“muh bi pedal species” : Are Traps Gay? 

I’ve heard this one floating around. I’ve even made similar comments my self. Albeit, mine were directed at the idea of a sex spectrum, not at the idea of sexuality. I think in the context of trying to argue whether its gay or straight to have sex with trans it doesn’t really hold up at all. 

So let’s give a quick outline of the argument. 

Person A: it’s gay for me, a male to have sex with a trans woman because they too are male. 

Person B: I disagree. Trans women may have been born male, however they medically and sometimes also surgically alter their bodies into an artificially induced state of intersex. They do not fit wholly on either side of the binary of sexes. 

Person A: lol. Humans are bi pedal. We don’t change this just because in rare cases people are born more or less than two legs. Or where people have had to be amputated! Why should we change how we define sex just because of exceptions? 

*smug face*

Seems legit right? We don’t start changing our definitions of human just because there are exceptions to the two leg rule. That would be kind of silly wouldn’t it? Especially when the vast majority of people who exist will adhere to the two leg rule and it’s only in the case of deformity or amputation  where they don’t. Humans are bipedal and it’s only a tiny minority who aren’t!

Except not really. That statement is, as I argued when I coined the bipedal argument initially, based on what is typical of the species. Typically speaking humans have two legs. However if we discuss what is atypical for humanity then the possibility of more or less than two legs arises. We don’t classify these people as not human for not adhering to the rule, and by no means would, or should it have any effect on the typical rule at all. That rule still stands. 

The same logic can be applied to trans and sexuality. Trans people are not typical. We are atypical. Ergo the rules that apply to people, sex and sexuality typically speaking, ie male + male = gay,  cannot possibly apply to us. Why? Because we are not able to be typically classified as either sex. We have a mix of sex characteristics and so ultimately when it comes down to trans people and trying to decide whether it’s gay or not what you’re actually doing is setting yourself up for failure. You’re trying to do something impossible, make the atypical abide by the rules of the typical. If you could do that, we wouldn’t be atypical in the first place. 

Trans people exist in a grey area. There is no right or wrong answer on whether it’s gay or not to sleep with us. We throw a massive spanner in the loose sex binary system. Which has implications for the sexuality system we came up with too. There’s basically no point to this argument because it’s all based on your own perspective of things and not based on any actual objective measure of truth. Essentially what this all comes down to is insecure people trying to assert their sexuality in a situation where it doesn’t actually matter at all just in case people care about their sexuality at all. 
When they don’t, Chris. 

Nobody cares if you’re a homo, 

nobody cares if you think your attentions, were all for the breasts…


Sorry Chris, I just have such a fun time making fun of this line of reasoning. It’s so fucking easy. 


One thought on ““muh bi pedal species” : Are Traps Gay? 

  1. Junk dysphoric trans guy says:

    Great points.

    I have a slightly different perspective which may not be the norm, but is not as uncommon amongst trans women and especially trans men as it is made out to be by the media, including trans sources.

    I’m a bi trans man partnered with a bi cis man. He is usually read as effeminate and gay. I pass as a masculine cis dude. Since I have severe genital dysphoria with phantom penis sensations, do not obtain anything but physical and mental agony from any form of penetration and will not engage in it, and am temperamentally a “top”, what is known as “het sex” does not, has not, and will not ever happen in our relationship (fortunately, he is a bottom). I get angry at the assumption that every trans man in a relationship with a cis man gets plugged the way straight cis women do. I am stealth, for one reason among many, because I don’t want to be seen as a “vagina haver” and all that implies.

    Therefore, when people say I am in a gay relationship, I would agree. The truck driver who yelled “faggots!” at us the other day don’t know about my traumatic genital situation. And in bed, my boyfriend and I are identical to a cis gay couple where one man, who is exclusively a top, has to use a prosthesis to fuck his exclusive bottom boyfriend because he lost most of his dick due to an accident or cancer.

    In my case, I am unwilling to use the anatomy I was born with. Therefore nothing I do with him is “straight” in any way. The fact that I wasn’t born with the cis dick I should have had sucks.Fortunately, I have a lot of good qualities that make up for this fact. My boyfriend was unphased by my disclosure–on our third date–about my transness, nontraditional anatomy and my relationship to my trans body which limits what activities we can perform.

    Five years later, we are still together.

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