Trans & Steven Crowder

its pronounced Crowder, not Crowduh.


With that out of my head we can now begin the article. Here’s my thoughts on the clip I saw of Steven Crowder talking about trans issues. As far as I can tell its only a 10 minute long clip, but I’m doubting myself and thinking I’m just being dumb and can’t find the whole clip. Maybe that’s just because I set my bar so high after the Laci x Blaire, Sargon x Jordan B Peterson and ContraPoints x Blaire posts.  Anyway, here’s comments and things on the stuff that Crowder did done say in this gosh darn video.Note: I hate the way he talks, and I can’t be bothered accurately transcribing it. But I’ll do my best-ish at not fucking it up entirely.

Crowder: This is a big story we have the 2 year anniversary with [some celebrity in the US]. I can’t believe nobody is talking about a few things in here that really set off alarm bells and sirens.

I think that the modern day transgender movement is fascism. That these are little tranny fascists and I mean that. Because you cannot ask questions, you will do what they say.

Trans people are 0.3% of the population. Of that 0.3% some are very social justice-y, and to my new SJW fans, I’m not saying you’re all bad. Just that typically when we talk about social justice as a negative we don’t mean the good bits – cos why would we talk about that at all? Bad things make for better vlog views. MUH OUTRAGE. We mean the bits where SJWs are trying to force language upon people and restrict freedom of speech. You know? The fascist-y stuff that Crowder is talking about above.

So he isn’t entirely inaccurate to say that there is fascism within the trans rights movement. That’s the case with any movement, though what I’ve done here that Crowder didn’t do is recognise that its not the whole group that is like that. I’m trans and advocate for trans people online; I’m also pro freedom of speech – even if you want to use it to misgender people. The idea that we’re all one homogeneous monolith of ideas is kinda stupid, check out my Twitter feed to see me argue with trans people all the time. Am I a fascist? Are any of the people I know who do similar kinds of advocacy fascists? I wouldn’t say so – and I doubt Crowder would if he spoke to us either.

Though obviously, as I mentioned above, outrage sells better and if you frame something as bad, you don’t want to just be like “Oh its bad, but not actually that bad”. You want to make it seem as outrageous as possible. Maybe do some kind of publicity stunt too for maximum impact?



Caitlyn Jenner: I wasn’t less of a woman the day before I had the surgery than the day after I had the surgery
Crowder: Which begs the question; why do the surgery?

Physical dysphoria – the sense of discomfort created by your physical body being the wrong sex for who your brain says you are. You could argue – why do it this late in life? Clearly Caitlyn has managed to go some 70 or so years, its not like she’s gonna get that pussy pounded any time soon, right? and well to that I say – why not now? Why go to your death bed being uncomfortable? 70 or so years is too long to have severe genital dysphoria and its totally fine to get to 70 and be like “nah, not any more”.

As for the comments Jenner made, they’re vaguely hyperbolic but with a grain of truth. The idea of transsexualism rests on the fact that our brains are wired up differently to how brains would normally work in biological males. These differences exist in trans people from as far as we can tell, a very young age right up until death. And yes, that’s regardless of whether they transition or not.

This is what Caitlyn means when she says she was always a woman – because she would always have had these brain differences that make her dysphoric. You can possibly make an argument that you’re not a woman until surgery or transition or hormones or whatever, but its all just arbitrary bullshit really. It’s not important at all. Its just hyperbole used to explain that we’ve had this gender dysphoria shit cast a shadow over our whole lives.

Crowder: [on Jenner saying she felt liberated] How did you feel liberated if you were already a woman?

Liberated from physical dysphoria. Easy.

Jenner: Don’t ask the quesetion, it’s not an appropriate question to ask

I’m not sure which question, because of the way Crowder has edited the video and I can’t be bothered trekking through the original footage of Jenner’s interview, because… yeah no. But I will say this – every question is appropriate to ask if you do it kindly. Going up to a trans person and shouting HEY WHAT YOU GOT, A DICK OR A PUSSY!? is no way to ask. Whereas, “hey, sorry if this is rude, but what genitals do you have?” is a far better way to ask that question. Obviously, the context you ask the question in matters. Don’t ask random trans people what genitals they got if you see ’em in the street lol.

I’ve covered this topic briefly before and I think that yeah – getting upset and het up about people asking you questions all the time is fair. But you shouldn’t take it out on people all the same, you shouldn’t blow up and get offended at the question – because that’s someone just wanting to know something. That’s someone just wanting to learn. Isn’t that a good thing? Here’s a post from before I was being open about being trans on my blog. Cute.

