Response to: Shitlord Questions for Riley Dennis and Transtrenders

Now I know what you’re thinking. You’re right, I’m not a transtrender. I’m a dysphoric mess just doing the best with what I got. Trans to me is purely medical and not political or social. With that said, I saw this video and I thought heck it. Riley isn’t likely to respond to it, nor are the transtrenders of which it speaks, so why not? I figured I’d give my own answers from my dysphoric trans perspective and also maybe try to anticipate what the trender answers would’ve been too.

Oh. I was going to put the shitlord names in, but I’m lazy as heck. So I’m just going to put the questions and you can ctrl+f through to your question my dear shitlords. 🙂 Or if someone wants to do it for me I’m not gonna complain.

Anyway, on with the show. Here’s the video so you can play along at home.

Why is it transphobic to question anything a trans person does, but whenever a lesbian says they don’t wanna fuck guys or chicks with dicks they’re immediately labelled a vagina fetishist and shamed by the trans community?

I don’t shame lesbians for this and honestly I think you should have sex with whoever you want to have sex with – consent provided, of course. Nobody should be shamed for their sexual preferences. If you like dicks you like dicks, if you don’t you don’t. That’s not up to anyone else.

However trenders will likely argue that if a lesbian is saying “I don’t find trans women attractive” that’s transphobic because you can’t know what junk people have until you check. There’s probably lots of women that lesbians find attractive who actually have dicks – but as I said above; dicks can be a totally okay deal breaker on the consent thing if you’re not into dicks.

Ultimately I think the argument comes down to these trans people trying to get at the motivations for people not wanting to date us – and often it is because of transphobia. Even so, that doesn’t mandate that people sleep with you to not be transphobic. Nobody has to really justify their sexual preferences for anything to anyone – so why should they have to do it for trans? We’re not saying Lesbians are manphobic for not wanting to date guys, even if there is some really beautiful feminine guys out there. RIP Frank Wolf. So we shouldn’t be applying that standard else where either.

A sexual preference itself can’t be sexist or racist or transphobic or whatever, but it can be informed by those things. Though even so, the bad thing here is the misinformation, not the fact people don’t want to sex you.

Would you agree that men and women have fundamental differences in the brain?

Yep. This is the transsexual party line baby.

Trenders not so much. Their argument for “gender” relies on the social constructionist view of it. In essence the argument is that their roles and expression inform their identity, rather than their identity informing their roles and expression. This is how and why gender becomes a spectrum for them, because there are so many variables within roles and expression that contribute to the identity that its impossible to say people’s genders are all alike or that there are just simply 2 answers.

This is obviously different from what transsexuals argue gender is, in that we use gender as basically a shorthand for what sex our brain is telling us we are.

How many gays have to get launched off of rooftops or stoned to death, in the bad way, mind, before you admit that Islam isn’t just a problem but is fucking gunning for you? Not because you’re a transgender lesbian, because well you’re not are you? But I’m sure they don’t take kindly to transvestites either.

I’m guessing this is one for Riley directly given her video. Can’t really answer this one on her behalf but I will give my own view.

I don’t think all of Islam is bad. But I do condemn the radical Islam and its actions. Not just the ones against LGBT people either. That stuff is beyond wrong and I wish there was something I could do to help those people escape that tyranny. I don’t think persecuting all people of a faith is helpful though.

Seeing as there are difference between the genes of men and women, do you also believe that someone can be trans racial?

I keep meaning to do a post about race and what it is and what it means and all that jazz. Tldr I don’t think she can be biologically black, no. However it’s pretty stupid to say she wasn’t living as a black woman pretty successfully until the news story broke, because she was – she was even in a high position at the NAACP. Arguably that’s fairly similar to what transsexuals do – however with none of the science behind the idea of trans brains to back it up.

The real question is “is racial dysphoria a legitimate medical condition?” I would argue no. It does not appear to be though I would be more accepting of it if someone provided science to prove it was.

I’m not actually sure how trenders would argue this one. Sorry.

[cont from above question] or trans species


If you got a molded replica of your penis made then had the surgery where they invert your penis into a vagina if you stuck the replica into your vagina do you think the veins would line up and snap into place like a Chinese lock?

Yes. It’s actually in the DSM-V as a warning. Having your own dick removed from your fauxgina is a costly process too. Its the reason most trans women are in debt.

Do you get annoyed if video games don’t let you play as gender neutral characters? If you do, there’s always Tetris.

