk openly and freely with my opinions and perspectives.

Comments are totally encouraged, part of the idea behind this blog is to open the idea of discussion in frank and honest terms. I’d be glad to talk with anyone who leaves a comment. See you there.

I hope you enjoy, thank you for reading.

If you want to find me on social media here are my various accounts and pages and communities:

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18 thoughts on “me

  1. Hobbyist Contrarian says:

    What do you actually do and how are you so prolific? I’ve been fascinated by the variety of content here and insight, as well as the sheer quantity you’re putting out. I think we have slightly different political opinions (The EU is an imperial project and Hell will freeze over before Corbyn gets elected), but I’ve never enjoyed disagreeing so much before. Political history and economics are my schtick and I don’t even hide being a contrarian, so maybe the future will hold some good conversations.

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    • cursede says:

      I do data entry which probably explains my quantity of content here – its so dull but its easy to manage both at the same time.

      And thank you! I appreciate being part of the conversation and the discussion generated surrounding it is like the whole point. I want people to discuss ideas more so I’m more than happy for respectful disagreement!

      As for Corbyn, I can’t help it. I really dig the dude’s politics. I’ll be voting for him next gen election!


      • Hobbyist Contrarian says:

        Fuck! I don’t blame you. I can’t respect the man because his blind hatred of the Tories is so fierce he’ll never manage to do anything in mainstream politics vaguely helpful, but I’m pretty much the most socialist person I know. I just think he’s a crap leader with no chance. Also, it’s fairly obvious he actually supports leaving the EU. The problem is that his Trotskyist supporters don’t.


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