Crowder x Blaire White OTP

I’ve taken it upon myself to kinda be the person who comments on all of the stuff trans people are saying & stuff people are saying about trans people. So its probably no surprise I’m covering Crowder x Blaire; I’ve already covered some of Crowder before which you can check out here. Emailed it to him, not response yet, but maybe he’ll check it out when I send this one to him too. 🙂 Anyway, on with the show!

Crowder: I think you’re friends with Theryn Meyer.
Blaire: intensifier.gif

I couldn’t resist.

[waffling about the LGBT alphabet soup]

I don’t get why this is even contentious. It’s just an anagram. I hardly think you’re gonna be sent to the gulag for not adding in all the extra letters. I call it LGBT all the time – not once has anyone called me up on it and maybe that’s anecdotal, but the only people I see making a fuss out of it is people like Crowder.

Blaire: I’m basically seen as the anti-christ by the transgender community

You’re not. But its hilarious you block people for calling you out on your bs. You’re everything you claim not to be.

Blaire: The people on the left tend to be really religious about this topic [trans]

She says, while ignoring genuine scientific research about trans in favour of her personal beliefs.

Blaire: As far as the bathroom issue goes, neither side has done a good job of convincing me that this issue is a big as people want it to be.

You live in California, a state which is pretty safely not going to start banning you from bathrooms. Whereas, there are states that are in fact doing this and this is why the issue blew up so big. You’re right though, it should be a stupid small issue, it should be nothing to worry about. But it isn’t. Not for the people who are actually feeling these legislative changes in their states.

It isn’t a big issue for me where I live either – the UK doesn’t have any laws dictating where you can or can’t go pee. Its at the discretion of the operator to decide who gets access. That still doesn’t mean it isn’t an issue for other people, because it is. I’ve even written blogs about it, despite it not affecting me at all, because even though its not affecting me it is still happening to other people. Do you get how this works yet? This whole… empathy thing?

Blaire: [on bathroom assaults as a result of bathroom laws] None of this is happening, none of it.

Um? Yes, yes it is. Its not even just happening to trans people either – as cis people are being accosted for just looking vaguely trans.  No, this hasn’t just happened once. neither has it just happened twice.

Its definitely happened more times, but I think those really hammer the point home enough. Especially that first one which is… just brutal to watch.

Blaire: Trans people have been around a long time but the politicisation is only like, 3 or 4 years old or something?

No it isn’t. Its just that now is the time that its actually being taken seriously, the media are actually reporting on it. We’re not just fringe outcasts to be swept under the rug any more. The politicisation and the fight for rights has been there since the beginning – you’ve just been ignorant to it Blaire.

I mean shit, the entire reason you’re not in a mental asylum being lobotomised is because of the politicisation of trans rights.

Crowder: We had this psychiatrist on the show and she said that the difference between transsexuals and transvestites is that transsexuals go through the surgery. So I asked if most transgenders go through the sexual reassignment and she said no.

Neither do a lot of transsexuals these days either. Work on ICD 10 started in the 80s and ended in the 92. In the ICD 10 transsexualism doesn’t say it requires genital reassignment, just that is likely for people to want this. Reasoning being that it’s a little inhumane to hold medication from people until they get a surgery they might not necessarily want. Since dysphoria isn’t exactly the same for everyone.

Until about 5-10 years ago, if you wanted to transition in the UK, you had to do something called “real life experience”. For up to 5 years before you were prescribed hormones at all. RLE, in short, is what Riley Jay Dennis is doing – no hormones, no medical intervention, just living as a girl. It was savage.

Blaire: What concerns me is the amount of transgender children. I think in London there’s been a 4x increase in referrals to gender clinics.

There is no gender clinic in London for children. The NHS one which is where the majority of children with dysphoria will be referred to as private care isn’t actually that big of a thing here; is in Devon. About 200 miles out of London.

“About 1,400 young people under the age of 18 have been referred to the Gender Identity Development Service over the last year.

Three children aged three were referred to the clinic in the past year, compared with none in the previous year.”

1,400 out of roughly 11 million children in the UK. That’s 0.012727272727273% of all children. If we take that trans people are 0.3% of the population as some statistics suggest. Then there ought to be 30x that number. The idea that giving psychological support to 1/30th of the population of trans kids is some how wrong is stupid, and according to studies will later lead to higher psychopathology for those kids. Good job Blaire!

