A response to Cursed E (from a follower)

So this is interesting, and something I’d love to do more of. I said right from the beginning I wanted to be part of the discussion, hence the blog with the open comments, the Twitter with the open DMs etc. I’m totally ready to have a chat with anyone about their ideas. So thank you to the anon who sent this into me. This wasn’t a live discussion, the anon sent me 1500 or so words and I’m going to go over them and reply. (ps anon, I hope you don’t mind I tidied your post up a little!)

Lets do this! Bold is me, non bold is him. 

“Hello. I just want to preface this that I am not a strong debater.

I have watched Blaire’s video and read your response, so this here will be what I took away from it.

So what I understand as I look at my notes, it looks like you take umbrage(?) with Blaire supposedly politicizing trans issues as she says her beliefs align more with the right. Whereas Blaire says that a large part of the trans movement think that LGBTQ…issues are more of a strictly left thing, and that some of these people find it hard that one can be gay/lesbian/trans/nonbinary and be republican/conservative/right wing/religious.

Now I myself, do not conform to any political or social alignment. although a political compass test I took, shows me to be one to the right and above of Mohandas Gandhi. As a trans man still becoming more comfortable in expressing my preferred gender, I do have to say I find that I agree with Blaire more on this topic because it is kind of true that the trans community is not doing well in being fully accepted into mainstream society”

Actually I don’t have any issue with Blaire as a person or anyone being right or left wing. I strictly argue against bad ideas and misrepresentations of truth. That’s my issue with Blaire. If she wasn’t posting blatant misrepresentations of truth and bad ideas based on her bad information; I would have literally no reason to argue with her.

LGBT issues are neither left or right in my opinion. There are problems that exist for LGBT people and then there’s a bunch of people saying “well the best way to fix this is my right-leaning way!” or left leaning if you want. I don’t necessarily agree that either a wholly right-wing or a wholly left-wing method for fixing our problems is ever going to really work. I’d rather look at the problems, compare to the facts we have and then work on what’s going to achieve the best positive results for people.

For example some people think trans people should be institutionalised, so I look at the facts of that. Which essentially means locking up roughly 20,000 people in the UK (trans are 0.03% of the population). That’s 20,000 tax payers wiped off the books and who are having to be supported financially – prison costs roughly £50,000 per year per inmate – imagine what medical institutions would cost for the taxpayer/families of trans people. So for this reason, clearly locking us up isn’t the best idea.  I apply the same standard to my arguments and try not to concern myself with whether its left leaning or not. The facts are what matter, not the identity. My point in that post was that Blaire knows this – said it in previous videos – but still acts like it matters. Its a bad idea informed by hypocrisy & bad information; purely to pander to her right wing audience. That’s my problem with that video.

“To start, I would love to publicly be a part of a trans organization and support my fellow transgender individuals, but I don’t. Why? Because basically, in my opinion, the whole movement is nothing but constant victimization. All they do is whine about the pettiest slights against them, often turning into full blown screaming matches because “Ugh! TRANSMISOGYNY/MISANDRY BECAUSE THE STARBUCKS BARISTA DIDN’T USE THE CORRECT NAME ARGHBLARGHBLARGHBLARGH!!!111!!”

If someone called me the wrong name or pronoun, i’d either shake it off or correct them in a calm manner”

I don’t believe they are part of the trans community at all – as far as I’m concerned, and all of my many trans friends online – otherkin are just tumblrina weirdos and nothing to do with trans. Anyone considering them trans is categorically wrong.

I’ve never actually seen to anyone refer to them as being part of the trans community – I have seen people draw parallels between them and trans people, but that’s not really the same thing. Usually these parallels come from anti-trans people making jokes about “my son thinks he’s a cat, should I put milk out for him?” kinda crap.

“then there is that 50 year old guy who is a six your old girl now

I’m fine with it as long as she’s happy and not causing trouble, but this and otherkin are not the individuals I want representing the trans community as whole.”

Then you’re going to have to start representing it yourself. All I ask is that if you want me off your ass is that you don’t get lazy. Do your research, form strong arguments. Otherwise you’ll have me writing shit about you! Haha.

