#TeespringAreTrash and why Kekistan needs you

MEN ARE TRASH a tshirt read – and presumably was sold and some of the profit passed onto the hateful little girl that made it. Interestingly she is not the girl in the photograph, though the fact that girl is wearing that shirt does kinda imply she agrees with the message at least some what. Obviously this hateful message being sold by Teespring was something I was interested in making fun of. So I did. I made a response tshirt.


Obviously inspired by the original, which you can see below:

I noticed last night that my shirt had disappeared from the store mysteriously. I made a tweet about it and went to bed. I woke up to Teespring responding to my tweet. Insisting my joke about hate speech was hate speech in and of itself. Which obviously it isn’t.


I mean at best, they can say because I’ve got “men are trash” on the shirt too, it technically counts as hate speech. It was just a joke and I wasn’t interested in making money from it anyway. I didn’t actually sell a single one. Again, the point was to poke fun at the creator and the girl in the photo, not to actually hate on people. I said as much in the description box too.

I’d be okay with the above if it was just the above. But on closer inspection I noticed that Teespring has been on a rampage. Not only did they remove the original men are trash tshirt, but they have removed several others too. Though of course, some men are trash are still hosted on the website.

Most notably one of the shirts they removed was a Kekistani shirt. For those uninitiated into the Kekistani meme, its really easy to explain. In short, its a parody of identity politics. The idea that politics should revolve around who you are and identify as rather than what you’re saying and doing. The meme has had massive success because lots of people are pissed at the identity politics parade all across social media. So the idea has been turned in on itself and made into a big joke. If you can just choose to identify as something and that should be respected, then I can choose to identify as Kekistani and my rights as a Kekistani indvidual should be respected. Should they not?

I’m not 100% into Kek culture, but I do shitpost, I do make stupid memes and I do have fun making fun of the identity politics parade. My own shirt was exactly that so I feel a kekship with the Kekistanis for sure. Most importantly, I realise its just a stupid joke making fun of stupid people who actually believe this stuff for their own identities.

Teespring disagrees though, removing the shirt and says it wont tolerate these kind of campaigns on their website.


Quick sidebar – look at the ratios of comments to likes/retweets. That’s never a good sign. Lol.

All of this is rather interesting considering Twitter user @RepublicOfKek ran a Teespring campaign raising £800 for charity. It doesn’t sound very hateful at all does it?


So it kinda seems like that if you just whine hard enough things can happen and this is the part of the identity politics parade that the Kekistanis haven’t been parodying. Because obviously its all just a joke and they don’t really care that much about getting things banned, or removed, or whatever. However I think its kinda time for a change, don’t you? If Kekistan is to be a true parody of identity politics, then lets start parodying not just their ideas but also their behaviour. Lets whine and bitch about stuff until we get our way. There are tens of thousands of people flying the Kekistani flags on their profiles already, the weight of that many people demanding stupid shit to happen can’t be ignored – as evidenced by this entire post.

Spread the word. #TeespringAreTrash until they reinstate all Kekistan merchandise and compensate those Kekistanis who have lost selling time with 1 purchase per hour that their products have been down. This is for every Kekistani orphan who just wanted to meme and shitpost in peace, this is for freedom of expression. Are you with Kek?



4 thoughts on “#TeespringAreTrash and why Kekistan needs you

  1. Paul Murray says:

    > But on closer inspection I noticed that Teespring has been on a rampage. Not only did they remove the original men are trash tshirt, but they have removed several others too.

    Good! Job done! What’s the problem?


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