Lauren Southern becomes a man!

Someone tried to use this as evidence against me in an argument. The general argument was about the ease of access to hormone medication, though specifically we were talking about blocker medication in trans kids to begin with. So I just wanted to cover exactly what Lauren’s video actually proved – because it doesn’t prove its easy to get hormones.

First of all, lets discuss deception. Lauren dressed up in a ‘disguise’ of sorts, which wouldn’t be all too deceptive on its own. Its what she said during the interview that is the full deception. She outright lied to the doctor about her history – it hasn’t been her whole life that she’s felt like a man and she doesn’t use male pronouns with her friends. Not to mention the fact that the doctor almost didn’t believe her until her friend Oliver chimed in to verify it all, again lying. Though kudos to him being able to use he/him pronouns without faltering – clearly it isn’t so difficult to do! Thanks for proving that guys!

All Lauren’s appointment proves is that yes, you can abuse the system (specifically in this province of Canada), you can take advantage of it to get what you want. People do this and its bad, but that isn’t what the system is designed for – the majority of people using this system don’t lie about their history, and don’t “intimidate” – in Lauren’s own words – doctors into giving them what they want.

Now lets talk about what she actually achieved, because it sure as heck wasn’t getting hormones – which still takes a long time to get with any doctor worth their salt. If you’re a fresh patient to the clinic, as Lauren was, and have no evidence of transition or previous diagnosis or prescription history, as Lauren was – no doctor will prescribe you hormones at that appointment. See there are a lot of people who are blaming doctors for “trans regret” – the fact that they made a bad decision and lied to doctors, who allowed them to transition based on their lies but now they regret it. Seems like dysphoria is a bitch huh? These people try to sue the doctors for malpractice – so doctors tend to really make sure you’re trans before giving you prescriptions which have irreversible effects. A doctor wouldn’t cut off your leg if he wasn’t absolutely sure it needed to be cut off – its the same thing here.

But Cursed, isn’t that what Lauren did? Didn’t she get a diagnosis? She said she did in her video!

No son. What Lauren actually did is get a doctors note for a change of ID marker. She did not get a diagnosis. She did not get a prescription for hormones. She simply intimidated a doctor into giving her a note to let her have her gender marker changed on her ID. Nothing more. I don’t know how it works in Canadia, but this may not even be a total legal recognition of gender – just a change of the marker on her ID card. So again, literally nothing to be concerned about happened in this video. This hysteria is total fantasy.

“How does this impact society?” Lauren says towards the end of the video before beginning a rant about honesty – all while she knows she blatantly lied to both the audience of the video and to the doctor who gave her the note. She then goes on to discuss how she was presenting as a chick when she went to get her government ID – and she was. Yet for some reason she wasn’t when she went to go get her doctors note? Interesting honesty you’ve got going on there Lauren. To the extent where you’ve had to change your presentation between these appointments to prove your cherry picked point.

Then she waffles on about bill C-16 despite again, being dishonest about it. You cannot be arrested for questioning or even refusing to use people’s alternative pronouns. The law was never about this. Please do your research Lauren.

This doesn’t affect society, this isn’t a bad thing – as long as people aren’t abusing it. It’s kinda like wheel chairs. Yes, sometimes people may fake being disabled and ride around in a wheel chair – that doesn’t mean we should ban wheel chairs or restrict wheel chair access at all. Because wheel chairs are still really bloody helpful and useful to the vast majority of people who they are designed for. Just stop abusing them and there will be no problem.



4 thoughts on “Lauren Southern becomes a man!

  1. Kevin Laprise says:

    I saw that video: I was mad all along. Rebel media really love to make us believe Canada is an incompetent nation with a “laissez-faire” attitude that goes too far, but it’s just right wing propaganda. They exaggerate anything slightly left leaning and make a big deal out of it. They are like a Canadian right wing TYT: biased and pushing an agenda more than anything. I don’t like Lauren Southern that much either, she tends to cherry pick, strawman, and poison the well…. I don’t like those tactics. She can be funny and witty, sure, but sometimes I wonder if she understands how making “jokes” about Jews that look really anti-Semitic can seems a little… Off. I don’t know… She’s too partisan for me. Too ” the left is full of crazies not like my side…”. Anyway, good points you made.

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    • cursede says:

      I enjoy her, but don’t necessarily agree with a lot of the things she says. I especially don’t like how people think she was proving something amazing in this video. Its kinda silly really.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Speak for yourself, I won’t be satisfied until every last cripple is dragging themselves on the ground begging for their sad pathetic lives, for shelter or the smallest scrap of food.👍😉
    *If this isn’t trending within 24 hours I start taking out quadriplegics!😡

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