“Trans people should be feminists” – Shon Faye

Here’s an article on Shon Faye’s recent video about trans people and why people should be feminists. Shon is a trans woman who has appeared on television advocating for trans people and altogether. I feel a kinship with her because I’ve seen the way radical feminists treat her, digging up older photos of Shon to use against her. The same people who cry “male aggression” and “misogyny” for just daring to criticise their ideas – picking on a woman for how she looked years ago. So I’m sitting here wondering why on earth you would want to associate with these people at all.

Shon’s argument for trans people being feminists rests heavily on the idea of patriarchy. That society is designed for the benefit of men. I thoroughly hate this idea, there is a lot wrong with it. From the fact that men get custody of their kids less, that woman get sentenced less and sentenced lighter for the same crime, the enormous suicide rate in men, you know, women out numbering men in 20 universities 2:1, all things I’ve been over before. You can take a quick google to see western based companies jumping over each other to promote women in their businesses. People fighting over virtue signalling about how women deserve equal pay – even though they get equal pay for equal jobs already. There is no patriarchy, not here in the western world.


Which means that Shon’s core argument for being a feminist gets thrown straight out of the window. Its totally baseless and I think we all know the parable of the Shon who built her house on sand.

How about a counter argument then? Why should trans people not be feminists? Easy. Feminism by in large, isn’t about equality. It’s not about fighting for equal rights, its not about creating a better society for everyone, its not even about women’s rights and voices – as a lot of “feminists” call out white women without college degrees for overwhelmingly voting Trump. So what is it really about?

Simple, control. It’s a mere one letter away from the thing it is trying to fight against. Patriarchy becomes Matriarchy and we get a society built for and around women, the so called “gynocentricism”. Its about telling you, whoever you are, male or female, man or woman, what you can and can’t do, what you should or shouldn’t say, and how to and how not to behave. This becomes more apparent the more extreme versions of feminism you come across.

Take radical feminists for example. I’ve spoken with this kind of feminist a lot and so I think I’ve got a good read on their ideology at this point. Important to note is that not all of them think trans women are men and don’t deserve rights. Some of them are very supportive of trans people because we’re helping to “smash the patriarchy” by making it okay to be a “feminine man”. This is perfectly framed if you take a look at @streetvoiceuk’s twitter account. A man who pretends to be trans, promotes “feminine masculinity” all so women, namely radfems, will like him.

And you know what? The radfems eat his shit up. Because they’re in control there, this is a man who is living on their terms and they bloody love that power. I butt heads with these people a lot because I refuse flat out to live on anyone else’s terms. I’m me, a woman, I don’t care if you agree or not, you don’t dictate how I live my life to me any more than I dictate it to you.

The same can be said about feminism and the idea of “toxic masculinity”. It’s not about this form of masculinity actually being bad – there’s no strong evidence to support catcalling is harmful to anyone. It’s about telling men how they should live their lives, dictating to them the terms on which they must exist.

If you want to truly be an empowered person, something that crops up a lot in feminist ideology, then be empowered. I wrote before that empowerment isn’t something you are given by being part of a group, it isn’t something that can be bestowed upon you. It’s something you must reach for yourself. As a blogger I do this every day. I won’t be silenced, I will take part in discussions, I will educate myself, I will learn and I will fiercely advocate for things I believe to be true based on my research. Groupthink has nothing to do with it at all.

Should you be a feminist as a trans person? I don’t think so. I think you should be independently smart. You should work hard, study hard, and stand up for your rights and beliefs regardless of who stands up with you. True empowerment doesn’t need people to validate and agree with you, so why wait around for it at all?



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