A response to Lydia

First I’d like to say, welcome to YouTube and I hope it goes well for you. I appreciate having multiple viewpoints to hear from and it helps inform my own viewpoints too. Though as always, part of having your view points heard is also having them heavily criticised. I don’t want to make this a “beef” as you said in your comment, but I do hope to enjoy discussion with you in the future. Anyway, enough of that waffle, lets get on with the meat.

Lydia: I don’t like you because of your content. Because you spread misinformation because you lie, out of ignorance or malice or a conglomeration of the both. I don’t know…

Well… this is gonna be… awkward…

Lydia: trans women offend at the same rate as biological males, which is about 85% higher than biological females.

The only study I’m aware of that people think says this is the Karolinska Institute study of Swedish cohorts. Its a study that is notoriously misquoted to the point where even the writer of the study has had to come out and say “no, you’re misunderstanding”. Stating the following:

Dhejne: The individual in the image who is making claims about trans criminality, specifically rape likelihood, is misrepresenting the study findings. The study as a whole covers the period between 1973 and 2003. If one divides the cohort into two groups, 1973 to 1988 and 1989 to 2003, one observes that for the latter group (1989 – 2003), differences in mortality, suicide attempts and crime disappear. This means that for the 1989 to 2003 group, we did not find a male pattern of criminality.

As to the criminality metric itself, we were measuring and comparing the total number of convictions, not conviction type. We were not saying that cisgender males are convicted of crimes associated with marginalization and poverty. We didn’t control for that and we were certainly not saying that we found that trans women were a rape risk. What we were saying was that for the 1973 to 1988 cohort group and the cisgender male group, both experienced similar rates of convictions. As I said, this pattern is not observed in the 1989 to 2003 cohort group.

The difference we observed between the 1989 to 2003 cohort and the control group is that the trans cohort group accessed more mental health care, which is appropriate given the level of ongoing discrimination the group faces. What the data tells us is that things are getting measurably better and the issues we found affecting the 1973 to 1988 cohort group likely reflects a time when trans health and psychological care was less effective and social stigma was far worse.

So to be perfectly clear. What Dhejne’s study actually proves is that before trans medical care and mental health care got better/ they had more access to it that trans women were associated with crimes linked with poverty. However improvements in care reduced that crime rate. It also doesn’t specify the type of crime at all, and was most likely stuff like prostitution and theft, since those are the most crimes associated with poverty.

Moreover, trans women were found to be at quite a high risk of rape. The rape risk plus the crime rates dropping with access to mental health care is a hefty blow for your ideology. Essentially flawing two of the main radical feminist arguments in three paragraphs. Male violence is a lie and its not just biological females who are oppressed for being women.

This is not even to mention the fact that according to UK prison populations there are 3.7x the amount of trans men in prison than trans women. Though this number doesn’t include trans people who have the GRC (gender recognition certificate) which is very costly at £140 and most trans people don’t get it anyway.

Lydia: Check out the “This Never Happens” Facebook group.

I did. First few links I saw were about Donna Perry, a trans woman who killed multiple people in the 90s. As far as I’m aware trans women have murdered less than ten people since then. Including the murder of two lesbians and their teenage son by Dana Rivers. Which is awful, I don’t deny it. All crimes are awful, especially when they result in the deaths of people.

However these aren’t the same crimes as the ones linked in the Karolinska Institute study; which the author specifies are most often crimes linked to poverty. Killing three women is not linked to poverty. Killing two women and their son is not linked to poverty. These are quite exceptional cases, and aren’t at all happening at disproportionate rates. So it seems rather silly to imply its the trans that’s the problem and that we should ban them from access to spaces. Especially when that ban puts them at the same risk you yourself are claiming you want to avoid for yourself. All of this is not even to mention the fact that those rates in the Karolinska Institute study were drastically reduced when out of poverty and no such “male pattern criminality” could be found.

Lydia: Who is denying anyone’s right to exist? I mean seriously, explain this to me.

