I’m banned again! C’mon @Jack


Hi there, if you’re new to my site and Twitter its nice to meet you. I’m Cursed, I’m a twenty-something trans woman who talks about trans stuff a lot – usually with transphobes, like actually legitimate transphobes. Such as the anti-trans “radical feminists”. Its these people who despite their hate for penis, have got a massive hate boner for me and have once again organised a mass report to get rid of me. Yes, this isn’t the first time they’ve done this, a fact they’re all too happy to celebrate:

528e682a92bcf65344dc2d5b08a2fb94 (1).png

So how did I get banned this time? Well… I sent a BDSM gif to someone being an asshole to me. That’s literally all I did. I didn’t say anything mean, I didn’t use any no-no words, I wasn’t being personal like how she was – I just sent a gif. I’ll link the gif in a moment, first lets look at the context I linked said gif in.



Calling me “it” wasn’t enough for her – she also had to call me “lurch in a dress”. But yeah no, this apparently isn’t targeted harassment because I’m trans with opinions.




Now I’m Herman Munster in drag – I’m not going to lie, these references sure are a little dated. Though still clearly transphobic as heck. But nope, not targeted harassment.



Oh its a South Park gif, how original. This is from the episode where the police officer is going undercover as a woman to investigate some crime. I don’t remember exactly what happens, funny episode – though the intention with using this gif is clear… “haha, you look like a dude in women’s clothes and have hairy legs, lol you’re a crossdresser!!!!” and so forth. But again… this? This isn’t targeted harassment silly.

It’s at this point I sent my own gif back to her, here’s the gif:


It’s a BDSM gif, which really isn’t all that risque. It’s non-nude, so isn’t hardcore pornography and shows a few light slaps and some choking. You can easily find more hardcore BDSM porn on Twitter elsewhere:

This is essentially the exact same as what I posted but from a POV perspective, and where we can clearly hear that penetrative sex is also happening. This isn’t something that people are banned for.

So there’s the context of why I was banned, what I was mass reported for and evidence I was mass reported for something that exists on Twitter and doesn’t get you banned already. This should, in theory, be enough to over turn my suspension as its very clearly unjust.

Twitter, your ban system is terrible – you ban people like me for standing up against abuse and hatred, yet allow the people spreading abuse and hatred to go on tweeting at vulnerable members of our society. I’ve had people in my DMs crying their eyes out because these anti-trans people have sent abuse at them and tried to convince them they’re fetishists and disgusting, I’m the person who has had to pick up those pieces and help put that person back together again, who has been arguing fairly with the transphobes for months and months and months – not saying a word about the abuse I receive, just showing it to people as it happens. Yet I send one non-nude, SFW, BDSM gif and I’m banned? Nah son. NAH. Please fix your ban system and stop punishing people for not allowing themselves to become a victim and instead standing up against their vile and sadistic behaviour.

If you’re one of my friends or followers, please share this post. Show everyone the context, show everyone the abuse and show everyone how its never the abuser that gets banned. Just you, for daring to stand up against abuse.





19 thoughts on “I’m banned again! C’mon @Jack

  1. Alexander Lopez (@AlexandriusL) says:

    I was wondering why you were so quiet today… One more account down the drain, uh?
    I really don’t get it. You will get your account suspended of a few things if you mass follow, but if you get mass reported somehow that’s OK and totally normal?

    Knowing you for a while I bet you don’t even care that much they acted like cunts. You’re angry that you got banned for something as trivial as a BDSM gif. Theryn gets banned for saying “Tranny” too many times and you shared a BDSM gif while trolling. I honestly am appalled with all of this.

    I hope you get to come back with your account so you don’t have to start over and show those cunts that you’re not going down that easily. Meanwhile, hugs and kisses until we get to see you back in the streets… 🙂

    (Also, I still can’t get over the fact that that GIF is so hot. HMMM)

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    • cursede says:

      im over @NotCursedE for now – but yeah, im mostly just wanting my account reinstated, and I think I’ve made a good case for it here. Just need everyone to share it around and help get it noticed is all. Every little helps! ❤

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  2. Glen says:

    Came from twitter, had my spats with you there. Read all the way through and have to say i think twitter fucked you over with some petty BS.

    I still disagree with you about many things, but i stand with your right to tweet anything shy of a somehow real life threat at someone. Fuck you Jack.


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  3. Rya N.T. Jones says:

    Let’s be honest. This was not about BDSM. If your gif had been a female domme smacking a man, you would not have been banned. What people do consentually is up to them. But you posted this in a specific context. Context is what gives gifs their meaning. Your context was an argument with a woman who called you a man. You responded with a gif of a man smacking a woman. The implication was obvious. But because the meaning was merely implicit, you’re trying to deny it by playing this “But it was just a BDSM, what’s the big deal?” card.

    As you know, I was super frustrated with you. For me it was a reminder of why I don’t much like hanging out with trans women. As a trans woman, I desire to emulate authentic patterns of female behavior. Why would I want to hang around women who still exhibit stereotypically male behavior patterns? From my perspective, posting that gif was about as stereotypically male as one can get on Twitter. Plus, as you admitted, it was a “dick move.”