Crowder: Sometimes its appropriate for concerned parents when it comes like modesty or maybe conse[unintelligible]. It’s like listen listen listen, I don’t hate you, but I think its kinda appropriate, you’re gonna be showering with my daughter – do you have a dick?

Ah this ol’ chestnut. Okay lets take this step by step.

Trans people are dysphoric – we’re pretty unlikely to start getting our dicks out and doing the helicopter in front of your infant child. I can’t think of a single time where a legitimate trans person has used the bathrooms and then thought “you know what? despite my dysphoria, everyone in here needs to see my dick”. I mean shit – part of the reason I stopped swimming so much as a kid is because of dysphoria. I used to love that shit.

Interestingly, when I was a child and went swimming, I’d often be taken by a female relative with my female cousins, and I’d change in the female changing rooms and shower with the girls afterwards too. Sometimes there would even be dads in there too, who had taken their daughters swimming and not wanted to change them in the men’s. Dads who would also be getting changed.

Which brings us full circle to the next point – is seeing a dick as a daughter bad? I mean… I guess if you go all Freudian on it, you can probably shout some shit about penis envy, but is naked males in the female changing rooms going to result in abuse because of a penis? To me the idea that people are unable to control themselves and not rape people and not abuse people is insulting to all people – especially Crowder’s own sex.

It kinda reminds me of everyone losing their shit about that father who bathed with his daughter calling it abuse. Not everyone is as scummy as you think they are – sometimes people are just nice. Please don’t make accusations of abuse out of your own paranoia, its harmful as fuck to the kids.

Black Mum: My kid at three said, everyone thinks I’m a girl and I’m not and I said however you feel is fine and then Penelope said no I don’t feel like a boy mama, I am a boy. Its as clear as it gets
Crowder: Well that settles it!

Crowder: [impression of a child]Mama I’m a boy, also I wanna put my hand on the stove!

Telling your kid however it feels is fine isn’t a bad thing necessarily, and not in this context. Nobody is saying “right lets rush to pump you full of the hormones and slap you in some Chuck’s and a baseball cap right now”. They’re just saying that “yeah, I get you feel that way, good for you”. I mean shit… the Mum called her child Penelope – which indicates they clearly haven’t even taken any steps towards a social transition, as one the first things you’d do is choose a new name.

The idea that this is equivalent to allowing your child to put its hand on the stove is stupid. The comparison between a child saying “I feel X” and the mum saying “that’s okay yo” and to actually allowing your child to burn their hand on a stove is straight dumb.

Crowder: More parents are turning their children transgender.

Citation needed! (Increased clinic attendance can be attributed to increased awareness and a wider definition, the same as what did done happen with autism) 

Crowder: I mean this is a kid who just wiped his boogers on the couch and you’re letting him make decisions regarding his permanent biology.

What decisions? Trans kids don’t make any decisions about their biology until about 16 when they choose whether to go on hormones or not. Before then there are no permanent decisions made about their biology whatsoever. Hormone blockers don’t alter your biology, they merely pause it from developing further.

Crowder is trying to make a fairly valid point about a concern of people transitioning their kids when they don’t need it. He argues that parents are looking at any gender non-conformity and jumping straight to “oh my god my kid is trans” – which is… sort of accurate I guess? Though the point is that the doctors they take their kids to will have a better understanding of dysphoria and will be able to diagnose it with a pretty high degree of accuracy.

The concern is valid, but its easily explained away if people bother to do a little research on the subject.

Crowder: This Californian superintendent.

These Simpsons jokes are just writing themselves at this point, here’s a pic:

News clip about SuperNintendo guy: A few years ago after parents and teachers decided to talk together. The school now has gender neutral bathrooms that are freely used by all kids.
Crowder: Except that’s also hate speech!

( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)

Crowder: That’s not enough. There are some states where you can’t have gender neutral bathrooms. We tried to find common ground with it, but they said its not good enough, it hasn’t been accepted and they want to pee wherever.

I haven’t heard this from trans people at all, most of the trans people I talk to aren’t really bothered about it. The people I find that are most against the gender neutral bathroom stuff? Radical feminists. Not trans people.

Though I’m not saying it doesn’t happen at all, just that from my experience its trans people and SJWs who are pro-gender neutral bathrooms. Its radical feminists and conservatives who want sex segregated spaces. Here’s literally the first article I could find about someone being against gender neutral bathrooms. Spoiler: it isn’t a tranny.

News clip: If you have identical twins its a 39% chance that if one is transgender the other will be too. Clearly this is genetic.
Crowder: Or maybe its parenting.

