Why its all or nothin’ for racism

I accidentally left this out of my last post in response to Affinity Mag, but I think its an important enough to warrant its own separate post. Besides, I don’t like editing my old posts other than for grammar and spelling errors. It just feels wrong you know? If I get something wrong, I’ll go back and change it and put a note in to say I did – because it feels more honest I guess. Anyway, I digress, back to the topic at hand!

This is something that, amongst the SJW crowd, seems to be overlooked when discussing racism. Obviously they define it as a particular thing which conveniently seems to exclude white people – because white people were never oppressed for their race, specifically in the western countries they live in. Despite having the highest suicide rates, diversity quotas which take jobs from them to give to potentially lesser candidates, countless people saying “you’re evil because you’re white”, blaming slavery on us a couple hundred years after it happened… you know… the general persecution of a race of people isn’t racism, because its not systemic! (yet)

I covered how racism wasn’t merely systemic in my last post, so I won’t go into too much detail about that. This post is specifically about the consequence of their ideas about racism. Because if it is how they say it is, then they are implying that there’s something different between us. One race of people is allowed X behaviour and opinions, and another race has a totally different set of rules. This inherently goes against equality, which is arguably what SJWs are fighting for no?

Its an either or. Either you want this specific definition of racism, or you want equality – the two cannot co-exist. The former is a direct contradiction of the latter. 

I think this really highlights one of the main problems with the SJW ideology playset. See justice as per the legal system, and as per karmic justice too I suppose, is totally blind to who you are. When you go to court, the idea is that you shouldn’t be judged by your age, skin colour, whether you have tattoos, what country you’re from etc – you should be judged purely on the actions you’re being accused of. You should be judged on the words you use to defend yourself. This is the right to a fair trial. Legal protections against discrimination for many of the above things already exist in legal code.

Whereas the modern idea of social justice is all about who you are specifically. Its the yang to the justice yin-yang. Going against all of the blind legal justice ideas and trying to hone in on who you are and which groups you belong to. Its totally flawed, and inherently sexist/racist/homophobic/transphobic – because its literally about judging you based on these things. Rather than putting those things to one side and judging you based on what you say and do, ie a prejudice.

Highly doubtful that the SJW crowd will stop drinking the kool-aid long enough to realise this though.




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