Racist accuses teenager of racism unfairly

Recently the media sniped at YouTube megastar, PewDiePie, accusing him of being a Nazi. Numerous media sites have covered this story, none of which taking the critical thinking route and thinking “you know, maybe it was just a joke”? Obviously Pewds isn’t a nazi, and in his own video criticises the media for constantly trying to attack him for whatever they can think of. Even despite his charity work, which of course they make no mention of.

I hadn’t written about this story because the internet, YouTube and Twitter were all far faster than I was. There was nothing new I could add to the story so I didn’t see the point. Everything that needed to be said had been said already. That all changed when I found media sites doing the exact same thing to a teenager. The amount of love shown to Pewds in this time of crisis is the amount of love I want shown to this kid, so I hope that you go follow him after this.

The kid is James Charles. He’s a 17 year old who likes to play with make-up, has a Twitter following of 182,000 at time of writing, and made a joke which is being span as racism. The joke you ask? Well  here it is:


As you can quite clearly see, it says nothing about any race – nor does it say that the whole of Africa has ebola. In fact, the part of Africa he later says he’s visiting had an ebola outbreak recently. So it’s a very topical joke, which isn’t about race at all and most importantly, is just a joke. It’s no different to making a joke about zika in Brazil, or the bubonic plague in Europe or SARS in Japan. None of which have anything to do with a race of people being inferior to another, ie, no racism.

The media in question who are bullying this kid are Affinity Magazine. Affinity have 49,000 followers at time of writing. Not only did they smear this kid, they also tried to create a boycott for his services. Promoting other make-up artists while throwing James under the bus because of their own imagined racism. Interestingly the article they posted to do this was written by the same person who wrote the smear page, Evelyn Atieno.

Evelyn Atieno, has written for MTV, Business Insider, Huffington Post and The Baltimore Sun, so by no means is she new to the game. She is currently the editor in chief at Affinity, according to her LinkedIn page. Lets go have a quick look at her Twitter page?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is just a snapshot of the kind of vile vitriol this woman spews. Yet she has the audacity to call someone else racist – for saying absolutely nothing about race? Nice.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a problem in and of itself, however it didn’t just stop with false accusations and ridiculous OP:EDs on her own website. Affinity, when contacted by James’ manager, forced him to apologise and refused to remove the blatant libel. This is a clear case of defamation and I honestly hope James lawyers up and sues the living heck out of them for this.


What can you do? You can follow him. You can support him through this bullshit because its right now that will be make or break for this guy. He will either end up fully SJW-ified or he’ll end up a rational and reasonable person. We have the power to help influence what happens and the only way to really push that influence, is to let him know you don’t think he’s racist and you support his right to make jokes.

If you disagree with what’s happening to PewDiePie, then you absolutely have to get on board with supporting this kid. Its the same thing.

Keep up the good work James. Don’t let the racists bring you down to their vile level.



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