If you’re banning trans women from peeing in the bathroom that fits who they are (which I know, you don’t advocate for) then it is you who is doing that. Because as Laverne Cox said later on in the video:

Laverne: What people should know about criminalising trans women from using the bathroom. Criminalising people like me from going to the women’s room; is that these bills are not about bathrooms. They’re about whether trans people have the right to exist in public space. If we can’t access public bathrooms, we can’t go to school, we can’t work, we can’t go to health care facilities. This is about public accommodations and public accommodations are always about civil rights. 

And although she’s a bit extreme, she’s not wrong. I would rather not use the bathroom at all than risk using the men’s bathroom. I’m prime rape bait material and can be very easily subdued if anyone tried. Yes, not all men are rapists or transphobes, but on the off chance I pick a bad day to go to the bathroom, I don’t want to end up a statistic.

Your lies and misinformation, whether via ignorance or malice are contributing to the chances that I’m going to get assaulted or worse. Do me a favour and like…. stop?

Lydia: [there are relatively few trans men]


“People were most likely to make the change in their mid-30s, he found. But transgender women — those assigned to be male at birth who identify as women — often began later in life than transgender men.

Of the 135,367 likely transgender people who changed their names with the Social Security Administration, 65 percent were transgender men and 35 percent were transgender women. Transgender women, meanwhile, were more likely than transgender men to note the change in their sex with the government.”

Lydia: This is what Laverne Cox thinks being a woman means
Laverne Cox: …points of view that suggest that no matter what I do, I’ll never be a woman. Yet ain’t I *hair flick* a woman.

Full quote for full context please?

Laverne: I stand before you today a proud African American transgender woman. From a working class background raised by a single mother. I stand before you an artist and an actress, a sister and a daughter and I believe it’s important to name the intersecting components of my various identities because I’m not just one thing and neither are you. 

According to the national coalition of anti violence projects – the nation of America that is -the homicide rate in the LBGTQ community is highest amongst trans women. In 2013 over seventy two percent of all LGBTQ homicides were trans women, over sixty seven percent were trans women of colour. According to the injustice at every turn national transgender survey, the unemployment rate in the transgender community in the US is twice the national averages, four times that for trans people of colour. Sixteen percent of the transgender population has experienced incarceration compared to one percent of the rest of the population and seventy eight percent of students in grades K through 12 who express a transgender or gender non conforming identity experienced harassment or bullying. This is in the states, seventy four percent here in Canada. 

It is a state of emergency for far too many transgender people all over the world but as Dr Cornel West reminds us; “justice is what love looks like in public”.

It is my belief that one of the biggeset obstacles facing the transgender community are points of view which disavow our identities. Points of view that suggest that no matter what I do, I’ll never be a woman. Yet ain’t I *hair flick* a woman.

You think her womanhood is solely derived from the four second clip you showed of her making a joke after rattling off a bunch of heavy stuff? Really? That’s your criticism of Laverne? The literal entire point of her doing that was to stand up against people who would say she isn’t a woman, so well done, you played right into her game.

Ain’t that *hair flick* some bullshit.

Lydia: Most of the people I know opposing the changes to the law are feminists and women. You’re shitting on your sisters.

I also know women who are opposing the ideology you support too. Such as Kelly “not today motherfucker” Herron; a runner who was attacked in a bathroom. Immediately the radical feminists were out calling for tighter controls against males and gender identity being able to access toilets. Kelly, being the amazing woman she is, stood up against this bullshit and called out the anti-trans activists. She kinda gets that we’re women too, and that you’re shitting on your sisters.

They also aren’t the only people, as radical feminists literally announced they were teaming up with tradcons to fight against gender identity laws in bathrooms – which were a direct response to North Carolina’s bill banning us.  It was literally the first bill of its kind to try and legislate toilet access. Trans people didn’t start the fire, we’re just doing our best to make sure we don’t get burnt by it.