Tetris isn’t gender neutral, case in point, this block is a bitch;


Also no. For me personally? Stories are stories. I’m looking into someone else’s life, not playing my own. If I wanted to play my own story/life I wouldn’t be playing a video game at all. I’d be like… doing laundry or something.

I get why people want representation, but they’re not entitled to it. If they want it so badly then come up with a great idea, pitch it to some game studios. Get your game made. Otherwise sit down and shut up, basically.

Hello Riley Dennis, The Liberal Hammer here and boy do I have a question for you.

Oh. I see how it is. Yeah no, fine… not good enough… I get it… don’t worry about me I’ll be fine.

Now I’m a homosexual man

Lol fag.

This means I’m attracted to other men, yes this includes the dick. Its part of the package. Now according to your logic my sexual attraction, because I don’t want to stick my dick in a trans man who has a vagina, I am transphobic. That means you think my sexual orientation is wrong and you have insisted gay men should just try it. So that also means that you believe our sexual orientation is a choice. Now where have we heard this argument before? Oh of course, from the religious right. So my question is do you realise that you are just as homophobic as the religious right?

This is kinda fallacious dude. Its like saying Hitler said he was a vegetarian, so vegetarianism is bad! You know?

I’ll admit. Riley and her ideology are dumb, but your counter isn’t any better is all I’m saying.

So Riley, as you identify as an intersectional feminist how do you also identify as trans if you don’t believe that gender roles should exist? Surely to see yourself as trans is to identify your social behaviours with that of the opposite sex otherwise how would you identify as trans in the first place?

I’m transsexual and think roles ain’t nothing but hecks and hoots. They’re optional guidelines that you can either choose to live up to or choose not to. A woman lumberjack is as much a woman as a woman nurse – and a man nurse is as much a man as a man lumberjack.  If you’re arguing otherwise what you’re actually arguing for is a spectrum of gender rather than a binary of gender. In a spectrum a woman lumberjack would be less of a woman than a woman nurse because she has taken a typically male role. However in a binary you can’t be less or more woman. You’re either or. 1 or 0. Not somewhere between 1 and 0.

Trans people tend to play up to stereotypes partly due to the effects of dysphoria. A lot of us overcompensate. But that’s what happens when you spend most of your life repressing your identity.

Expression =/= roles. Riley wearing make up and stuff is about expression, not about roles. I don’t actually know what gender roles Riley fulfils because I don’t know her life that well. Though I doubt people are gonna look at Riley and be like “no ma’am its okay, I’ll carry these bags for you”. Which is a pretty good example of social roles as typically women aren’t expected to do heavy lifting and will be offered help more often than men.

How do you equate the rare, debilitating, genetic abnormalities that are intersex to being a new or third sex. Despite the fact they have no new sexual function and most do not function sexually at all?

Rare? Depending on how you define it its almost 6x less rare than transsexualism with a rate of 1.7%. This gets into the genotype vs phenotype argument I covered elsewhere though.

Also it isn’t a third sex. Clue is in the name intersex. Like intertwined, the point is that its a mixture of the two sexes. If it were an extra sex it would be called… well… an extrasex condition.

Also how does the genetic flaw of intersex justify people who are not intersex claiming they are a third, non-binary, sex based on how they feel. How someone feels does not change their biology?

They don’t. They say non-binary gender and as I outlined above, they’re running from a different definition of gender than you are.

Why when we discuss science and biology do you discuss feelings?

A lot of medical science in particular comes down to asking a patient how they feel. Discount feelings entirely in this context is a little silly. Especially when those feelings are just the start of the thread to finding the cause.

The transgender suicide rate is approximately 0.8 in every 100 people.

Wow that’s decreased a lot. Isn’t the usual number 41 in every 100 people? (ie 41% suicide statistic?)

The only thing comparable to that is the Jewish people under Nazi regime. So I ask you; are trans people going through more today than the Jews did under Nazi regime, living in Austria and Germany?

No? What kind of rhetoric is this though? Clearly trans people aren’t experiencing the same thing the Jews did in Nazi Germany. Does that meant that social factors multiplied by mental health problems can’t cause high suicide rates like this? No it doesn’t.

And no, not in the western world, ie Canada, US, UK, Aus and NZ etc.  Trans people are treated fairly well in our countries and we can even evidence that the suicide rate drops significantly with stuff like familial support – see the Ottawa study here.

