A radfem wrote a blog post about me!


Next up lets explain what happened. Some radfem on twitter, lets call her Radfem A, decided she would mass report my posts for “discrimination against lesbians” – because I said my partner is a lesbian. Which is a clear abuse of the report system its tantamount to saying “if i don’t agree with you, I will attempt to get you silenced”. Which is obviously not something any rational person should stand for. So I didn’t. I made fun of her a little in my post about my ban on the assumption it was her reporting which got me suspended. It could still be so, as Radfem A knew about my old account and the reason I’m banned is because “multiple account use”.

That’s when Radfem B comes in – I’m calling her this because her blog is huge compared to mine and I would rather not contribute to her viewership by putting a link here. Radfem B saw the post and decided to jot down a nice little comment about how neither me and my partner are lesbians. Of course, sensing her imminent triggering, I couldn’t help my self and I decided to be a bit troll-y in response. That’s when the full triggering happened, she started throwing out “You’re a man!!!!” in my comments section, all whilst preaching about how disrespectful to lesbians I was being. I know. The irony.

Just when I thought she couldn’t get any more triggered, she wrote a post about me! Here it is in full, only thing missing is the screencaps of the comments which can be found on my post right here. 



Now if you compare the comments section to this post you’ll notice how wildly Radfem B decides to misrepresent me. I called her disrespectful, not “phobic”. Why? Because she came to my blog and made a purposeful choice, in full knowledge of my trans woman status, to call me a man and use the wrong pronouns. Which is absolutely disrespectful. Its still her choice and I would never want to force someone into using my pronouns. I’ve always said pronouns are something you earn and you aren’t entitled to them. It isn’t this that got on my nerves enough to respond though.

Its the fact that she had to go back to her blog which has significantly more followers and active bloggers liking her posts and commenting on them and try to – as they call it on Twitter – drag me for stuff I had never even said.

This is the pathetic world of rad feminism in a nutshell. Some of them can’t handle having an actual conversation with you, or just accepting that you disagree on points, no, its not that simple. They must go and smear you in front of all their friends so they can say how brave and bold she is. Not even making that up either, in the comments someone actually calls her brave and bold for coming to my blog, being a dick to me, then posting a blog about it where she entirely misrepresents what was said.

@RadfemB if you read this. You’re a joke. If you want people to be respectful towards you then start by being respectful towards other people. You can’t expect it if you refuse to give it. I forgive you and any time you need help pulling the stick out of your ass, I’m there for you buddy.




16 thoughts on “A radfem wrote a blog post about me!

      • Powerslave1978 says:

        I haven’t heard back from #Twitter🐥🔨aside to confirm my address and my account was suspended on the 19th, so unless I’m doing something wrong, I highly doubt that I’m getting it back.
        To anybody reading this:
        Feel free to use either of the hash tags that you see in this reply if you happen to be on Twitter.😉

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  1. Hobbyist Contrarian says:

    In a technical sense, isn’t that Radfem B being misogynistic? And why was she getting caught up on what you CALL yourselves anyway? Arguments about semantics are so pointless.

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          • Powerslave1978 says:

            The crux of her argument seems to be that a biological male appropriating lesbian identity makes you homophobic.If a trans male was in a homosexual relationship with a bioligical male it would apparently be exceptable to her because a biological female can’t appropriate ones identity because they’re not a part of the male power dynamic.😔Like you said, she’s retarded but then again so is identity politics, generally speaking.Wait, did you say that you’re bisexual?In that case what are you doing later?😎JK JK JK!😟


      • You know who! 😉 says:

        Ahem! What have I said about the ‘R’ word?

        Wondered where you were on Twitter? Thought you might be lurking here! Need my kick-ass ‘wing-woman’ back to fight off the tadfem trolls!

        Hurry up, it’s getting boring!

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        • cursede says:

          Hah. I was thinking of you just the other day. Wrote a post you’re going to love!

          I’m banned right now. Planning to get unbanned/make a new account soon. I have your @ etched into my memory so I shall certainly re follow! You won’t be without me kicking ass with you for long!


        • Anonymous says:

          Do you mean “RadFem” or “Retarded’ because using either one can get you in serious trouble on Twitter these days, of course at this point they’re pretty much synonymous with each other.Oh, if RadFem A or B is reading this you can go fuck yourselves with a loaded shotgun.Don’t worry, it’s not necessary to insert the barrel into your vaginal cavity, I wouldn’t want you to experience the “lasting” trauma of being penetrated by a long hard shaft.😉


  2. Powerslave1978 says:

    “I forgive you and any time you need help pulling the stick out of your ass, I’m there for you buddy.”
    Did it ever occur to you that Radfem B is really a closet heterosexual and that she’s trying to convince your that you’re a man because she actually wants you to place a stick in her but or any other unoccupied orifice?Wait, what do you mean I’m projecting my fantasies onto to others?😕


  3. Miss Andi says:

    It sounds a little bit like you said/ I said but the bottom line is that I don’t understand why are people hung up on what others call themselves or their friends/family? A category can absolutely have different meaning to the speaker than to anyone listening. No words or titles can (or should) be monopolised in my opinion.
    On the other hand it seems you know who you are and that’s the most important!

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