DEBATE ME; #PizzaGate edition

Accidently wound up some PizzaGaters on Twitter, said I’d debunk some emails one sent me. So here goes nothin’. Here’s the first email I need to debunk for this dude:


Though, I’m not sure what I’m to debunk? If we look at this email as is, we can clearly see its about ordering some pizza and hot dogs from Chicago for a party. The email subject is “Chicago Hot Dog Friday” – so again, more evidence towards the fact that this is just a party. There is nothing here which suggests child abuse.

The worst part about this is that Obama spent $65,000 of tax payers money flying pizza in from Chicago. Chicago is a couple of hours flight away from the white house, its easy to see where all the money went – not to mention on the price of the pizzas themselves. Though its utterly absurd and a total abuse of administration in my opinion, that’s not what tax payer money should be used for.


Here’s email number 2. Again, not a single thing which implicitly implies child abuse here. Watching children play is entertaining, children are fucking adorable.

The pool comment can be easily explained away too. We can’t see the other email where he may have asked “are they going to be in the pool so I can get towels ready?” or something to that effect. To which Tamera obviously replied “yes, they are definitely going in the pool”.

Again, not a single thing here suggests child abuse, its just two people planning an dinner party at someone’s house.



This is just an invite to go get pizza, perhaps he only has an hour of free time and that’s why he’s worded it so clunkily. Again, nothing to be scared of, no signs of child abuse here.



(Quality on this one is awful, what even) This is just a jokey email chain about how there’s a single slice of pizza in the office and they dont know how to share it out. Again, not a single thing here implies child abuse, or even children.

So of the 4 images you sent me, only one mentioned children at all. The others seem to all legitimately be about pizza. There is nothing here which would inherently prove pizza actually meant children or was related to child abuse at all. The one that did mention children again, if you’re looking it from the lens of “this is evil child abuse” you’re gonna go full confirmation bias and see the child abuse. However if you show that email to the majority of people all they will see is someone arranging a dinner party and bringing their kids to play in the pool. Nothing sinister at all.

This whole PizzaGate thing is rooted in confirmation bias and begs the question it asks the whole way through. Just take a step back a second and think about it – for 3 of these emails you need to first prove that pizza = child abuse. Where is your email evidence of this? If it doesn’t exist you should probably re-evaluate your view point a little.



15 thoughts on “DEBATE ME; #PizzaGate edition

  1. Anonymous says:

    If you choose to be ignorant and think that these people are really discussing pizza then thats really ignorant. Especially once you start digging further into podesta and comet pizza.


  2. snowwhitedove says:

    I have been looking for the original email about Chicago Hot dog day. I have only seen images of it but not a link to the actual leaked email. This makes me suspicious. Does the person you are conversing with have the actual link?

    Also I have found if you can find many of these emails on line in Wikileaks you will be able to see there is more to the conversation then what is being portrayed by just the image.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    As you alluded to already, the real controversy, if there’s one at all, should be that the Obama administration spent $650,000 to fly in food from Chicago.Though given the federal budget, that amount is almost not worth mentioning.

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  4. snowwhitedove says:

    Hi Cursede, I did some more research into “Chicago Hot Dog Friday” and was able to find the original email finally.

    First the email in question is not from the Clinton or Podesta email leaks. In fact it was found in the Global Intelligence Files that Wikileaks posted after a freedom of information request and were released in 2012.

    Now when one goes over and looks into emails about Chicago Hot Dog Friday, one will find 10 emails related to this. Source:

    Second if one looks at replies to the emails about Obama spending $65,000 someone jokes about the “same waitress”.

    Now taking this into consideration and looking at the other emails about Chicago Hot dog Friday. I believe there are many inside jokes that we are not aware of and this part about Obama is one of them.

    As we all know everyone has inside jokes with their family, friends and work mates and when an outsider hears/reads them they may come to the wrong conclusions.

    I hope this helps in your debunking. Sorry if I am taking to much of your time in commenting several times on your post.

    (I am hoping the links work)

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