I can’t actually find the 0.8 statistic anywhere to see the veracity of it or even which country it was surveyed in – because in countries like Brazil for example, yes, trans people are very much treated as badly as Jews in Nazi Germany. Here’s LGBT people living in sewers in Jamaica too. In these countries it happens quite often – and I’m grateful our countries aren’t so bad with it, but to deny its a problem here at all is massively disingenuous too. Considering the fact the same damn thing happened in the US in 2016

Why do you support the claim that someone who does not have gender dysphoria that they are transsexual? You yourself are a straight, intact, male with no dysphoria, who claims to be trans. Do you think this in anyway minimises the the very real struggle from legitimate trans people whom have a very real mental disorder that makes them uncomfortable in their own skin when people like you wear the mantle as nothing more than a fashion statement.

She doesn’t. She says transgender. Transgender isn’t transsexual.

I think its fine as long as we remember that transgender and transsexual don’t mean the same thing. Trans purity tests and policing how people live their lives is pretty lame, regardless of how justified you feel you are for doing it. It’s arguing over labels, and identity politics – which to me is the real faux pas here.

Also lol “mantle”? It’s not a damn legacy passed down from generation to generation or something.

Why do you force your belief that you’re transgender onto other people and then expect them to respect you and praise you and love on you and rally behind you?

Because she is transgender – in the context that she refers to, that being the transgender umbrella. It isn’t forced on anyone, you don’t have to say she’s transgender as much as she doesn’t have to listen to you saying that. Freedom and all that amirite?

Furthermore why do you label them as transphobic if someone doesn’t care that you’re transgender or don’t think that you’re transgender and you label someone as transphobic if they don’t like you as an individual?

I personally think throwing around transphobic is a dumb way to go about getting people to like and understand you. I personally try to avoid using it because I’m in the business of explaining and chatting with people.

I guess Riley uses it as an appeal to emotion, and that’s fallacious and wrong. I can’t defend her doing that.

If in your view, accepting the myriad of genders that you propose and your exhaustive list of pronouns is about acceptance of those who are different with different views. Then why are you and yours so intolerant of different views than your own?

Because her ideology isn’t about acceptance of different views and different people. Bad views and bad people are still bad. The thing she really argues for is inclusivisity of identities. Its straight up “oh you’ve got this minority identity? great, that’s the most important thing about you”.

It’s bullshit, we can both agree. But your understanding of her view seems a little out.

How can you feel like something you’ve never been? If you’re a man who feels like a woman, how do you know that you don’t feel how a man is supposed to feel? Seems far more reasonable than being able to feel something you’ve never experienced.

This only works as logic if you presuppose that you’re right, that we are men and we are coming from the starting point of having been a man. However, many brain scan studies suggest that there is either a feminised brain in MtFs, or a unique trans brain. Which kinda pisses on the bonfire of “but you’re a man tho”.

How can you tell you have this brain thing without cracking open the skull? By looking at your symptoms, in the case of Gender Dysphoria, the symptoms are dysphoria. This comes in two main flavours, physical dysphoria and social dysphoria. Physical dysphoria is the one you’re gonna experience the most of and the one that is mostly used to determine if children are really trans or just gender non conforming. In severe cases, of both adults and children with dysphoria, threats of or actual genital mutilation has occurred.

Social dysphoria on the otherhand is more a learned thing. Having to play the role of a boy when you’re not a boy causes social dysphoria – hence why this isn’t such a big deal for kids, because obviously the gendered interaction of kids is significantly less important and polarised than the gendered interaction of adults. A boy kid wearing a dress isn’t going to be teased half as much as a man adult wearing a dress, for example.

When you talk about Islam, I can definitely understand why you would want to protect those who are being attacked by anti-muslim bigots. However can’t you understand why people might have a problem with people like yourself defending Islam or at least downplaying the more violent aspects of the religion? Or at least understand why people might be interpreting that way, especially considering the human rights abuses etc…

Jesus Christ I’ve never seen a more appropriate animal avatar than yours. You talk really fast and say a lot of stuff. Sorry I didn’t get it all.

I agree. Downplaying the violence of radical Islam is wrong. There’s a lot wrong with that kind of Islam, and I doubt that Riley would actually defend that Islam at all. I doubt that Riley would deny that the actions of terrorists carrying out massacres in the name of Islam are good either. I think her stand point would likely be that people tend to paint with a broad brush when it comes to Islam, and that’s kinda bad.