Crowder: Kids should not be making any life decisions, certainly not sexuality at that point in their lives.

Trans isn’t sexuality. It’s a medical condition.

Crowder: and you watch the Jenner special and some woman’s like “my kid said she’s a boy and that’s it, what more can I do?” and you’re like “be a parent, she’s 4.”

I think there’s a fair concern in the idea that people are rushing to say their kid is trans at the first sign of non-conformity. I don’t think its happening en masse as Blaire and Crowder believe and I very much doubt these kids are going to stick it out long enough in psychotherapy to get an actual diagnosis. If she’s 4, she’s going to have to be consistently, insistently and persistently showing signs of dysphoria for 8 years. That’s a long time to just be playing pretend or being dumb.

Blaire: transitioning sterilises you!

sometimes it does – and it’ll do that whether you transition at 30 or whether you transition at 15. This isn’t a good talking point.

Blaire: its really shitty, because I assume as I get older I might want some. [kids]

So… you don’t even want them yet you constantly make a song and dance about the possibility that you might want them? Lol what?

For me? I cried during my psychotherapy sessions pretty heavily in my psychotherapists arms about the fact I could never mother a child. That shit kills me and I’m not above admitting I have a cry about it on basically a monthly basis. Being a sperm donor to a kid isn’t the same thing and seems so alien and distant to me that its never even crossed my mind as something I wish I could do. I guess I’m facing the same dilemma any motherly woman who can’t conceive faces – whether to adopt or not. I’ve pretty much settled on the idea that that’s what I’m gonna do now. Seems like the best choice in my opinion.

I’m not saying that if others want to freeze their sperm they shouldn’t, by all means, if having a biological kid means that much to you then do it. Whatever works for you yo.

Blaire: I think there’s a small group of people where transition which actually alleviate dysphoria. If you picked up transition Crowder, no offense, but I don’t think you’d be alleviating much.

This is exactly why blockers are a thing. Here’s Norman Spack giving a TED talk where he discusses this literal exact point. Norman Spack being one of the leading trans kids doctors in the US.

Blaire: Its political correctness that has stopped funding and research into finding an actual cure for Gender Dysphoria.

No? There’s been a lot of research into trying to cure dysphoria without transition – transition is a last resort for most people. Its where they go to once they’ve ran out of options – in my experience at least.

Problem is most attempts at curing dysphoria sans transition don’t work. Especially with the severely dysphoric people – the ones who are likely to need medical support and transition.

But sure – raise some money and be the guinea pig. See if you can cure your dysphoria? Or do you want others to do it all for you Blaire?

Blaire: I’m not advocating conversion therapy [in re: to the idea of a cure]

But you kinda are – I mean… not exactly, but I can see where people are coming from when they say you are.

The idea being that trans brains are just the way they are and there is no cure – like you said, conversion therapy in the past has made shit worse for people like you and me and also the gays. No doubt about it. So to try and “cure” someone for who their brain says they are – be that gay or trans or whatever – kinda spits of conversion therapy.

I don’t necessarily agree with them, but the least you could do is understand their point before you get upset about it.

To me? If you could medicate dysphoria away I think I’d be okay with it on the surface – but then it gets a little more complex when you take into account all sorts of other stuff it could seriously impact. Like who you are as a person. If we take the example for homosexuals instead of trans – imagine only being heterosexual and loving your partner when you remember to take your medication? Like how crazy fucked up does that sound?

To me, the idea that there should be an option to not be gay shows we have failed gay people as a society. I think that there are parallels that can be drawn with trans on this too.

Crowder: I don’t think that putting people in a shallow grave with a 41% suicide rate is a good thing.

Glad you agree with Norman Spack then – who says that not allowing kids to transition pre-puberty will result in 50% of them dying of psychosocial causes, including things like suicide and addiction to drugs.

Crowder: A manly tranny will always be funny.

and with blockers there will be no more manly trannies to be laughed at by society until they kill themselves.

Blaire: The left makes moral arguments instead of logical ones.

Also Blaire like 5 mins ago:



again, couldn’t resist.

Blaire: They’re always so histrionic, like they make arguments that if you don’t do what they say they’re going to kill themselves.

