Response: Magdalen “epic” Berns

Here’s another post response, because yes I did do one of these before, in response to a YouTuber called Magdalen Berns. She runs a YouTube channel that constantly gets liked and retweeted from by the radfem and TERF crowds. I see it fairly often and Maggy and I sometimes have back and forths over Twitter. This one is in response to a video she made regarding a HRC funded “trans safer sex guide”. Interestingly I had no idea about this safer sex guide, yet all the radfems do… it’s kinda funny that they spend more time looking at this crap than actual trans people.

Here’s Maggy’s video.

Here’s her key criticisms:

1. Genital reassignment surgery vaginas aren’t vaginas

2. The word “front hole” is derogatory to women

3. The same thing isn’t applied to “dicks”

4. She think this is going to affect her personally.

Here’s me destroying her entire argument:

You’ll notice in the video the cleverly cropped images. Here’s a picture of what she displays:


Here’s a picture of the page this is from:


and oh wait… what’s that? Right there, the blue text? ZOOM AND ENHANCE.


Oooh, so the words used in that brief description aren’t objectively true and used commonly at all? They’re just suggestions? Well that’s all four of your points destroyed in an instant.

I don’t know many trans men, I’ve never asked what one would call his vagina. If he had a problem with me calling it a vagina, I would happily not call it a vagina. That’s just politeness. That doesn’t mean that women can’t call their own vaginas vaginas, feel free. I have a friend who is trying to get fit by doing a circus training thing, I know, I live in a weird as heck neighbourhood. Anyway, she, when doing something with hoops, fell on her vagina and its all bruised up. When she told me about it she said vagina. I’m a trans woman and I did not care. Why? It’s not my body. It’s not my concern what she calls her body parts. Though I certainly hope she feels better soon and we had a good giggle about her tragic attempts at sitting down.

Likewise, I know a fair amount of trans women, and I’ve heard of various stupid nicknames for genitals. From girltinkler to fauxgina, and even my own creation of surgical fuck hole – as I make my stance on GRS for myself bluntly clear. TLDR on that, I won’t be getting GRS until there’s a better option, I don’t think that the option right now is really fixing my whole “wrong reproductive system” problem, just sidestepping it. Back on topic though, point being that again, I don’t care what people call their body parts. Start calling your hands meat hooks and your feet ground-livers for all I care. It literally doesn’t bother me and it won’t affect me or anyone else at all. Hands will still be called hands by the majority of people ever.

I’ve personally never heard front hole or strapless used in relation to genitals. I’ve heard of a strapless strap-on, a sex toy, but that’s about it. I’ve heard front bum… but that was in a Goldie Lookin’ Chain track, ironically titled Your Mother’s Got a Penis. You’re welcome.

Ofcourse, Maggy knew this, she could see the blue text as clear as anyone else.




3 thoughts on “Response: Magdalen “epic” Berns

  1. Anonymous says:

    The blue text is clearly visible in her video, like did you even bother to actually watch her video lol and she even linked the guide so her viewers could read the whole thing for themselves if she was trying to mislead her fans or be deceptive she wouldn’t have bothered to take​ these steps. What of her points exactly did you “destroy” here because all I’m getting is dishonest butthurt tranny with a chip on his shoulder.


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