Re; Yorick & pronoun use

So I haven’t actually gotten around to finishing up my Laci x Blaire OTP post, I’ve got the first 40 mins of pure trans stuff before they start getting onto feminism in general. I still want to do the rest just because its interesting and I think I’ve probably got a lot of extra perspective to add to it. Instead you can make do with this, where I’ll go over one of the contentious issues of the Laci x Blaire OTP stream – and discuss what another trans YouTuber, Yorick also found on Twitter @FellowofJest, thinks of it.

So towards the end of the stream the topic gets to Riley Jay Dennis, someone who is notorious for spouting bullshit and is generally disliked amongst the less SJW trans people. Such as myself, Yorick and Blaire. In the stream Blaire used male pronouns  for Riley and Laci took objection to this. She argued it was impolite and disrespectful and a bit of a dick move. Now for the opinions!

Yorick responded to this arguing its okay because he doesn’t respect Riley. He goes on to say that Riley puts out misinformation and causes harm to trans people and so because of that, Riley hasn’t earnt his respect and won’t be given female pronouns from him. I can’t help but really disagree with this sentiment.

If you’ve read my blog before you might already know about my opinions on pronouns. I feel like I earnt them because I worked hard for my appearance, and luckily for me I didn’t have an awful puberty that made me 6’3″ with broad shoulders and all that horrible horrible jazz. So I can definitely sympathise with the earning part of Yorick’s idea of pronouns use. However to decide that upon respect seems silly.

As Yorick rightly points out, he calls Blaire she and so would most everyone else – even if they think trans is just a mental illness and that we’re all just degenerate sexual deviants. However from my perspective, Blaire puts out misinformation quite often, she does more harm to trans people than good. Especially trans kids with her attempts to smear mother’s just trying to do the right thing for their kid in her “Children transitioning = child abuse” video. I really do not respect this about her at all, I can not respect the lack of research she puts into her videos. I can not respect tweets like the below which say stupid stuff about how she doesn’t have to represent trans things correctly – just “be genuine”.


FWIW. Yes be genuine, give your actual real opinions – but when you’re spouting stuff that is provably false you can’t act so high and mighty about it afterwards.

So does this mean that I can now call Blaire by he? Yorick argues its about respect in regards to the misinformation – which I can argue the same for Blaire… so surely by his logic, nobody in the more anti-sjw kinda crowd should really get upset about it, right? Blaire, for me, satisfies all of Yorick’s proposed criteria. So its totally okay right?

Obviously not, this doesn’t sit right for me and it shouldn’t sit right for anyone. People’s pronouns shouldn’t be based on your personal opinions about their ideas. That’s stupid. They should be based on appearances first and foremost, and if someone asks you to give them different pronouns – then that’s up to you decide. I just hope you’ve got a better reason to do something that you yourself would dislike being done to you than “but i dun respec’ em!”

Is that not enough? How about a practical reason to use her correct pronouns? Riley has made comments before about not wanting to have conversations with people from the anti-sjw crowd about trans stuff. She has made it clear that she thinks that they can’t be reasoned with and they don’t respect her enough to have a polite discussion. Which yeah, damn straight, I’d feel the same way in her shoes. I’ve seen the amount of hate she gets for her appearance alone – not just her stupid ideas.

Personally? I think the best way to convince people they’re wrong isn’t just to present the facts, misgender them and call them an idiot. Its respectful discussion that saves the day and for that, people like Yorick and Blaire need to put up some of that respect first. As I very much doubt its Riley that’s going to go for the low blow of misgendering first.

Riley is an ideologue and I can sort of understand why, I really can. Though I don’t think that gives you license to treat them like a verbal punching bag and not properly criticise her ideas. However she will never be there to have a conversation with you if you’re not at least willing to show her a modicum of respect first. Isn’t that what we really want? To talk to Riley and explain why we think she’s wrong? To see if she has anything to say about that?


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6 thoughts on “Re; Yorick & pronoun use

  1. Yorick says:

    Yorick here, I enjoyed your blog post but I feel I should clarify a few things.

    I don’t just gender Riley as male because I do not respect him, though that is part of it. If I thought that Riley was genuinely trans and that he was undergoing medical transition, then I would gender him as female despite my lack of respect for his disingenuous videos. I gender ‘nonbinary’ people with their preferred pronouns (when they ask nicely), out of courtesy.

    However, I don’t actually see them as genderless – I’m having to consciously try to remind myself to gender them with ‘they.’ I wouldn’t put in the effort if I did not respect them, and I do not put in the effort with Riley for the same reason.

    Of course, you could gender Blaire White as male because you disagree with some of her views, but you’d be having to consciously do it – because, as a transitioned transwoman, she actually passes. To me, people’s pronouns are not based on their ideas – it’s based on whether or not I genuinely think they’re trans. To me, Riley Dennis is just a cross-dressing male.

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    • cursede says:

      I cant say I know enough about Riley’s background to say whether she’s actually trans or just a crossdresser tbh.

      Though I think focussing on whether she’s a she or a he is pointless. I’ll call her she because its polite and it’ll make her want to actually discuss things with you. Maybe we can show her why her ideas don’t work – but first we have to get her to listen. Misgendering isn’t going to do that imo.


      • Yorick says:

        I tried that already, I’m afraid. I did gender Riley as female for a time, and I reached out to him in one of his comment sections to have a discussion. I never got a reply, and he blocked me on Twitter. I don’t think Riley is interested in discussing anything with anyone outside of his own circle.

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