Response: David Robertson

Dave wrote an article about trans folk and I told him I’d respond. In essence his article reads like propaganda, straight up. You’ll see what I mean when I start quoting it. So lets get this show on the road.

There is a fear that dare not speak its name, a question that dare not be asked. An ideology is being foisted on Scotland’s children which, though well-meaning, is ultimately harmful.

Spooky. “Foisted” eh? Are you suggesting trans people are unwelcome in Scotland? You realise that you can’t just ~make~ someone trans, they either are or they aren’t. You can’t foist this upon them. In fact, trans children bring their dysphoria to their parents attention, not the other way around.

Professionals have told me that they are scared to speak out or to even ask questions. Journalists are concerned their articles won’t be published, doctors that they will lose their jobs and teachers that they will be sidelined. Politicians fear the Twitter mobs and hate speech that inevitably follows if they dare to question or challenge.

Yeah, 0.3% of people really are something to be afraid of.

It’s a “gender agenda” that aims at a complete moral, social, psychological, sexual and spiritual revolution. And it is aimed at young children in a crass attempt to indoctrinate. It is taught under the guise of seeking to protect people with different sexual orientations and those who suffer from gender dysphoria (transgender), but goes much further than that.

There are trans people who exist on all sides of the moral, social, psychological, sexual and spiritual compasses though. So this isn’t really accurate at all. Being trans is about changing your body dude, nothing else. “My body makes me feel dysphoria, I will change my body to alleviate said dysphoria” That’s literally it. No other criteria necessary.

It also isn’t aimed at children, young or otherwise. Nobody is indoctrinating anyone, being trans frickin’ sucks yo. You think I want this for kids? What is actually happening is that trans kids are coming forward and telling their parents how they feel, who are then taking them to doctors – as good parents should. Tell me exactly where and how the mean ol’ transies are indoctrinating children? Before you do, here’s a clip.

It is an attempt to teach that gender is just a social construct and nothing to do with biological sex. Human autonomy now extends to the extent that you get to choose your own gender. And there are now longer just two – that is so 20th Century! Now, according to Facebook, we can choose 56. Gender identity is fluid. Not all transgender people agree with this radical removal of gender but this is the trajectory we are on.

Okay I see, I see, you’re confusing two things here. See there’s the sociopolitical gender non conformity “trans” and then there’s the actual trans. You’re talking about the former, while addressing the latter. That’s kinda dumb dude.

Gender is not just a social construct – and in cis people it is totally related to biological sex, in fact they are the same thing. However in trans people the entire literal point is that gender does not match biological sex for us specifically. There’s a mismatch. You cannot choose your own gender – if you could I’d have chosen not to be trans. Gender is not fluid, gender presentation is. Most people don’t agree with that crap. It’s such a non-issue that you’re blowing out of proportion.

Apart from the fact that there is zero empirical evidence that gender is a social construct with no relation to biology, it is surely harmful to young children to tell them that they get to choose whether they are male or female or any of the varieties in between. 84 per cent of children who experience gender identity issues resort to their biological gender by the time they are in adulthood. Giving puberty blockers to primary children, or telling five year olds that they can identify as whatever they want, is at best, unwise, and at worst, a form of state sponsored child abuse.

Now we get to the juicy bits. Nobody tells children they can choose whether they are male or female, again, its children who tell their parents what they believe themselves to be. Primary school age children rarely ever receive puberty blockers. NHS policy and the policy of the USA’s Norman Spack, stipulate that puberty blockers can be prescribed from tanner stage 2. Here’s a diagram:


The average age of puberty is 11 for girls and 12 for boys. Though anywhere between 8-14 is possible. As for gender affirmation and support for your child being “unwise and state sponsored abuse” – studies show otherwise. Here’s a quote from the actual NHS policy on trans kids:

Olsen et al. (2016) report data from a community based national sample of 73 transgender pre-pubescent children in the USA, suggesting that socially transitioned transgender children who were supported in their gender identity have developmentally normative levels of depression and only slightly elevated anxiety compared with population averages. They conclude that psychopathology is not inevitable within this group and that, although different samples and methods were used, compared with reports of children with GD; socially transitioned transgender children have notably lower rates of internalizing psychopathology than previously reported among children with GD living as their natal sex.” (Olson et al, 2016).

I think of the seven-year-old girl who came home from school and asked her parents whether she was a boy or a girl, because the teacher had told the class that they could choose. Or the 14-year-old boy suffering from depression, who announced that he was really a girl because his guidance teacher had suggested that this might be the reason for his depression. Bear in mind that a transgender teenager is twenty times more likely to attempt suicide than a non-transgender. Its all too easy to believe (because of your ideology) that this is entirely because of non-acceptance and therefore to use this fact as a reason to further push the ideology which causes so much harm, rather than question where that ideology leads.

