Muslim Twerks in Birmingham

I grew up around the Midlands. I spent the vast majority of my life there, and it wasn’t a great place to grow up, especially not with me being a degenerate closeted tranny at the time. I would often get into fights, drama, once I got jumped by six guys who left me in a gutter with a fractured skull. I now sport two really neat facial scars that you can’t really tell are there. Though still sap on my confidence a little.

So this story is a little close to my heart, the exact part shown in the video from this story is a place I’ve walked a thousand times. It’s just a short walk from the famous bull of the Bull Ring. Those people in the video are my people and I love them all.

So when a Muslim girl started receiving hate for letting lose and twerking a little, a 17 year old girl out with her friends. I’m not going to lie It felt a little personal. That could’ve been my neighbour, it could’ve been one of the Muslims I went to school with. Or the daughter of one of my parent’s friends.

Two Muslim boys took to the internet to help try and abate the hate. I commend them for their intentions. However the way they did it was not to say she did nothing wrong, as we all know, she did nothing wrong. But rather to say “its good you accepted you did a bad thing, and you are clearly sorry you did so lets stop hating you now”. Which is not okay, its just pure submission – and not even the good kind.

If you have to hate or shame someone into seeing your side of the story, then you’re not being honest with them. Calling someone a fucking whore and threatening to kill her until she apologises for acting in a way you disprove of is fucked up. Calling music haram because it doesn’t preach the word of your god is fucked up. Not calling out the people doing this and instead leaving the blame with the girl who didn’t actually do anything wrong – is fucked up.

This girl needs some love right now, because this is a tipping point for her. She will either end up fully indoctrinated into this regressive and extremist form of Islam, or we can show her love. Show her support. Show her that we won’t let violent bullies threaten and hate on someone for having fun. Please stand with her, then crouch down a little and shake what your mama gave you. #TwerkWithHer

To the girl in the video: Please, remember how you felt at the time, you were just having fun, it was harmless. Now remember how and when the harm started. Was it anyone watching you? Who has been sending you the death threats and trying to shame you?

Move away from those people. Move towards people who love and support you, not just their idea of what they want you to be.



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