Weren’t you just talking about the high suicide rate? How can you call it histrionic if its statistically backed up that trans people kill themselves as a result of social factors?

Crowder: Unlike Bill Nye, I’m willing to have a conversation.

Then respond to my email reeeee.

The rest is just kinda waffle that we’ve covered above already. That was pretty short and sweet. I don’t think Crowder is a bad guy and it would be nice to talk to him sometime, maybe I’ll consider asking to go on his stream?  Though I’m not really a huge fan of that kinda format. 

Blaire on the other hand did her standard shtick of not knowing anything and spouting off nonsense that contradicts itself later on. So no surprises there I guess. 



9 thoughts on “Crowder x Blaire White OTP

  1. A.R. says:

    I couldn’t watch the whole thing, it was just too much her standard talking points w/the usual ignorance and faulty logic.

    “…the UK doesn’t have any laws dictating where you can or can’t go pee. Its at the discretion of the operator to decide who gets access.”

    Generally speaking, it’s been more or less the same in the States. Like, in my state, there are no laws specifying how gender is designated in a bathroom setting. But there are also no discrimination protections for LGBT people (at least not statewide) and there has been talk of a bill similar to HB2 in North Carolina that would specify gender as what’s on your birth certificate. We’re also one of the states that still requires surgery to change birth on BC, which California does not.


    • cursede says:

      Exactly. Its only since there’s been this push to make laws about who can pee where that its become a big issue – Blaming that on the left and the SJWs of the world is straight retarded. It was the conservatives and the radfems who pushed for that shit.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. anazhtontastaelysia says:

    “What concerns me is the amount of transgender children. I think in London there’s been a 4x increase in referrals to gender clinics.”

    This is one of the worst points I have heard people use. I am old enough to remember when adults were shocked to find out there were more than five gay people alive on the face of the Earth. And then that there were bisexual people as well. And asexuals. This is a very similar case. In the past many of these children wouldn’t be able to even explain what is going on with them -I wasn’t and I had to grow up to be able to recognize what was going on to me as dysphoria. Their parents would be, as a rule, assuming they were gay and ty to force it out of them. People recognizing a reality better doesn’t mean the world has changed -we just can see it more clearly.

    “Its political correctness that has stopped funding and research into finding an actual cure for Gender Dysphoria.”

    It’s for shit like that I consider Blaire to be a truly bad person. Constantly spreading bullshit of that kind without feeling even the slightest need to fact check yourself is absolutely pathetic. Just the history of the Clarke Institute / CAMH would prove her wrong -but she is too freaking lazy to google the basics.

    “with blockers there will be no more manly trannies to be laughed at by society until they kill themselves”

    Here is where I will disagree with you. There will still be manly trannies. Lesser and definitely closer -if not identical- to cis butches, but they will exist. Some will be like that because they like being manly. Others may be among those who need more time to assert what their identity is. What we need to make sure is that the ridicule and abuse people like Crodwer perform will stop. Masculinity in a woman is not a reason to make fun of her. It’s not weird. It’s just one of the many ways women can be ourselves.

    “I don’t think Crowder is a bad guy”

    Good guys don’t make fun of vulnerable groups of people. Good guys do not speak on things they have no idea about. Good guys don’t pretend women like you and me are like perverts who go around flashing their genitals to innocent strangers. He is, by his actions, not a good guy.

    I should also note, even though I told you from twitter too, your words on your need to be a mother really touched me. Natural birth is not a desire I have ever had for myself but there are other things I know I won’t be able to have because of how my body is. There is no non-cliche way to say this but I truly wish you make your family and become the mother you were meant to be.

    Can’t wait for your next post.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Magdalena Pino says:

    Question: I get the difference between gender dysphoria and being transexual (or at least think I do), but I’m confused about the brain. So, if parts of a transexual’s brain can be more female, or male, is that part of having gender dysphoria? or the cause of the dysphoria? Would it be call a condition or a mental disorder in itself different from gender dysphoria? I watched Blaire White, and Theryn Meyer, but I’m still sort of confuse about this.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Paul Murray says:

    > I’ve even written blogs about it, despite it not affecting me at all, because even though its not affecting me it is still happening to other people. Do you get how this works yet? This whole… empathy thing?

    It’s n ice to know that there is a word – ’empathy” – for the clumsier “colonizing other people’s problems”.


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