Milo Yamahapolice

Been having discussions a lot about Milo Yiannopoulos on Twitter recently and I figured I’d do a shit post about my feelings on it all. I’ve only seen the Joe Rogan live stream, podcast, thing. So that’s what I base my opinion on.

First lets start with Father Michael, since Milo did ayooooo. Milo’s abuse as a child is awful, regardless of whether Milo believes he was predatorial of older men, including Father Michael. Father Michael still should have known right from wrong and not had sex with Milo underage. Father Michael is still a child molester whether or not Milo bent over every waist high surface and presented his young supple ass to the priest 24/7.

I take absolutely no issue with Milo not reporting this man. That’s Milo’s choice and I would never pressure a victim of a crime to report the crime. They should feel safe and willing to do it. I feel sorry for Milo having gone through this, whether or not it was a “consensual” event or not. Obviously Milo couldn’t consent as per the age of consent, but it may not have been as adult predator child molester as people first assume. The age of consent laws do protect the majority of children, though there are some who actively seek out sex.

Though as explained above, the responsibility still lies with the adult to not fuck kids. So sexually active children is not a free pass to have sex with them. No judge will take your “but your honour, she came on to me!!!!” defence seriously, because you’re the adult, you should know better. We can all probably agree with this much.

However the next part is where people stop agreeing so easily. This is in regards to the events at Hollywood parties that Milo was witness to, and his apparent lack of action to stop them.

First lets quickly just establish what these events were. From the Joe Rogan video, they were events in Hollywood, where a early to mid twenties Milo attended. They were hosted by people of “similar stature” to Bryan Singer. Singer was mentioned because of allegations made against him of child sex abuse. Milo went on to say there were “very, very young boys” at these parties in a particular tone of voice, that they were looking for work and that the things he saw “begged belief”. From all of this information its unmistakable that Milo is talking about young child actors giving sexual favours for the chance to work in Hollywood. There is no denying this.

The fact that Milo saw these events and did not report them disturbs me, and I will judge him for that. Its disgusting. That’s not something I could ever abide by and I won’t. I don’t believe that his own child abuse invalidates doing the right thing, nor do I think that being on drugs is an excuse for him either. If anything it merely compounds the issue. Two wrongs do not make a right. Milo absolutely should have reported this crime. Regardless of whether the allegations would’ve been taken seriously or not. He should’ve reported it.

If he did report it? Well, great! I’ll stop judging him for not doing it. I can’t wait for him to say he did report it. Up until then though its a fair assumption that he didn’t, and even if he did, my beef isn’t with him as a person – its with the idea of not reporting child sex abuses. If you’re against me for that, then you’re against reporting child sex abuses? How am I the bad person here?

I just wanted to get my thoughts out of my head a little on this one. Its a shitty situation and I don’t think Milo should’ve lost his book deal, I don’t think he should’ve had to resign from Breitbart. He made some bad decisions, and I’ll call those bad decisions what they are, but treating him like shit isn’t going to help, absolutely. Lets just make some silly jokes and move on, that’s what Milo would want right? 






7 thoughts on “Milo Yamahapolice

  1. Hobbyist Contrarian says:

    I agree with almost all of this. I think it’s going over a lot of conservative heads at the moment that Milo’s own sexual activity is not an excuse for his priest. Sex takes a kind of emotional sophistication teenagers just don’t have, even if they know they want it — we are not animals anymore.

    If you’ve only seen Joe Rogan you should watch The Amazing Atheist’s Drunken Peasants podcast Milo appeared on last January (episode 190-summit); in it he talks more about what happened to him and airs his views on consent law. There’s also his press conference last night in which he insists he misspoke.

    I think you know our ownlh disagreement is on what he actually meant on Joe Rogan. His own efforts outing paedophiles say something about what he thinks.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Well, if Milo was calling boys “very very young” when he was in his early 20’s I doubt they were “older teens”.If he knows the names of the men who had sex with these kids and still refuses to say anything then what he’s doing is morally wrong and a crime.Even if if the statute of limitations has passed, exposing these men would still protect other kids from being victims. Once again, if I’m wrong, just remember that I’m retarded.👍😉


  3. Anonymous says:

    Milo could still report these crimes, the statute of limitation of sex crimes involving a minor in California is unlimited as of 1990. The fact that he doesn’t makes him morally repugnant, if someone else comes forward and says “I was at a party as a kid and I saw Milo” there is a possibility Milo could be charged as an accessory, aiding and abetting as well as conspiracy, all felony charges.

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