The Black Bloc

It sounds kinda dystopian, don’t you think? This post is going to be about that group of people who are smashing crap up all across the US and causing problems at every single protest ever. They are The black bloc, and we need to take note of them, because they are hugely damaging the left wing’s chances at having a serious opposition against the rising tide of right wing politics.

The black bloc is a strategy employed by groups during legitimate protests. In a fascist society it would be important to conceal your identity, to avoid prosecution for having an opinion that goes against the fascist order. The all black clothing means its easy for you to blend in with the crowd, its easy for you to hide amongst numbers, and its a lot harder for anyone to really single you or anyone else out of a crowd. Its a great tool for citizens of fascist countries to utilise. Unfortunately, that’s not really what’s happening in the western world currently.

The western world is plagued by Anti-fascism, also called #antifa, an ideology which groups a bunch of fascists who claim they’re not fascists. Obviously, by the strictest definition of fascism they are not fascists – but they do utilise all of the tools commonly associated with fascism. Using people’s identities against them, hiding their own identities, violence, damage to property etc. Their line of thinking is basically “if I don’t like your beliefs I can punch you in the face” as we saw with the Richard Spencer video recently. This makes it scary to have an opinion that doesn’t stick with what they think, and is literally why we fought against fascism. Its these behaviours that can not stand. Not necessarily the right wing politics typically associated with fascism.

You can see these guys at protests across the years. They’re the ones setting things on fire, smashing windows, etc. They are organised and this behaviour is their plan.

There actions hinder the legitimacy of any protest, because as soon as something like this happens, you know what happens next? Right-wing media sees it and puts a spin on it. They use these actions to say “well look they’re just a bunch of violent thugs” and given all the justification flying around for the Spencer punch, they’re not exactly wrong. This is not how you gain political leverage and respect. This is not how you win.

I usually dislike labels, and never use them for myself, but given my beliefs its probably a bit silly to deny that I’m likely left-wing as heck. So believe me when I say I want the left to win, I want the left back in power, but this really isn’t the way to achieve it. Enabling this kind of behaviour only gives the opposition more wiggle room to convince people to their side, if you need evidence of this just look at 2016.

If we’re being honest, all politics is argued from a mixture of a moral and practical standpoints. If you have a group of people associating with you who are behaving immorally then by association people will assume you’re immoral too. So that’s that part checked off. As for practicality, what’s practical about punching someone? What’s practical about smashing windows? What’s practical about setting fires? These things don’t hinder the companies you’re attacking – mega corporations like McDonalds can shit windows out without a worry on their bank balance. They don’t stop the ideologies you’re against, they embolden them. Politically speaking, antifa are cancer. They are cells which just don’t know when to stop.

What can we do though? Simple. The black bloc appear to be large in numbers, but realistically speaking they are a minority of a protest. Like a tiny minority. You’ll be lucky to have a group of 100 amongst hundreds of thousands. They only appear a large and solid group because of their tight grouping. Unfortunately for them though this makes it really easy to gather them into an area in a move known as kettling. Obviously I’m not condoning violence or attacking these people, and kettling a group of people shouldn’t be attempted if you think they are likely to get violent. Though I do wholeheartedly believe legitimate protesters need to start pushing these people out of the protest.

I don’t just mean this literally in terms of kettling either. I mean this through social media too. They need to know that their actions are unwanted and damaging the cause. Push them away from you, distance yourself from them and show people you are against this fringe group of lunatics too. Break that “guilty by association” narrative the press is using to de-legitimise your protest.

With 2017 in full steam and a lot of scary things happening, there’s going to be a lot more reasons to protest. All of which will be shut down and illegitimate if protesters continue to enable the anti fascists to continue their fascist behaviour. If you have a shred of political integrity when you go to a protest, remember to push them out.


5 thoughts on “The Black Bloc

  1. Anonymous says:

    They’re not acting like fascists they’re acting like communists, Stalinists or Maoists if you prefer, but hey labels, right? I always love how whenever radicals resort to violence the left likes to always invoke the spectre of fascism or Nazism while ignoring the crimes commited in the name of equity by creating a “workers paradise”.How sick it makes when people of your ilk come to the defense of dictators, like Castro for example, because you’re all too willing to take the word of despots for no other reason then they’re anti west or more specifically the United States.Especially when they cite literacy or lifespan stats or bring up free healthcare, the quality of which cannot be independently verified.Even if those stats were true it doesn’t justify the murder and imprisonment of thousands of people, tens of millions if we’re talking about Stalin and Mao.Now I’m fully aware of the crimes my nation has committed in its attempt to stop the spread of communism but as the old adage goes “two wrongs don’t make a right”.Just remember, that when the left wins as many if not more die than when the right wins.


    • cursede says:

      I’m pretty sure I made sure to mention they weren’t strictly fascists. But we’re using a lot of the same tools that we espouse fascists for using.

      It isn’t right wing ideology that makes someone fascist any more. The definition has changed. You can be left wing and fascist too. That’s what antifa et al are.

      I don’t really play the left vs right game. You seem to be a little obsessed with the score sheet though. I’m just here to argue against bad ideas. Yes, I’m a leftist, but I try to put my bias aside when writing and instead just argue the facts. If you have any facts you believe I got wrong, I’ll more than happily discuss it with you.


      • Anonymous says:

        “They are The black bloc, and we need to take note of them, because they are hugely damaging the left wing’s chances at having a serious opposition against the rising tide of right wing politics”
        It seems like your playing the Right vs. Left game here or at the very least picking a side.My point is that the left places itself upon a moral pedastal while condemning right wing politics when in reality they’re no better particuallry when it cones to the tactics and results.There’s also the semantics of whether or not fascists are even truly right wing to begin with, most would argue that the Nazis did pivot to the right once they consolidated power but initially drew support from leftists, but since you’re supposedly not keeping score why bother getting into that debate.

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        • cursede says:

          Yeah. I talk about fascism as a behaviour rather than a belief. Fascism is breaking stuff, violence, all those political no nos!

          And I’m not exactly taking sides. I’m a lefty & I won’t deny this. I absolutely want to see a strong left wing opposition too.

          But these people doing this crap on the behalf of leftism isn’t helping leftism. Which is why I made this post focus on that aspect. Especially with all the lefties on twitter right now claiming they’re right wing plants trying to disrupt things. I mean seriously? No. They’re leftists and they need to be stopped.

          Though I would make similar comments if they were right wing rioters too.


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