Shitpost: Abortion edition

Shitposts here are just posts I do with no real planning and citations. Just free-flow baby. They’re things I’ve thought about writing but just haven’t had the time to properly and indepthly research the way I try to do with my regular posts. This one comes about after an argument with my partner. Honestly I was on the other side of the fence at first, but I think she convinced me.

For me the argument had always been about the BBC. No, not that BBC… or that one either… I mean back-up birth control. I’ve basically got zero reservations about women who need abortions having them, however need is the operative word there. I don’t think that the state and by extension, tax payers, should have to pay for your mistakes. You got drunk at a club and didn’t make him wrap it? Tough luck, you made the mistake, you pay for it. Makes sense no?

Need for me means stuff like cases of rape, incest, severe disabilities and medical complications – such as the mother’s imminent death if she tries to have the child. However my partner made the good point that contraceptive isn’t 100%, even in combination. So what if you tried really hard not to have a baby and an accident still happened? How do you sort the people who really tried from the people who made a mistake?

I don’t think you really can. There’s no objective test that can be done for this you have to take them on their word. On the other hand, in regards to the taxpayers paying for it. The cost of an abortion is roughly $500. The cost of putting a child through the foster care system is $40,000 a child.

In 2013 there were 664,435 abortions in the US, that’s just above $332.2 million dollars. On any given day there are roughly 428,000 children in foster care already. Though in 2015, 670,000 children spent some time in the foster care system.  The foster care system at its current rate costs $22bn a year. In the US each year there are roughly 135,000 children adopted.

So if we take the number of children adopted from the number of abortions then multiply that by the cost of each child in foster care – we should be able to see how much more money its going to cost to totally ban abortions. Because obviously, most of these kids will be put up for adoption and have to go through the foster care system anyway. So what’s the answer to this impromptu math?

$21,177,400,000 – doubling the cost.

That’s the cost of 2013’s abortions, sixty three times over. Sixty fucking three times.

This isn’t even to mention that a significant percentage of people in prison right now were in the foster care system at some point. The fact that the foster care families are frequently caught abusing children. The fact that its woefully underfunded and kids don’t tend to live a great life in social care.

Banning abortions will absolutely increase the load put on the foster care system. This needs to be paid for, and even now the foster system is a struggling & underfunded part of our society. Imagine what it would be like when the cost doubles.

The back up birth control argument isn’t a good argument for being against abortions. Because other people will still be paying for your mistakes, just not to kill your mistake. Instead to give it a really shitty life where 1/3 of them will end up in prison. Great job!





6 thoughts on “Shitpost: Abortion edition

  1. Anonymous says:

    Your argument is predicated on the belief that babies not aborted or adopted would all be put into foster care.I have no doubt that some of them would go through the sysyem, but all or even most?Do you have any data to back up your assertion or is it just supposition?


    • cursede says:

      I think its a fair assumption to make. Women who want an adoptions are pretty unlikely to want to keep the child afterwards. Otherwise why would they have wanted an adoption in the first place?

      I don’t have any data supporting it. I’ll look into it though. This was just a shitpost – a really unplanned and unresearched post. Just being part of the discussion is all! 🙂


      • Anonymous says:

        I certainly understand your logic, but there are women who consider getting an abortion but for one reason or another don’t and end up keeping the child.Now, there are situations where women who are unwilling or unable to raise child, but even then it doesn’t necessarily mean the child is put up for adoption or into foster care.For example custody might be given to other family member like their parents, grand parents or siblings.You also said that ⅓ of children in foster care end up in prison at some point as adults, is that largely due to trauma inflicted while under foster care or before they were put into the system, also can you verify the number of children who are put into foster care because they’re unwanted newborns?Granted, it may be nearly impossible to verify the data I asked for.That being said, if you’re going to advocate abortion over foster care based primarily on the cost to taxpayers, if it can be proven I’d much rather see funds diverted from military spending, I would like to see numbers to back it up.Oh, for what it’s worth I have no desire to see abortion banned because it would cause more problems than it would solve, like women getting “back alley procedures”, but I certainly think it should be a last resort.Though I certainly believe “morning after” pills should be obtained as easily as possible.I’m also not a religious zealot who thinks embryos have souls.I just believe that a premium should be put on human life, but I’m also pragmatic enough to understand that sometimes tough decisions have to be made.Well, thank your for your time and indulgence.

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        • cursede says:

          I plan to do a follow up blog post real soon, I’ve had a lot of criticism for this post and I want to go over some of it and give a full fledged argument instead of the free-flow style thing I did here. I look forward to seeing you in the comments section of that one too! I’ll definitely try to cover everything you’ve mentioned!


          • Anonymous says:

            Thank you.I hope I didn’t come across as rude.My primary issue was the assumption that all of the children in question would just end up in the foster care system, thus creating an undue burden on taxpayers.I look forward to reading the article when it’s posted.

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            • cursede says:

              You didn’t! And it’s okay to criticise! That’s why I keep the comments fully open. I want to encourage discussion as much as possible so it’s totally good that you did. Thank you.

              And yeah I’ll get around to it real soon, possibly by next week. Love to see what you think!


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