This is a hashtag used by the anti-trans brigade to showcase trans people doing or saying bad things. The usual format is some non-trans person is out there doing something, encounters a trans person acting kinda shitty, realising the shitty behaviour our non-trans friend posts about it online. The madfems then all crowd around them and say “oh wow, good to see you’ve reached #peaktrans at last!”.

Yet somehow, for some reason, in the same breath, call trans the cult. The irony is palpatine.

So I’ve decided to hijack the tag for a little while, and I encourage everyone to join in. Lets turn it from something incredibly negative into something super positive. Find amazing trans people, post to the thread with #peaktrans and showcase the true peak of trans people. Because some of us are frickin’ badass sometimes.

In the meantime, lets address some of the things that the anti-trans brigade have posted on the thread. Namely from this here chode telling me I’m using the hashtag wrong… even though like… that’s the entire point? I’m taking it from you bigots and making something good of it. Sorry it hurts your feelings.

In his tweet he leaves a list of things he will and won’t support in regards to trans people – lets have a look see and leave some commentary and critique!


So the top paragraph is all on board with supporting trans people – amazing no? But that bottom paragraph… well… not so much.

  • I will not allow trans women to appropriate the term womanhood

    This implies you own it in anyway, you don’t. My claim to womanhood might be different from the typical woman’s, but its still a valid claim whether you agree or not.

  • I will not allow trans women to erase female experiences

    Me either – female experiences are important and I support talking about abortions, and trying to destigmatise periods etc.

    You should probably not erase my ‘female experiences’ either though – because I’ve been accosted by people asking me and my partner for threesomes or shouting “I want to lick your minge” at us because we’re in a lesbian relationship. They sure as shit aren’t doing this because they think I’m male.

    See, some “female experiences” happen to women regardless of whether they’re female women or not.

  • I will not allow trans women to appropriate feminism from females

    Ideologue says what? I don’t care about your creepy vagina cult – you can have feminism. I’m just one independent person putting my opinions out there and discussing stuff with people. I hope to empower more trans people into being strong minded and intelligent people.

    Empowerment is never something you are given by being part of a group, empowerment is something you take by being strong within yourself.

  • I will not allow trans women to reinforce gender/patriarchy

    You’re doing such a great job of that. You can’t even get non-trans women to not enforce patriarchy upon each other and you’re actually somewhat nice to them. How on earth do you expect you’re going to get people you treat like shit to listen to you here?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve written about ‘patriarchy’ before and I think the way its framed is totally off – but I do think there are frameworks of social understanding in our societies which can be harmful to people. This is ingrained into our culture over thousands of years.

    This includes teaching things like “women need to be quiet and kind and nurturing and caring” which is obviously absurd. A woman cracking dick jokes and spitting on pigeons is still a woman. Its just she would be treated badly for not being ‘ladylike’ in our society. I bring this up because you know who enforces patriarchal understandings of things? Madfems.

    They’re always telling me my behaviour is “very male” or that I’m “being blokey”. They do the same with females too until its revealed that they’re female – one of my friends even had to post a pic of herself mere moments after forcing a baby through her vagina.

    So maybe you should clean your own house before going round telling other people theirs is dirty?

  • I will not ignore lesbophobia in trans activism

    Cool, I don’t ignore it in rad feminism either – which is exactly what you’re doing when you exclude both trans women and the people who would date us from being lesbians. Ironic no?
  • I will not pretend trans women never have male privilege

    If you’re trans & visible enough for people to know you’re male, then trust me – nobody is going to treat you well. This is hardly any kind of privilege.

  • I will not allow trans women to get away with misogyny

    Again, fix your own house first – telling women they aren’t real women because they have ‘masculine’ senses of humour or calling them hand maidens for supporting trans rights is hardly non-misogynist.


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