Twitter is hiding tweets about my ban (Updated)

I’ve written a new post with a call to action, if you’re as sick of this shit as I am, please get involved, get other people involved and maybe we can get Twitter to finally listen to us. 

All is not entirely lost, you can find me on Minds and Gab if you check my about page. I also have a discord group for shitposting and the more the merrier on that!

In the meantime if you have any information on how to contact Twitter directly to avoid bs automated responses that would be amazing. Alternatively, if you know anyone in San Francisco around the CA 94103 zip code who maybe wouldn’t mind hitting up Twitter HQ for me, that would be incredible. It could be really funny.

The only contact details I managed to find for Twitter are here and its a pitiful amount, but I’m hitting them both up right now.

Below is the original post, I just wanted to drop a quick update here at the top. Twitter have responded to my appeal surprisingly quickly, and it doesn’t appear to be the same old automated crap I’m used to getting.  Short story being that they banned my @Edesruc account because of the permanent ban they put on @CursedEBlog – but still refuse to give any reason for – outside of “aggressive following”.

Since the new email doesn’t seem to be automated, I’ve responded asking them to explain the reason I’m banned and to see if we can talk something out so that I can continue being part of the discussion.

Thank you so much for all your help – I very much doubt Twitter would have responded this quickly had there not been some major noise being made about it. You guys fucking rock.




Today I just wanted to write about Blaire White and Laci Green’s conversation. I have a lot of strong opinions and I’ll be honest, I’m a little excited to thrust them onto a conversation I wasn’t invited to. That’s not going to happen though, because for some reason I am banned again.

@Edesruc has been my main account for this blog for a while now. It exists because my previous main accounts were banned, five times. @Edesruc is #6 to that list. As with all my other bans, I have no idea why as Twitter doesn’t tell you up front. I’ve appealed, though that takes about 3 days for small accounts like mine – they do it within a day if you’re huge like @Sargon_Of_Akkad. Obviously I would appreciate you sharing the #FreeCursedE hashtags and making some noise about this to try and help me get unbanned. But also there’s something a little more sinister going on.

The featured image shows one of the visible updates to the ban system, a red banner instead of a yellow one is new to me in the 6 or so accounts I’ve had now. There’s also a less visible change that should really be addressed. That is of suppression. As dramatic as it may sound, people tweeting about my ban are being suppressed, making it hard to make any real effort to raise awareness.


Pictured above are responses to two separate chains about my ban. Neither allow me to see the original post. I’ve tested this locally on my own computer with incognito tab and it seems that they some tweets still remain hidden. Here’s a picture of the above with the OP tweet for proof:

What’s also interesting to note is that searching the #FreeCursedE hashtag also doesn’t bring some of the responses either:



This kind of information suppression is really insidious. It makes dissent far easier to silence – and for all intents purposes it looks to the person tweeting about me as if their tweets are getting out there. When in reality they’re not. One of my friend tweeted at @Sargon_Of_Akkad who follows me and would likely have retweeted about this. However because of the suppression he isn’t going to get that notification, so he’ll likely not see it. And you can’t fight what you can’t see.

If you could tweet about this all the same to try and help me get unbanned that would be amazing. You would have my undying love. However if this account does get nuked forever, keep an eye on my about page and I’ll post up my new account when I’ve made one.

Thanks for the support everyone, its days like this I really get to properly appreciate it ❤



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