They’re not willing to say that there are nice Muslims or that there are good Islamic people. That’s my issue with it anyway. I’m all for calling out the horrors that are happening as a result of extremists, without a second thought. But it’s not black and white, it isn’t Islam is evil or Islam is good. Neither of these approaches are correct.

As for the people saying “this is Islam” etc. Of course they would, they’re fundamentalist idiots. There was also Catholics saying “this is the real Christianity!” before murdering people too. See Britain and the centuries of fighting between Catholic and Protestants.  It’s important to remember that the people saying NO I’M THE REAL ISLAM aren’t representative of the whole of Islam at all, because you betcha there’s other Islamic people out there shouting NO ITS ME, I’M THE REAL ISLAM!

Is Islam a religion of peace?

Assuming you’re talking about the radical warmongering aspects of it? Yes – in the sense that they want to eradicate everyone who doesn’t follow Islamic rule which would indeed create peace. Just not really in the ideal way. :^} honestly can’t wait for the hate comments about having said that.

Since feminist like dictionary definitions, I’m gonna ask you a question. Using the following dictionary definitions I am wondering how you a [heterosexual] [white] [male] feel you are oppressed?

B-because she’s trans? I thought that was obvious.

(also since when did feminists like dictionary definitions? wat?)

You say you’re trans but you also say you don’t suffer from gender dysphoria. Do you plan on going through sex change surgery?

I’ve never heard Riley say this but I could be wrong, even so.

Gender dysphoria doesn’t necessarily mean you want to get reassignment surgery. For example, Blaire White, the appeal to authority in your next question, has gone on record stating she doesnt have genital dysphoria. This is considered one of the key aspects of gender dysphoria – yet for some reason Blaire isn’t considered less trans than say, me. Me being someone who does have genital dysphoria. Or someone like Julie Rei who has actually had the reassignment surgery.

GD presents in different ways in people and has different methods of being dealt with depending on the person. I would definitely argue Riley experiences dysphoria to some degree and I don’t think her method of dealing with that in anyway invalidates her claim to being transgender.

I would argue she isn’t transsexual however as she hasn’t taken any steps to transition her sex characteristics. Though a lot of transsexual people I know of don’t want to get the surgery either. Myself included. Personally, I’m not completely sold on the results and I’m holding out until I can’t handle it any more or a better option comes along

Would you ever consider debating Blaire White or someone else from the skeptic anti-sjw community?

Blaire White is basically just the right leaning Riley. SJW who will block you when you press her on ideas. Here’s somethings I wrote about her opinions if you’re interested:

And why would you advocate for the first amendment when you believe there is such thing as hate speech

I agree. I live in Britain and I envy the freedom of speech and expression that America has, ironically Riley has no idea how privileged she is to have that.

Anyway, that’s me done with that. I figured it would be a bit of fun and maybe I could make some new friends and have a bit of a giggle. Thanks to IrateBear for putting this collaboration together, you can find him on Twitter or YouTube. He seems chill a f. 

I have a lot of issues with the stuff Riley says and I think respectful discussion is the way forwards in hashing out some of these issues – though I thought the same about Blaire and now I’m blocked so lol? Hopefully Riley will break her silence on this and actually start addressing some of the concerns people have with her ideology. Though I doubt it.

I don’t think she’s a bad person, or that she’s intentionally trying to do harm to anyone, but yeah… she does kinda put her foot in her mouth an awful lot with some of the more authoritarian crap she tries to pull. 



8 thoughts on “Response to: Shitlord Questions for Riley Dennis and Transtrenders

  1. AlexLopez says:

    Side note: I really don’t have a strong opinion on this since you basically said everything.

    I love how you mentioned “religion of peace” worked in their head.
    Completely useless information: Your comment on it made me recall Eragon and how a woman called Selena used the spell “Heal” to “heal” an enemy’s desire to fight, rendering him immobile.
    I had never made the connection of “religion of peace” like that, and becomes very interesting when we start expanding on the topic.

    Great as always, Cursed! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. thedxman says:

    Is this a “nonironic” use of “transtrender”? It’s complete nonsense, everyone who has been labelled that is a trans person without any “trendiness” involved, from Riley to Milo to Michea. The fact they may not agree with you on what is transphobia doesn’t delegitimise them as human beings and it’s pretty sad to see you stoop to using such language =(


    • cursede says:

      I never said they weren’t human beings. I used the language provided to me. I call them non dysphorics personally. There is a big difference between trans who are dysphoric and those who aren’t and don’t go through medical transition. It would be rather silly to ignore that.