So gee I dunno, maybe Anita’s ranting about conservatives wasn’t so misplaced after all?

Lydia: Yeah you’re right, the rate at which trans people are killed is intolerable. They get killed by men though, on the whole.

So why on Earth do you support an ideology that wants to ban us from peeing in safety!?

Lydia: Women, as in adult human females.

Which only works if and only if there is no such thing as outliers and every single person on the Earth adheres strictly to the XX/XY woman/man dichotomies. Which… well… they don’t. I’m sure you’re more than willing to accept intersex women as women, why them and not trans women? Roughly 1.7% of people are intersex. 0.3% are trans. So that’s 2% all in all that don’t fit the typical definition. The typical definition doesn’t change, it just doesn’t apply to the atypical. How is this even hard stuff to work out?

Typically humans have two legs. That doesn’t mean they’re not human if they were born with anything other than two. They’re just an atypical human.

Lydia: Stop telling women not to be afraid of strange, unwarranted, dick.

Unless someone is thrusting said penis upon you, you’ve no case here. Unwarranted surely implies its being offered to you, does it not?

If anyone is waving their dick around in the women’s, you betcha I’ll be first in line telling them to get out and cut that shit out. Likewise I’d do the same if a woman started running around with her vagina and rubbing it on people. Nobody is telling you that you have to open wide and suck it in either instance. We should kick pervs out, not males.

There are stalls in every sex segregated space I’ve ever used and I likely wouldn’t use the facilities if there weren’t. Why? Because I’m dysphoric as fuck and it would not be a fun time for me to have everyone know I have a dick. Policing against males and dicks is all well and good until you’re trying to cut off my nose to the collective male sex’s face.

Lydia: [if someone whips their dick out in the changing rooms] You’re allowed to be distressed and so is the little girl next to you.


Lets forget for a second that trans women are highly unlikely to do this. It’s people like you that make it seem like its the absolute worst thing ever for a girl to see a penis. As if she’s going to be totally traumatised by it. It’s people like you that had this man accused of paedophilia and child abuse for having a bath with his daughter. Which is frankly disgusting of you, not just on an anti-man level, but also on an anti-woman level, to think that women aren’t strong enough to see a dick without needing years of therapy to cope with it.

It’s just a dick, sometimes you’re gonna see ’em. Stop acting like its the worst thing ever.

Lydia: [plays clip of news report about man taking pics in Target bathrooms]

Damn, if only there was sex segregation – we all know criminals who intend to voyeur and perv on women and commit crimes already would definitely listen to a sign and the law! I mean its not like we have any evidence to the contrary at all. *Cough* Kelly Herron *cough*

Furthermore, if we enforce sex segregation as a law – then what you’re actually doing is opening the flood gates to men who aren’t even trying to pretend to be trans to enter those spaces. Trans men are biologically female and look like the below picture. Under sex segregation laws men like him would be legally obliged to use the women’s room, and without karyotyping at the door you can’t really tell who is actual man or who is trans man. It’s a self defeating ideology.

Lydia: The fact is, penises unlike vaginas can be weaponised

Looking at the comments, you clarified and clearly show that you mean via rape. I covered this at the end of my comment on your video, but I’ll cover it again here. Women. Rape. Too.

Here are the CDC statistics which show that women rape almost as much as men and 80% of the men who are raped name women as the rapist. However, as per the legal definitions of the UK and the US, rape requires “penis in vagina/anus/mouth sans consent”.  This legally excludes women from being able to rape, despite drugging, holding men at knife or gun point etc. You, Lydia, a biological female, could literally get a knife from your kitchen, hold it to Kraut’s throat and tell him to fuck you silly – you would not be called a rapist by legal definition. You would be charged under sexual assault, which can carry the same sentence as rape – but does not contribute to the rape statistics at all.

