Why @JohnnyFoxRox is a retard.

In case you missed it; last night Twitter user and Twitch streamer @JohnnyFoxRox got a little triggered and upset that Blaire White said she would have Laci Green on her channel to talk about stuff. Incidentally that’s happening tonight (Wednesday 29th March) so keep an eye out on Blaire’s Twitter for a link to the stream, it should be pretty interesting.

If you’ve followed my blog for a while then you know that I’m not exactly as Johnny would put it “a Blaire White tranny fanboy”. I’ve had numerous arguments with her and have never missed an opportunity to make fun of her for blocking me. Recently she unblocked me and we talked it out and although I still don’t agree with her reason for blocking me or the lack of actually addressing the points I was trying to make the whole time, I respect her for actually coming to talk to me about it. I truly believe that the best way to settle arguments and differences is to try and have a frank and honest discussion about them.

Johnny on the other hand does not see it the same way. When Laci approached Blaire, Blaire’s first response was something along the lines of “Girl, you sure you pressed the right button” after Laci had followed her. Laci responded with something similar to “No, been watching your videos, and I want to chat”. Blaire accepted and the date was set. To Johnny this is a betrayal of the “anti SJW community” in an ironic twist of identity politics that only really makes sense to an SJW. It’s the same crap as “if you’re black but think white people can be victims of racism then you’re just an Uncle Tom!” The exact same bullshit that various people from across the internet have been pushing back against, myself included.

See the problem is that Johnny seems to think that having a conversation with someone is like inviting them into “the community”. He likened this to Ian Miles Cheong on his Twitch stream last night, saying that it was bullshit that someone could have said so many SJW things and then be welcomed with open arms into the “anti-SJW community”. Whereas nothing in any of Blaire or Laci’s tweets indicate that either are moving from their ideological position and heck, even Laci’s tweets says she agrees with some stuff but disagrees with others. The entire point of the exchange is that they want to discuss it. Johnny however, seems to have put the horse waaaaay before the cart on this one and has made the assumption that Laci is about to drop the SJW stuff and become an anti-SJW.

This is obviously not the case given the actual things said. However even if it were, why would it be a bad thing? It’s one less vocal SJW spouting crap from a position of trust. Laci, at time of writing, has over 220,000 followers. Imagine how great that would be if she dropped the SJW stuff and started talking more honestly? Sure, she would lose a lot of her followers, but she would retain significantly more than JohnnyFoxRox can reach. It’s like a net gain of 50 JohnnyFoxRox.

This is all presupposing that there is an “anti-SJW community” which there is, but there shouldn’t be. Having a loose community of individuals who are thinking critically and making good arguments and sharing jokes and stuff is great. I love the people I’ve made friends with over the past few months of blogging and being involved. I would never suggest not having friends who have a similar attitude and out look as you. What I do suggest is not creating an anti-thesis identity to oppose a group of people you dislike. This is what the “anti-SJW community” is in Johnny’s mind. They’re a monolith of the same ideas, they’re pushing an ideological purity test and you’re either with them or against them. It’s the exact same behaviour that makes SJWs so intolerable and dare I say, problematic.

Part of me wants to believe he was just trolling, but the fact he went and dug up old photos of Blaire and found out her old name and started using it in an attempt to try and trigger her leads me to believe he wasn’t. He made an argument on the Twitter dot com into a personal shit flinging fest and then cheered as if he’d won a victory when she blocked him. No Johnny, you didn’t win anything, you just made yourself look like a petulant child autisticly screeching about how you didn’t like thing. Grow up kiddo.




8 thoughts on “Why @JohnnyFoxRox is a retard.

  1. THE OTTERMAN says:


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  2. Louis Naughtic says:

    Its becoming increasingly popular to suggest that no singular system of thought and behavior is the ideal system for everyone to follow. Of course, that idea itself, would be a singular, blanketing system of thought applied to everyone. And the people whom make the argument against a functional unified philosophy are always pushing their own philosophy, which invariably excludes others forms of thought.

    My point: there is a right way. Just because most people can’t figure it out, or imagine the possibility, doesn’t mean anything. Most people still believe in magic, and the rest of us don’t institutionalize them. Hell, most people can’t even do their jobs right. Expecting the average person to comprehend philosophy, sociology, morality, and metacognition, without being educated from childhood on, is a tremendous failing – of one’s own.

    Don’t get me wrong, all these severely unqualified people discussing psychology and morality may be causing extremely unnecessary chaos, but its still better than the alternative of culture being ruled by the overtly superstitious. That is to say: at least people are actually attempting to think rationally – even if the majority of it is simple posturing. They’re, at least, propagating the concept of rationality, which the average person still has no understanding of.


  3. Misogynerd (@WCHMisogynerd) says:

    So Johnny got into another argument with a twitter user today and had them on the stream. Apparently they were able to work things out or something so he made a tweet about how two sides could work something out and come to a positive outcome. I commented on it and was away from twitter for a while and he mass deleted like every tweet before today.


    This Gyazo link is all I have in the way of proof. Figured at the very least you’d find it somewhat entertaining.

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