      • TIFFANY says:

        Transtrender isn’t about non-dysphorics tho. It’s used to silence trans people who don’t conform to gender roles or don’t fit within the “typical trans narrative”, even if they are dysphoric. Stuff like “you can’t be trans because of how you dress/like this “manly” thing/didn’t show signs when you where little. Also, some non-binary people do feel dysphoria, and given how many different intersex conditions there are it’s not a stretch that transsexualism does still include NB even if viewed as only a neurological condition.


        • cursede says:

          That’s not the way I’ve seen it used and not the way I’ve used it myself.

          It’s always been about dysphorics vs non dysphorics for me and that’s how I’ll continue to use it. But you’d probably find a lot of value reading my blog, I look forward to seeing you in the comments more often. 🙂


  3. ramendik says:

    Visiting again after a few months’ break I’m havvy to see out positions have mostly converged. I agree with most of what you wrote. I would point out, though, that some positions attributed to “trenders” appear to be very loud fringes, notably the whole “sexual attraction is transphobic” thing. The cotton ceiling seminar had all of seven attendees. Most people who consider themselves trans and are not dysphoric would not subscribe to this stuff. They might want something in their passport but not in their bed!

    Also, I’d like to show you an article which I think does the best job explaining what the whole “myriads of genders” thing really accomplished. . TL,DR: they are not “real” and they are rightly seen as an extreme position, but because they are the new extreme position, the position that one does not necessarily have to be identified as “man” or “woman” is now mainstream. SAP, a corporate tool that is not at all trendy like Facebook, has added a couple of options for gender (undisclosed, other) along with male and female and nobody bats an eyelid.

    I think you will agree that for many people who are “heavily” GNC but do not have body dysphoria, or those who do have body dysphoria but are not able to transition at the moment, this is a very useful option. And I would hope that al the endless “pronouns of choice” will have a similar effect and English will finally get a canonical gender-neutral single personal pronoun, like Swedish did. (Canonizing singular they is an option, as singular you was canonized a few centuries ago).

    Also, on race: I would posit that there is no such thing as “biologically black” anyway. This is all solely about cultural and community issues. Outside of racists and racial justice movements, “race” should not even matter, right? And who cares about racists, so, the identity of Rachel Dolezal is just a matter for the NAACP? A big difference between gender and race is that we accept, to a degree, different treatment of men and women (your own “bags” example), but most people strongly frown at different treatment by “race”. Therefore, whether she is black, white, or purple should not matter for most people/

    Affirmative action complicates things, but I would suggest it might need to be moved to some grounds more real than race. One possibility would be slave descent – which should be assumed for African-Americans, absent proof to the contrary, but really, someone off the plane from Kenya has no basis for it. I would moreover suggest that using slave descent in social analysis might paint a more real, and more bleak, picture of community development in the US. For example, there has NOT been a President of (significant) slave descent.

    Race is imaginary. It was invented specifically to justify the crime of slavery, which was real and massive. The crime is the problem, the invention is its corollary. While we can’t undo the invention and there will be communities based on this false idea in the foreseeable future, I suggest that nobody except community leaders should even try to identify people by “race”.

    Oh, and Islam. Terrorists are so much “not all of Islam” that most people fighting them and dying in the battle are Muslims. In my view, one example is the Syrian Arab Army under Assad, who are fighting against al-Qaeda and ISIS terrorists – though I am not sure we converge at this point. But ISIS is attacking Muslims all round, including places like Egypt and now even Iran. Islam may not be “the religion of peace” but it is a huge loose set of different religious bodies, like Christianity. Michael Flynn called “Islamism” a cancer on the body of Islam; I think this quote, coming form a right-wing person, is a good retort to statements like the one discussed.

    Last point. There is at least one awesome gender-neutral character, though so far it’s a cartoon and not a game. Stevonnie in Steven Universe, who is a fusion of a boy and a girl (they only fuse from time to time so Stevonnie is a character in just a few episodes so far). They did not have to invent it as representation; while the cartoon is generally queer-friendly (and the main creator is apparently lesbian), it seems from some tweets that the meaning of Stevonnie as regards gender was only understood by the team *after* her first appearance, from the reaction.


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