The problem is like I described above, trans people tend to want to blend in – its no coincidence the vocal minority are also the ones struggling to blend in with their “preferred gender”. This partly informs why I don’t put my face out there – I want to remain invisible, I like my ‘stealth’ life of being gendered correctly and not having people know I’m trans. Another part is that I don’t want my content to be viewed purely because I’m pretty to look at, I want to be respected for my ideas first and foremost. You can do the same – keep your anonymity and be a vocal part of the trans community, its really not that hard.

“Then there is the misgendering bill passed in New York City that Blaire and yourself have touched upon. I understand it’s a $250.000 fine if there is “misgendering with malicious intent”. I’m sure nothing can go wrong with that, but…what would really constitute as malicious misgendering?

Lets say I am a shopkeeper and it’s a busy day at my store. I see someone come in and I ask if they need any assistance, only to get an angry tirade about me misgendering that person. I try to apologize, but the person wants to press charges saying that I maliciously misgendered them even though it was an honest mistake.So now im either going to be out 250 grand or more money if i want to take it to court.”

Actually the issue is that they would have to prove it was malicious intent to even get you arrested. An accidental misgendering like the one you describe would never get you arrested. As with Bill C-16 in Canada.

“To continue: I understand that many trans people take hormones, which can put stress on the body and mind, but it is not an excuse to act like a petulant rage beast every time you believe someone fucked up your pronouns, intentional or not. First off, some civility should be practiced (this part works well in a video), there is a right and a wrong way to correct gender.

Instead of:
Cis person: Excuse me, sir. Are you looking for a blouse for your wife/girlfriend?
 Try this:
Cis Person: Excuse me, sir. Are you looking for a blouse for your wife/girlfriend?
Trans woman: Actually, I am looking for a blouse myself, because I identify as a woman and would prefer for you to address me as such and please use the proper feminine pronouns.
Honestly, I agree pretty much wholeheartedly with this. Being an asshole doesn’t get people to be any more likely to support you. There are definitely better ways to get people to be onside with you, and where you fail you shouldn’t get angry. You should just get thicker skin.

I guess I’m lucky to have had a family who rip on me constantly, so I’m used to it. I’m distant from them so I transitioned solo, when they eventually came to visit the literal first thing my dad said to me was “you could’ve picked a better name.” My response was “yeah cause you did such a great job with that one”. Its this kind of thing that the trans community – and well a lot of communities really – are missing. They’re humourless and angry, rather than funny and friendly. The latter gets people on side more and its what I prefer doing personally.

“Another thing that bothers me is who we are propping up as our representatives. I’m sure there are a lot of talented, well-educated and meaning trans people who could be better suited for introducing our community into the mainstream

Unfortunately, I cannot think of a good trans activist off the top of my head who matches those qualities, instead, we treat mainstream society to such ilk as Milo Stewart (who claims all men are misogynists, all white people are racist, etc), Riley Dennis, that person who wears the Fuck White People suit and that Gazi Uhuru guy.

They are not what the trans community needs for leaders, because they are smug, condescending jerks who are basically transfer their personalites on the rest of us, strengthening the trope that all trans people are whiny privileged brats

They are the ones who want to censor everything because “it’s not right to say this” or “this offends me, shut it down!” Like Blaire says they are against freedom of speech, while using that same amendment to air our grievances. They just want to ram the trans ideology down all people’s throats, because of their “with us or against us, no substitutions” mindset, not caring that it is a choice for one to believe in the trans movement or not

Blaire didn’t say that. She said they were trying to legislate against free-speech which is categorically a lie. I’m all for free speech too and don’t want it to be legislated – but I’m not going to lie about laws to try and get people to be outraged and believe me. Blaire isn’t any better a representation than Milo – she’s just an SJW on the other side of the political spectrum. Horseshoe theory baby.

But you’re right, there are awful parts to the trans community and until we get some good representation that isn’t bias for an audience and is just posting truth and facts – we’re not going to get that. I’m trying my best to do it but I’m only one person. Get involved, research your position and be honest.

“Going back to the censor thing, Im sure you noticed my current twtter handle. I like calling myself derogatory terms like faggot and retard, no different that a couple of black guys hanging out and calling each other nigga. [Through censorship and] by forcing the ideology of the trans movement on to society as a whole, they make others hate us even more. Especially when some aspects get out of hand, which brings me to another point brought up in both of your pieces: transitioning in childhood.”

