#bansparency @twitter @jack

Please make sure to have a real life human look at this appeal. I really need you to see my twitter account in context because my ban is totally unjust.
Hi there, you claim I’m hateful and that I deserve to be banned. However if you take some time to read my twitter feed you’d see that is a total lie. I run an advocacy account for trans people. Finding information and having arguments with good data to help people understand and respect trans as a medical condition. I aim not only to inform non trans and trans people about the condition and the people within. But also to empower trans people to overcome bigotry and hatred and be happy regardless. I want to see a trans community that isn’t weighed down by the purity testing, the vitriol, and the constant mopey culture that occurs surrounding trans people sometimes. I want us to shine like the diamonds we really are. 

Often I run into people such as the madfems as I call them. I call them this because they call themselves radfems and it’s just funnier to call them mad. Because that’s what they are. Reaaaaallly mad. To the point where they have called me a rapist repeatedly, called me a child abuser, a freak, deranged, mentally ill, delusional, a danger to women and society, and all sorts of other vile stuff. They’ve even doxxed some friends of mine including @mimmymum – the account posting her information hasn’t been banned however. They’ve threatened trans people with violence and they get away with it. Every single time. 

I face this hatred every day and I come out of it smiling without ever lowering my self to their level. I never call them horrible names, compare them to rapists or wish any harm upon them. I debate their ideas and make fun of the stupider things they say. I showcase all of this for people so they know what the anti trans lobby is all about. And you have decided to ban me for it. 

In essence you are siding with my oppressors to marginalise a trans voice. Jack himself said that he doesn’t want voices like mine to be silenced on his platform, but that’s never going to work if you are caving into the demands of bigots who play victim really well. And they do play the victim, all the time. I’ve saved a few of their posts to my blog and mixed them with some of my posts which I will link below. Please. If you think that I’m the hateful one, respond to this email with an actual human and tell me so. Tell me exactly what I’ve done that is genuinely hateful and deserving of a ban? If not, please unban me. 

I will send this report until I get an answer from a real life human. Thank you for your time. 

Cursed E


One thought on “#bansparency @twitter @jack

  1. tolgahan says:

    Holy shit! This again? Tagging twitter.com/twittersupport might work better than tagging Jack Dorsey.
    I hope Twitter will go down the toilet in less then a decade, together with Jack’s career. #peakTwitter


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