First Twitter suspension of 2017

The only thing I can think of it being is because I upset this rad fem by saying my girlfriend is a lesbian.
Here’s a pic,  if you could spread the word that would be awesome!  See you guys soon or on discord!  

Looks like we have a development!  Here’s an email from twitter saying they banned my account because I’m using multiple for the same purpose. This is absurd. The only reason I’m using a second is because they banned my my main. This automatically implies I’m not using multiple accounts.  

They banned the original for targeted harassment and give me no opportunity to appeal the decision.  They give me no evidence to support their decision either.  So yeah I made a new account. What else was I supposed to do? Just accept my ban for something I didn’t do gracefully? Heck no. 

Also lol.  This fool thinks they got me banned.  Sweetheart. Nobody else doing exactly what I did has been banned.  You had nothing to do with it. Don’t be so silly.  

All I did BTW,  was be honest with a trans man about his appearance.  I didn’t lie to him, because I’m trans and I know how fucked up that can be. How can we fix our dysphoria if you’re lying to us about how we look? It might hurt a little to hear you don’t pass,  but it’s a lot less hurt in the long run.  It’s ripping off a band aid quickly – instead of this band aid sticking around and getting all gross and infected.

I will never stop being honest about trans people’s appearances. I would expect others to do the same for me too. 

  Hilariously I called my own suspension in my post about how my wasn’t going to be restored. 


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