This is probably one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen, not even gonna lie. This is the “#FreeSpeechBus” – the bright orange oxymoron. As its a bus that literally tells you how you should talk about people and is in direct response to somebody else’s free speech. The bus is touring the US now, however a previous bus was touring Spain already. Here’s the schedule if you wanna go express your freedom of speech.


Why is this a thing? The organiser of the bus states he started the bus in response to a trans pamphlet being passed around which shows drawn images of naked children. There are two girls and two boys, and half are trans – so the drawing shows genitals. It isn’t gratuitous or risqué at all and is simply a statement that genitals don’t = gender. Which is like… 90% of the whole debate around trans people.

The pamphlet was distributed by Chrysalis, a trans charity.

posterAA (1)

The text underneath reads “Some girls have penises and some boys have vaginas. It’s that simple”. Which again, literally the entire point of being trans is that our gender does not match our sex, having the “wrong” genitalia is kinda to be expected.

The bus is framed as being for freedom of speech whilst the slogans printed on the side of it are counter to that point. As they are telling people how to talk about trans people, and in essence, that there is no such thing as trans people anyway. Just “biological reality” which trans people aren’t unaware of. It’s just that biological reality is the very source of our dysphoria, hence why we fight hard to move away from it. We’re not taking hormone medication because we deny that biological reality is a thing, far from it. Hormones are  also biological reality and create big changes to your biological reality, this is the entire reason they are used.


This irony is compounded when you realise these people are Catholics, a religion not really known for its freedom. CitizenGo and HatzeOir are both run by the same man. Ignacio Arsuaga. My Spanish isn’t super so I haven’t had a chance to really go over his Twitter feed, but I’m pretty sure Católico means Catholic.

Possibly the most hilarious part of this entire story is how Arsuaga has prior on this whole “I don’t like thing, so I’m gonna print it on a bus and ride around in it” thing. He had a blue bus in protest of Popular Party in the Community of Madrid, led by Cristina CifuentesFeaturing Cifuentes face on the side of the bus.


This bus isn’t a free speech bus at all, and that is pathetic as far as propaganda goes. I don’t think you’re fooling anyone with that Arsuaga. Call it what it is, its the transphobia coach. The arguments to support it are stale and miss the entire point of what trans is and why we get medical support, though I can’t really say I expected better from a religious fanatic. They never actually think critically or investigate – they just stick to what their religious scripture tells them. Not to say all Catholics are religious fanatics and transphobic. I know a few Catholic people who aren’t like this, and shit, I’ve even bumped into a Catholic Trans person online before. If you’re wondering what Catholicism says about trans people, then here’s the link for you.

and finally… a quick letter to Arsuaga:

Dear Ignacio, 

You cannot solve all of your problems by printing things on the side of buses. 

Yours sincerely,

Great Britain.



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