Is Blaire White really trans?

CLICK BAIT TITLE ALERT. I wasn’t actually going to call it that, but yay clickbait I guess. Besides, a lot of people have been asking me and talking about that exact thing. So its not exaaaaactly entirely clickbait, right? That’s the excuse I’ve got and I’m sticking with it. There ain’t nothin’ you ladies can do about it. Lets address both the “Is Blaire White really trans question?” and make an observation on the wider trans community at the same time.

Back in 2015, in the UK there was a Miss Transgender competition. I’d heard about it at the time but pageants aren’t really my scene, so I didn’t really follow it at all. At least, I didn’t follow it until it hit the papers big time. See the organiser of the event, who was incidentally Miss Transgender Netherlands and a trans escort, Rachael Bailey, had decided to revoke the crown of the winner.

Jai Dara Latto had won the pageant and after being crowned was told she would not be being given the prize, and subsequently was stripped of her crown. Why? Because Rachael had seen a clip of Jai working out in boxer shorts and decided she wasn’t trans enough. Going as far as to call her a drag queen because she wore boys boxer shorts in a video. Rachael also made a statement about the rite of passage of wearing female underwear, as if that at all matters to who you are as a person. I quote:

When Jai entered the competition, she said she was full time and she is not – she is a drag queen. The documentary showed her living as a gay male in her boxer shorts. Underwear is very important to transgender females – one of the first thing people do is change their underwear as it makes us feel like we are finally a woman.

(sidebar: Jai also appeared on UK television show Tattoo Fixers where they seriously botched her tattoo “fix”. Oops.)

and you’re probably all sitting there thinking – “woah, I can’t believe someone would go this far to deny someone is trans based on something so superfluous as what they wear when working out, this Rachael character sure is nuts.” Which I totally agree with, you’re right. Clothes don’t matter to who you are. This is why I’ve taken jabs at Blaire White about some of the things she’s said about Riley Jay Dennis “not wearing any female clothing” and what she said to ContraPoints in regards to “designated female clothes”.

But I think this also applies to people who are now asking the question, is Blaire White really trans? Her opinions on trans people don’t change whether she is trans or not. She could think trans people are all lizards on the inside, and keep trying to flake off her skin to find the reptilian underneath – she would still be a trans woman. Just a mental one.

This is purity testing, and I think its dumb. It’s something that’s plagued the LGBT communities for decades, from lesbians and “gold star” lesbians to gays and “straight acting gays”. Its something that we really need to take a stand against because it’s one of the main sources of drama within the LGBT acronym.  Who is and isn’t really lgbt, when that shit doesn’t matter.  You should focus on their ideas alone.  

Riley Jay Dennis hasn’t “transitioned” medically – but I don’t think that’s enough to say she isn’t trans. Heck I know a trans woman who can’t transition because of where she lives. I know dysphorics who have decided not to transition medically and instead live a life as “non-binary”. Trans has become a shorthand term for a much wider ideology of gender and sex. The idea that transsexual people like myself can decide who is and isn’t trans is kinda silly, and I’m guilty of doing it my self before too. I don’t know who elected me and Blaire White as the moral gatekeepers of the trans label. 

To me there’s one difference that matters at all. Dysphorics vs non-dysphorics. I don’t say vs to pit them against each other at all, there’s a lot of over lap between the two groups and it would be stupid to argue there isn’t. Though non-dysphorics need basically no medical support and attention, whereas dysphorics need significantly more. Dysphoria is a bitch and the only way we know to get minimise it,  is to medicate with hormone therapy.  Though even this distinction isn’t that important of one when discussing ideas either. Its only important because that medical support is crucial to dysphorics, but not non-dysphorics. So it’s important to remember that for dysphorics our medical support is non negotiable. 

I get the want to categorise everyone into neat boxes, but I think its stupid to even try, people are just far too complex. The idea that we fit into boxes neatly at all, in terms of nature, psychology, sociology, biology, whatever, is stupidly unfounded. Trying to find reasons to exclude people from your box is really kinda stupid if your box is stupid anyway. Don’t you think?

So to answer the question – is Blaire White really trans? Does it at all matter when discussing her ideas? No. Likewise to those who would ask those same questions of Riley Jay Dennis or any other trans person out there. Stop the trans purity test crap. It isn’t helping. Stick to ideas and what people are actually saying. Not who you think they are as a person.



6 thoughts on “Is Blaire White really trans?

  1. May (@Nevermoarr) says:


    You know that feeling where ur fucking livid but also totally confused and it all balances out by making you act sort of calm…………..yeah…..
    So you’re a drag queen if underwear isn’t important to you…….um………….pardon but isn’t panty obsession more inherent to like…transvestites? I mean why would something as utilitarian as /underwear/ be an inherent part of being in the wrong body–no reason why it couldn’t be A PART of being transsexual but*[has aneurism, cannot finish sentence. Sends apologies]

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  2. Louis Naughtic says:

    Wait. The first thing a trans wants to do is switch underwear? I realize that person doesn’t speak for everyone, but if that statement is even remotely true, it somewhat compromises the validity of transgenderism.

    Underwear [not counting sexy-time undies] is designed for functionality, not conforming to gender norms. Briefs and boxer-briefs keep the tackle in order, panties need to be close-slung for discharge and odor. I have no idea what boxers are for. Dudes with huge dongs? Yes, I just admitted I don’t have a huge dong.

    And if the nondysphoric have no negative symptoms, how are we not to question the validity of their transgenderism? I can say I’m a symptomless [insert condition with massive insurance payout]. Or I’m a certified [insert profession with massive social influence]. People lie to get attention and special treatment all the time; transgenderism doesn’t make someone incapable of being a manipulative idiot.

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