Do you have citations for these stories? Or are you just creating strawmen to bolster your agenda? Either way, my quote above this kinda shows that supporting kids in their identity is good for them and reduces that suicide rate you’re so worried about. Not to mention the statistics I’ve got from the Williams Institute which outline all of the social, legal and medical factors that contribute to the high suicide rate amongst trans people. Your totally uncited strawmen don’t really stand up against actual facts.

The political ideology means that gender dysphoria is no longer treated as a psychological condition. Rather than seeking to help by focusing on mental health and psychology, we are now told that changing appearance, hormones and anatomy is the solution. Instead of trying to change the mind to fit with the body, the body is changed to fit with the mind. And the success rate is poor. One doctor said he was stopping doing such operations because they had an 80 per cent negative outcome. Professor Paul McHugh of the John Hopkins Medical School, one of the first in the world to offer gender reassignment surgery, now says the process is so harmful they have stopped doing them.

What do you mean “now”? Trans people have been in receipt of medical support for transition for decades dude. Its not like a sudden new thing that happened recently. Besides the fact that you’re wrong anyway – you have a lot of psychotherapy before you’re given access to medication at all. The reason theres a focus on changing the body is purely down to the fact that you cannot change the brain. If there were a cure for trans, a pill you could take that fixed your brain or even a crap load of therapy, honestly, do you really think anyone would pass it up? Dysphoria sucks dude, it isn’t a fun time.

As for Paul, you’re bitching on twitter about confirmation bias, and you’ve cherry picked a single doctor out of the many who perform this kind of surgery.  Do you even self awareness?

But that doesn’t stop the gender fluid ideologists. It is the cause celebre of the “virtue signaling” elites. Lloyds Bank now offers sex-change operations to staff under its private health scheme and the UK and Scottish Governments are both preparing legislation to allow people to change their gender without any need for psychological or medical assessment.

Do you mean legal recognition of gender in that last part? Because actually… a lot of MPs in the UK are arguing for entirely the opposite. Requesting that all legal recognition of gender be scrapped – and why not? It serves nothing but to create inequality between them. One will always be elevated above the other somehow.

You cannot legislate doctors to prescribe you medication. Doctors can totally control what they prescribe and to who. Without good evidence for your condition, a doctor isn’t going to give you medication for it. That’s how doctors work, a psychological assessment is necessary for this to happen, no legislation can possibly change that.

But it is primarily through the education system that this ideology is spreading. At the UK Parliament debate on Transgender at the end of last year, one MP declared it was only through the minds of children and the young that attitudes would change. This should greatly concern us. As should the fact that the number of children in the UK claiming to have been born in the wrong body has risen 1,000 per cent in the past five years (from 97 to 1013).

A lot of that 1,000% are false positives, they’re the 80% who were just gender non conforming somehow and were never trans to begin with. The rest are just kids who, for the first time in history, are gaining access to a medical support for their condition. You could probably plot a graph showing the average age of transition across the decades slowly getting lower and lower.  This isn’t something to be afraid of, we’re just learning more about it and helping more people overcome it – which as I pointed out with my quote earlier, is great for their mental health.

The Time for Inclusive Education programme is a Trojan Horse that seeks to indoctrinate all children into this ideology and not allow any diversion from it. It’s inclusive only in the sense that it wants to make this compulsory for all children, whatever their families want. It is not inclusive in the sense that other points of view will be allowed. Far too many professionals and politicians, fearful of the abuse they will receive, are keeping quiet. But surely it is time for a proper debate where evidence, facts and different points of view can be considered?

Or has Scotland become such an authoritarian culture that it is now no longer possible to have such a debate?

This isn’t really a debate. You’re cherry picking and relying on a lot of confirmation bias. As well as strawman and absolutely zero citations. Perhaps you should practice what you preach?



7 thoughts on “Response: David Robertson

  1. ramendik says:

    You missed a near-lie in the text you quote. Paul McHigh never did and never supported abny SRS/GRS/whatever. He is a committed conservative Roman Catholic who took the position at Johns Hopkins with the express aim of stopping this thing. The “near-lie” is the very clever, intentionally vague formula: “Professor Paul McHugh of the John Hopkins Medical School, one of the first in the world to offer gender reassignment surgery, now says the process is so harmful they have stopped doing them”. It is constructed so one would believe McHugh was “one of the first in the world to offer…” while it was actually Johns Hopkins before McHugh came in.

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