Valid point. Well made. We definitely need to research this more.

Personally? I’d argue that 100% of identical twins are identical in terms of genetics – if only 39% are trans – clearly it isn’t genetics. It could be epigenetics or the environment they’re in as much as it could be just a fault of their brain development in the womb. More research is definitely needed, though the claim the clip makes is clearly bogus.

Crowder: There’s this study which has served as the foundation for a lot of the argument for transgenders. Its called the gender fluidity study… by Dr John Money.

Oh boy….(no it hasn’t.)

Crowder: He took twins and he raised one as a boy and one as a girl.

Is there like an alarm bell for disingenuous reporting of facts? Cos I really need it right about now.

The twins were the Reimer twins, the boy who was transitioned – David Reimer – was a twisted experiment by the now disgraced Dr John Money. After a botched circumcision left reimer without a penis, Money suggested raising the child as a girl instead. His idea is that gender is learned and not an innate sense of self.

Now here’s where it gets sketchy, because along with giving Reimer an orchiectomy (removal of testes), Money also made the Reimer twins… “play house”. By this I mean, they simulated sex so that Reimer could understand his new found role in life. Plus frequent genital inspections – where each child would inspect the other’s genitals. As well as prescribing hormones to Reimer. Right through from a few months old up until his teens, Reimer would urinate through a hole in his abdomen put there by doctors. By the age of 9 Reimer was rejecting the identity forced upon him. By the age of 13, Reimer was threatening suicide if he was made to go and see Dr John Money again. By the age of 15 Reimer had transitioned back to male and suffered life long depression until he committed suicide at 38. Two years after his twin brother had taken his life.

This is why I don’t like this idea at all. It doesn’t prove or disprove anything because of the extent of the abuse Reimer received. We also don’t know if Reimer was ever made aware of what happened to him before he rejected his identity. Its really hard to find any kind of good in this story, because its just…. so fucking horrible.

Short story being, I don’t know anyone who argues that what happened to this kid proves gender fluidity. I’ve only ever seen this used to argue that gender is innate, because Reimer rejected the identity he was forced into. Though again, I’m not sure we can actually prove that given the terrible, terrible circumstances.

Crowder: It was considered to be a resounding success

By who!? The only person who reported this as a success was Dr John Money – and only because Reimer was too abused and messed up in the head to speak out about it. It wasn’t until Reimer made contact with another sexologist in 1997, Milton Diamond that the story broke huge. Also how amazing is that name oh my god.

Thousands of intersex people are being reassigned as a matter of Money’s policy and as a direct result of him refusing to report the failure. There’s an active intersex lobby against this policy.

The parents blame Money’s methods for the death of their children.

And trans people – actual transsexual people – don’t agree it was a success either, because again, our entire argument for our medical condition rests on the basis that we are #BornThisWay/gender is innate.

So again I ask. Who thinks this was a success? Because I sure as shit don’t know anyone who does.

Ironically, Money dismissed the criticisms of his methods by saying that it was just the “anti-feminist” movement trying to keep women in the kitchen and their back’s on the mattress. Some things never change huh?

Crowder: Its only been bought to light because of new media!

Dude. Law and Order:SVU made an episode about it in like 2005. What are you talking about?

Crowder: The suicide rate is horrible with transgender people and it doesn’t get better after the surgery.

There are many surgeries and a lot of people don’t get them any more – it used to be that you couldn’t get access to hormones without getting the surgery. Thank you glorious bodily autonomy huh?

Crowder: There are several studies which show this, there’s the Swedish study…

The one that the author came out to say “hey wait a minute everyone is misrepresenting my study”? That Swedish study?

Crowder: there’s a Canadian study.

This one? The one that clearly states that things like… support of parents brings the rate down significantly? Showing it isn’t like… true what you’re saying?

Crowder: Once they’re transgender, there’s nothing you can do. The suicide rate is still 40%.

But… what about… what the study you just cited actually says? How about that?

That’s the end – after this he rants about the suicide rate some more and some other stuff I don’t really care to criticise because it would just be nitpicking really. Short story being that I really wish people with influential platforms like Crowder would take the time to actually read up on the thing they’re claiming is “a side show”.

Thursday is not going to be a good day for me is it? Apparently Blaire White is going on Crowder’s channel so that’s going to be like… crazy amounts of misinformation being fired at one another. I don’t think my body is ready. I don’t have enough money for the amount of weed I’m going to need to sit through that. Why is this my life? Please send help. (Also thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed.) 

*I know that’s not actually the right video, you just got punk’d bro. Here’s the actual video… or is it? 



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