Trans Sex & Blaire White x Riley Jay Dennis: OTP

Now this is a topic that comes up quite often surrounding trans people. I can get why, human curiosity compels people to know, and its not unusual for people to ask. I know a lot of trans people who get offended by that, but heck that noise, I’d way rather people want to know stuff, than just be ignorant as a base to deny me rights and treat me badly. At least if they’re asking questions I can give them a good answer and maybe it will help their perception of trans people a little. So that’s what I’m doing here today.

This post comes about after Riley made a video I didn’t watch, because I generally don’t care about what other people think about the sex lives of people they don’t even know. In my opinion? Sex is personal, between you and your partner(s). Whatever you do to get off is not my business as long as everyone’s consented and having a great time. Wax dripping on you. Whipping. Rimming. Fisting. Choking or even just vanilla as heck. I have not a single care for what you do in your bedroom. (One of those is something I enjoy. You can debate amongst yourselves which one.)

The sex you enjoy doesn’t fundamentally change you as a person. If you’re a woman and you like to peg dudes, you don’t suddenly become a gay man any more than a man who likes to get fucked in the ass becomes a woman. I think the same applies for trans women. However Blaire White doesn’t seem to agree, and this kinda harks back to her stance as “being a caricature of a woman” – in her own words. She doesn’t see trans women as really women, not even herself, and that leads her to say stuff like:


While also saying stuff like:


and also remarkably:


Which – normally I wouldn’t care about at all. Normally I would’ve just been like nice opinions bro. But since Blaire has decided that she was going to take the swing at Riley Jay Dennis for opinions that don’t really concern her, allow me to return the favour.

See from Blaire’s perspective, she’s just a man playing dress-up, as is Riley. So when she talks about sex and relationships its the biological sex of your body that matters. So again, by Blaire’s own logic, she’s a homosexual, as she dates and presumably has sex with a man. From this perspective, of focusing on biology, she would be correct to say that Riley and her girlfriend’s sex is “heterosexual”.

Though this fundamentally ignores a super important part of being trans – the belief that you are of the opposite sex and the desire to transition your presentation to match that. That means that when we’re talking about trans people, biology is a pretty bad indicator of whether to call their sex heterosexual or not. This covers all trans people pretty well even pre-trans, and that water only gets even more cloudy when you take into account transition of biological features, transition of gender presentation and even genital reassignment.

None of this is to say it changes the rule for cis people at all, it obviously doesn’t. Heterosexual and homosexual and bisexual as terms only really work where sex and gender align, but in cases like trans people where they don’t, they become kinda less easy to pin on trans people. This is why I don’t usually call myself straight or gay or lesbian, though I will to annoy TERFs sometimes and if I’m talking to someone in real life I’ll describe my relationship as “a lesbian relationship” so that I don’t out myself as trans.

Trans and intersex kinda exist in a sex and relationships grey area. The typical rules don’t apply because we are not typical people. So this whole argument about whether having sex with trans women is gay or not? Its neither and both at the same time and it just doesn’t matter as long as you and you trap waifu are having great sex.

I’ve written before about my idea of sexuality and how labels don’t tend to do anything but constrict people into boxes. Both Blaire and Riley are kinda dumb for playing the label game about this in my opinion. Fuck who you wanna fuck and however you wanna fuck them. That’s my motto.

Also lol Blaire, how you gonna whine about people using their D for sex when you don’t even get genital dysphoria? Isn’t calling them a transtrender a tad hypocritical of you? Where do we draw the line on the trans purity test? 

Also ironically, Blaire’s standpoint is straight up Blanchard’s Typology.  “Transbians” ie fetishists vs the “homosexual” transsexuals – the ones who were just gay men who couldn’t face being gay in society. Is that really what you think you are Blaire? A gay man? More on Blanchard at some point in the future~




9 thoughts on “Trans Sex & Blaire White x Riley Jay Dennis: OTP

  1. AlexLopez says:

    Love your little “rants!” 🙂
    I guess I understand better why you’re disagreeing with Blaire here.
    As much as I follow Blaire and watch her videos regularly, I have to say she’s been contradicting herself since the dawn of the Earth.

