Banned again.  (Still_CURSED) & how you can help 

I didn’t even argue with anyone this time.  :/
Anyway.  If you fancy helping me get unbanned we’re going to need to make some noise about it.  Clearly they’ve got a hate boner against something I said in my original account – and I’d love to know what that is so I can properly appeal my case.  However twitter support only puts out automated responses.  I’ve never reached an actual person as of yet and the best I have to go on was my last post about “aggressive following”.    

So we need to make them notice me senpai so we can have a proper discussion.  Twitter has my email address for the account @CursedEBlog and now you’ll have some of theirs:,,, and – if you have any more please feel free to add via comments and I’ll add them in. There’s also @jack @twitter @support and @mrdonut to tweet at.

If you could take 5 mins to write a tweet and/or email to the above,  and politely ask them to contact me that would be amazing.  Link this post if you have to. This is about opening a proper dialogue between myself and Twitter and I seriously need your guys help for that.  It’s super unfortunate, but as with Sargon_of_akkad’s recent ban,  the more people making noise the quicker they will sort things out.  Bans usually take a few days,  Sargon_of_akkad was unbanned within a day.  I wouldn’t ask if there was any other way. 

I’ll be transparent as heck with you guys as and when any information comes back to me.  I don’t want you supporting a cause you don’t really believe in. I’ve always tried to be up front and give all the information I have when entering discussion, and I’ll continue to do that as much as possible!  

Thank you all for being amazing.  Keep kicking ass my friends.  


11 thoughts on “Banned again.  (Still_CURSED) & how you can help 

  1. Anonymous says:

    you should make your next twitter profile include a picture of you, or some photo with a random human in it, to prove that you are who you are. there is a chance that they may have a bias toward accounts that appear to be random trolls. maybe then the people who suspend accounts will have some empathy and will let it go next time they get a request to suspend you

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