Does Sarah Silverman get told to burn in an oven weekly?

Recently Sarah Silverman, proving that Jews aren’t actually as smart as we give them credit for, mistook construction markers for badly drawn swastikas. In her defence she claimed it was an “”””””honest”””””” mistake for a Jew who is regularly told to burn in an oven. Now, I put honest in quotations because we all know of Sarah Silverman lying about the wage gap previously. If you didn’t, well, now you do. So I wanted to test how honest she was being again.

Obviously, with her tweeting about it she’s going to have riled people up and they’re going to start posting it at her just to troll. So the last week can’t really be counted. Though there is absolutely loads of ’em in there, so I guess wishful thinking really is a thing.


If you want to check the mentions someone is receiving publicly you can do this by searching their @. After this, I took a good long scroll through the “latest” tab and stopped at a random week. Lets see what we found?

First I tried just scrolling through her mentions – though with the recent attention, I was scrolling for a solid hour and only made it an hour back through her timeline. I mean holy shit, you guys have gone HARD at calling her stupid for this. Well played. So next I tried something different, lets search some keywords too. To do this you simply add a word to the @SarahKSilverman. I added oven. Lets see if people actually tell her to burn in one “at least on a weekly basis”


Here we have the whole of September 2012. In theory that means there should be a minimum of four anti-semitic tweets here. However that’s not what we see at all. Maybe this is just a cherry pick, lets go check more months in her timeline and see what happens?


Here’s December 2014. So far we’re 0 for 8 on the “at least on a weekly basis” scale right now. Lets go for another year and another month.


Short month, so lets throw in a few more from 2016.


and finally:


I found one! There are no other tweets pertaining to ovens in May. So lets tally that up. We looked at 5 months – according to Sarah’s “at least on a weekly basis” we should see 20 occurrences. We saw one.

Of course, I’m not saying she’s totally free of people being anti-semitic around her. Though its clear from her behaviour over recent years that she’s ready to start milking the victim card for all its worth, and I think this post was kinda necessary to show people how, actually, she isn’t all that much of a victim. She’s just prone to exaggeration and lies to max the stamps out on her victimhood loyalty card.

Oh… and there’s also this:





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