    In one of her videos, I can’t recall which one, sorry, she says that Mother Nature “fucked” her and that She gave Blaire the wrong body, implying that she in fact is mentally a woman. She also defends that trans women’s brains resemble more biological women’s than biological men’s.

    The point that she just fucks herself over is when she says that genitals define your sexuality, which is obviously false. Like you said, Blaire should be a homosexual (trans woman? lol) man, acording to this logic. But if she’s mentally a woman, how could she be a homosexual man?
    I agree that there should be a line where a trans woman knows she’s biologically a man, she is, but mentally, in her words, she’s a woman.

    Sexuality on trans people is probably the only thing I’ll concede into saying that it’s not fully biological, because GS is a disorder, and should be viewed as something not natural/normal.

    Gonna bookmark your blog! Love your insight!! ❤

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    • cursede says:

      Thanks! Yeah, I enjoy her content too and have always been a bit of a fan. But there’s somethings she says that I just can’t let slip and ignore because it was just so profoundly dumb or contradictory.

      I look forward to seeing you in the comments more often! ❤


      • AlexLopez says:

        I think you said this in another post or Tweet, but important reminder: Blaire got a great transition, she looks beautiful. She’s definitely not the normal trans girl out there, she got lucky, in a way. This might have made her life much easier, which is great for her and all, but I think it ends up being one-sided.

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        • cursede says:

          Yeah. I think she’s a little too inclined to see the world only from her perspective. But she really isn’t the only trans out there or the example of the average post puberty transition. She needs to see that for real.


  2. Depends (@JustDep3ndsOn) says:

    Gosh I’m just so lost about this topic. I guess I’m a simpleton and I kinda view dick on dick or vagina on vagina as homosexual sex and dick on vagina as heterosexual sex. And this is to just to describe the act, Maybe you think it’s contradictory and/or stupid(which I can’t blame you), but I think she can be heterosexual woman and still be engaging in homosexual sex in her case with her boyfriend. Obviously to her, it’s a heterosexual relationship but as I think I remember Blaire saying the dude is bi, I wonder the same is with him? I mean she still has male genitalia. And I know I wouldn’t peg Blaire since she has a dick. I don’t like dick. Now after reading your Thoughts On Sexuality Post, it says you don’t think sexuality is defined in biology (which I assuming means genitals) and is more complex and covers” identities” (you fail to properly define what this covers exactly imo) so I’m sure you don’t agree.

    The only thing I really know is that is debate is kinda silly (tho interesting). In the sense, it’s just REALLY pointless. Like if a transwoman with a dick getting pegged is heterosexual or homosexual, like neither is wrong but there still doing it and enjoying it, so who cares?

    Also I do think it was kinda petty for Blaire to go after Riley for teaching how to be translebsian. Again for me, it’s like who cares?

    P.s Concerning recent stuff on Twitter, I don’t think Blaire is a transtrender. I think she clarifies what she means by emulates with her Tweet changing it to achieved. I don’t think she was originally saying that trans women don’t have the brains of woman and embracing becoming who they truly are by transitioning, just that trans women do have to adopt female characteristics they don’t have.

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    • cursede says:

      I think it’s important. For decades trans women have been denied their claim to womanhood and trans men the same with man hood. This is another step in that chain of saying “you’re nothing but your biology” and that’s constantly thrown at us in some degree. See bathrooms for example.

      And to me? Sexuality is about the person you’re having sex with. Or sexually attracted to. It’s not necessarily anything to do with their junk or chromosomes at all.

      As for the identities stuff? I mean this in terms of butch women or feminine men and the whole of everything in between too. There’s so much variation, you can’t say you find biological females attractive to any absolute degree. You can only really speak specifically. That’s why I don’t like the labels. They’re pretty useless.


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