This inherently skews all rape statistics ever gathered, especially those used in legal contexts. This is the reason men’s rape shelters don’t get a look in, this is the reason there’s hardly any funding for men’s rape crisis and this is the reason that men often take their own lives after being victimised. Because they have no other options to help deal with their pain. I absolutely implore you to watch The Red Pill film as it covers some of these bases.  You are wildly misinformed.

Lydia: One idea is for disabled bathrooms to double up as gender neutral spaces.

I’m not disabled. I’m not going to take the space in there if I don’t need it, because that could possibly deprive an actual disabled person of that space. I would rather them not shit and piss themselves because you’re scared of my “weaponisable penis”.

Lydia: Females are statistically more likely to be on the receiving end of violence by males…

They’re also statistically more likely to be on the receiving end of violence by females, specifically bisexual women and lesbians who report the highest rates of domestic violence. I don’t see a rush to ban lesbians from bathrooms? Maybe its because innocent until proven guilty? Maybe its because we shouldn’t ban people from spaces until we know they’ve committed a crime?


Lydia: Should any old sex offender be able to waltz into a female only space and do their worst? I think not.

And nobody is advocating for this. I want sex offenders to stay away from me as much as anyone else does. What you’re advocating for is putting me in the same room as them.

Lydia: If you have not thought of the horrendous implications of a change in law, then you have not thought about this properly.

This is what I tell people whose ideology you’re supporting. Because as I outlined earlier, if the intention is to keep men out, you’re going to end up giving them more access. Not only will trans men be obligated to use these bathrooms, but those deviants and sex offenders you mention will also be able to say they are trans men too. Short of a karyotype or genital check, which would be a massive invasion of privacy – something you have said you wanted to avoid – there would be no way to tell these people apart. Unless… crazy idea… maybe we sew pink triangles to the sleeves of trans people? Ask Kraut if that one’s a good idea or not.

And I know… I know… I accused you of radical feminism and TERF ideology quite a lot in here, but you literally rattle off their talking points as if you’ve all got the same script. If someone is saying “I’m not a racist” then saying a bunch of racist stuff, stands a chance they’re kinda racist, don’t you agree?

Oh also… remember this from earlier?

Lydia: I don’t like you because of your content. Because you spread misinformation because you lie, out of ignorance or malice or a conglomeration of the both. I don’t know…

Yeah… might wanna you know… fact check a little harder next time. All in all I hope your next video takes a deeper look at the subject rather than parroting off the same rhetoric I’ve heard and debunked over the last year. Here’s some articles I’ve written relating to trans that you might find interesting.









4 thoughts on “A response to Lydia

  1. Willow says:

    ‘Here are the CDC statistics which show that women rape almost as much as men and 80% of the men who are raped name women as the rapist.’

    This statement is completely false. A quick look at the stats you linked show that. Also, the 80% stat refers only to men who were forced to penetrate. For other rapes men reported 93.3% male perpetrators.

    ‘They’re also statistically more likely to be on the receiving end of violence by females, specifically bisexual women and lesbians who report the highest rates of domestic violence.’

    This is also completely false. The truth is

    ‘ the majority of bisexual and heterosexual women (89.5% and 98.7%, respectively) reported only male perpetrators (data not shown). More than two-thirds of lesbian women (67.4%) identified only female perpetrators. ‘
    Source https://www.cdc.gov/violenceprevention/pdf/nisvs_sofindings.pdf

    I guess many lesbians must have heterosexual relationships before they come out.

    You really should correct these mistakes on your blog. They’re not small mistakes they’re pretty huge.


    • Jane says:

      I’m also trans, and hate TERFism as well, but:

      Yeah you bungled the CDC stats. Rates are only equal in a very generous misinterpretation, Google a few crunches or read the other comment.

      And re:men’s shelters. Most men don’t want a shelter because they’re escaping their male abuser, so a men’s shelter isn’t necessary for them. men escaping abuse just isn’t the same as women escaping abuse.

      And finally, probably wouldn’t ever recommend anyone watch The Red Pill. It’s pretty shitty as far as documentaries go.



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