    At one point in the aftermath, you boasted of being a better troll than her. You do you. You can decide to troll people if you want too. But if you sow troll seed, you reap a troll’s harvest. And Twitter decided it’s harvest time baby.

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    • cursede says:

      “stereotypically male”

      well dats sexist.

      ripping on feminists for their idiotic ideology is not stereotypically male. There are thousands of women across the internet doing it – including my friend Shoe0nHead, Roaming Millennial, Sugar-Tits, Toxic Femininity, SJW nonsense and the list goes on and on and on.

      Yes, the context I posted it in was that she was trying to troll me – I’ve posted the tweets in this article. So I trolled back. I’m just a far better troll than she is – and knew exactly what would push her buttons. So I did it. This has nothing to do with being a man, a male, a woman or a female. None of it is relevant to the fact she was trolling and got trolled back.

      The biggest difference is that I’m not buttmad about it. I’ll dust myself off and build my following up again if I have to – but the fact you’re so willing to fall on your sword to protect someone who was being as vile as she was says it all really Rya. You’re an ideologue too – you’re made for them. Hope you enjoy being denigrated and treated like shit for the way you were born. ❤

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      • tolgahan says:

        I don’t know why Rya hangs out with the TERFs on social media and IRL. They offer no nice “authentic patterns of female behavior” to “emulate”. People like Miranda and Rya are hypocrites totally fine with being female in the streets, male in the tweets for the sake of tokenism and whiteknighting madfems to receive backhanded compliments and thanks in return.


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  4. Rya N.T. Jones says:

    I am not arguing that the gif itself is misogynistic. But the context in which you used it? Absolutely misogynistic, no doubt in my mind. So what am I supposed to say? “You know I hate misogyny and I was deeply offended by this…but you know Alexa, you did say she probably looks like Lurch in a dress. So I mean, come on, it’s basically a wash.”

    Tell you what. Get Shoe0nHead’s feedback then. She will have a female perspective that is not just “butthurt feminism” or whatever. I doubt very much that she’ll side with you, but I trust her enough that I will defer to her judgment.


    • cursede says:

      Or you could check the comments and see all the other many females who butted heads with them as a result of that gif. Like my friends Candi, Sarah & Lucem. Two of which are literally lesbians too. Lucem was actually told her rape wasn’t real and called a man by one of them after she said she found choking to be arousing.

      I didn’t post that gif because I hate women or wanted to pick on her for being a woman – I posted it because I knew it would push her little sex negative ideologue mad fem buttons. Nothing more.

      Laci Green follows you yes? Send her this post via DM. Lets see what a non radical feminist says about it?


  5. napos says:

    fuck twitter. i read follow and post, but iDGAF about twitter. I’m on gab.ai, in all the way for uncensored speech. my “differences” with many is that i would like to see a check box buy in to hate speech, like n-word filth, jew hate stuff, and really awful low monkey type reptilian vomit speech, just so no on can pussy out and say OMG i saw this and now i czn never shit again. I believe all the hate stuff is just bot (hopefully) inspired horse cum to get Gab kicked off servers, although i know there are libtards in mommy’s basement spending all day posting troll brigade spew. you can see them in the drug stores buying handjob lub. they look like they ain’t been in the sun for 5yrs. sadly, prob right on…:)

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  6. no name yet says:

    I think the reason you were reported was because of your personal opinion on how a female who had been raped should over come her trauma.

    You were telling her to “deal with it,” “get over it,” “It’s not any body else’ problem but yours” etc.

    When I read you 1000 word tirade to her, I thought to myself, you are going to get suspended for this.

    But maybe you are right, maybe you were suspended for sending a gif.


  7. Angelica says:

    Faceless mob rule from TERFs and their white knight proxies got me banned from Facebook and I wasn’t even replying to anyone. They got me demonetized on Youtube and shadow banned and Google+ …

    IMO Feminism is at the heart of the problem.

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  8. Tranime Girl (@TranimeGirl) says:

    This is total bullshit! (you getting banned, not your post about it)
    I’m real tired of the nearly daily bullshit from TERFs getting bent out of shape because a woman has a Y in there somewhere, or at least they’ve assumed there’s a Y. Funny how they call us out for behaviors ciswomen do. Yeah, harass a ciswoman, she’ll get just as angry as any trans woman.

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  9. Miss Reina H Watt says:

    I’ve been suspended as well for standing up against TERFs, I’ve been suspended for over a month at this time and they refuse to help me get back into my Twitter account because I refused to be misgendered by TERF scum so stood up against them. I was suspended hours later while the TERFs, as usual, got away with their bigotry.
    Since I’m not able to receive an SMS code then I can’t even see my account in a limited mode, they outright refuse to help because I’m a trans woman and I refuse to be bullied by bigoted scum.

    Twitter is pretty much run by Nazi lovers, they protect the bigots and punish anyone who dares to stand up against them.


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