800,000 children go missing in the US every year? Or do they? #PizzaGate

Most of this post comes from my comments section courtesy of one bad ass mother fucker. So thank you so much for your hard work and digging, you’re a true hero. I know you said you wanted to avoid confrontation so I haven’t put your blog here, but do comment if you want me to put you in! And again, thank you for your help in digging! 

I made this shit post RE: Sargon of Akkad on Twitter, and here’s a bit more of an in-depth follow up. With a lot more debunkage. In the previous post I mentioned a missing children statistic often quoted at me by #PizzaGate fanatics. The statistics they use suggest that roughly 800,000 children are reported missing each year in the US. Roughly 2,000 a day. Which is terrifying, obviously that’s a lot of missing kids, what happens to them all?

Well first of all, lets look at where this statistic comes from and the key piece of information conveniently left out. Here’s the source. As you can see, it clearly states that only 115 “stranger abduction” cases happen each year. That’s where someone the child didn’t know had taken the child without the parent’s knowledge or consent. The vast majority of the rest are simply runaways.


It is according to National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) that the Pizzagate followers get their Missing Children statistics which are based on an old study, using a dodgy methodology. In contrast, the FBI now report that in 2016 registered 465,676 entries for missing children. In 2015 the number was 460,699. There is also data for other years too that seem to stick around the 460,000 number.

According to the statistics however, this number represents the reports of missing children. Not necessarily actually missing children. This means that if a child runs away multiple times, each report will be considered a new report. Meaning that both the 460k statistic of missing children is actually about reports of missing children. Not necessarily unique individual children going missing at all. Further slicing that number down.

In the US a child under the age of 14 (or older and mentally incompetent) who stays away from home over night is considered a runaway, this is enough for a missing child report to be filed. Even if a missing child turns up the very next day, the report statistic is maintained as it was still a reported missing child.

There is also, as this website points out, two distinct kinds of running away that we should mention here. All running away adds to the number of missing child reports, however what adds to them the most is episodic running away and chronic running away. Episodic running away occurs after a major life event, there’s no consistency or pattern to it, it just happens. Then there’s chronic running away, where a child will use running away as a power play to gain some kind of control over the family. If the child runs away, the entire family becomes focused on them and getting them back. The child, who may feel ignored or neglected, will continue doing this to keep getting the attention it so desperately craves.

Both of these things will cause a missing child report each and every time they happen. Adding to and inflating the statistic above what the true statistic of missing and unlocated children are per year. However most children do return home within a week.

The 800,000 children per year statistic is pure garbage. It demonstrates the lack of critical thinking from within the PG community. This is just another domino falling down and taking with it a huge slice of the appeal to emotion the PGers use to attract people into their conspiracy theory. Next up! Whether you can bring food into the White House or not.

(Spoiler: you can if you’re the literal president)






5 thoughts on “800,000 children go missing in the US every year? Or do they? #PizzaGate

  1. Felix Y tho (@graupelmann) says:

    In ’14 and ’15 there were about 3.98 million childbirths per year.
    For the sake of argument let’s say about 4 million children added to the population of the US a year.
    Now, imagine 1/5 of that amount would just disappear.
    It’s absurd to think that was a reality in a western nation without there being any outcry.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. andrewzebrun3 says:

    #pizzagate deniers, nothing but liars. People are on to you, whatever you are we all know. It’s just a matter of time till the whole world knows~! Trump save the kids~!


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