Before we get on to trans kids, censorship is wrong. Categorically. I don’t believe it helps anyone and its tantamount to trying to create a verbal safe space. Which are places where ideas go to inbreed with other similar ideas and come back out all mutilated and mangled. Good ideas aren’t born from echo chambers, they’re born from discussion and well-reasoned arguments.

“I’ve always felt through my life that i was a boy, but I still did typical girl stuff like play with dolls and wear dresses because it was expected of me being AFAB (assigned female at birth). Though over the years I didn’t get super into the feminine role, it took me a long time to be sure that, yes; I am a man and I should express myself as such and I was in a sound state of mind. Hard to believe, but sometimes kids will go through phases where boys will want to wear dresses or other typical girl clothing and girls want to dress up as boys

Does that mean that the child is definitely 100% transgender? and needs to be put on hormones right away? I definitely think not. That’s why I have a ton of concern for that child on the cover of NatGeo and the Jack/Jackie kid because to me it feels like they are being pushed into a role by their ‘progressive’ parents before they truly know how they actually are.

I agree too. Kids should not be given hormones, but as I said in that post, kids are not given hormones. Ever. It would be literally pointless to give a prepubescent child hormones or even blocker medication – as they are not pubescent. Blaire misrepresnts this because its outrageous and makes people get angry – its just her pandering to her audience for viewership.

In reality, kids are not given hormones until roughly age 16 – if they came out as trans to their parents at 5, that’s 11 years of persistent and insistent gender. Not just a phase. The closest to actual medication they get before that is blockers, which as I discussed in my blog post is up for debate amongst gender specialists. However currently they are prescribed at the onset of puberty (so around 11-13) and cause no real side-effects.

“I guess to wrap up this discourse, the best thing the trans movement to do is to cull the smug fucks who give us a bad name and educate and I’m talking about not being condescending about the information we want to give. Education should be calm and informative with no bias towards one subsection of the trans community or another. Also, when we educate, we should not come off as forcing ideas on others, just try to form like ….the word escapes me like how we live together with other minorities. Or if i can get more succinct: Cut the Radicals, distance from the fringe, express views n a calm, collected manner, do not force Ideas on others, do not rely on emotions to state your point, researched and vetted facts only

Anyways, that’s my piece.”

I agree, and I’d like to see more trans people doing this – but all of the things you’ve described there are happening on both sides of the debates right now. We really need people who are willing to put aside their bias to really get involved with the facts and really report them. I hope to see you around Twitter more often, because you’re not actually as weak of a debater as you think you are.

You have a lot of strong points, you just need to find a way to word them better. That and you’re coming from the best position possible – not being a total panderfest or a retard SJW. You’re coming from what appears to be the same position I’m in.
@Everyone – thanks for reading, I know this was a long one, but being part of the discussion is #1 on my list of things to do regarding this place. So it had to be done!

4 thoughts on “A response to Cursed E (from a follower)

  1. endgameanimus says:

    You’re most likely thinking of the Tumblr community in regards to Otherkin, where they take a simple connection to something and state that’s their kintype, then get angry and upset when you try and correct their misinformation.

    A kintype is an integral identity, whether spiritual or psychological – So no, Otherkin do not believe they can physically shift or have powers in this life or anything like that.

    Most Otherkin would rather stay out of the spotlight, the media always end up twisting words to make it shocking and sell more.


      • endgameanimus says:

        God, WordPress isn’t great at notifying me, my bad.

        (Bear in mind I’m not Otherkin, I’m fictionkin, but have been around the communities long enough)

        Otherkin are people who identify as non-human, and they know they’re physically human. Some may see it as a more spiritual aspect (I.E. past lives and such), some may see it as a more psychological approach (I.E. brainwiring), and some may even see it as a mix of both.

        Otherkin is more an umbrella term, but by definition Otherkin identify as non-Earthly creatures, such as angels or aliens. Therians identify as Earthly animals, whether they’re extinct or not, so like wolves and lions and even marine animals. One interesting fact is that some people believe that dragons did exist on Earth, so in some places they may say they’re a dragon Therian.

        Just connecting with (“identifying with”) doesn’t always mean you’ll have a kintype of that creature – in example, I’m not exactly fond of my fictotype… Identifying with something/solely feeling a connection if what’s known as Animal-/Other-Hearted, which can sometimes easily be mis-identified as being kin due to the fact that it can cause cameo shifts of said creature (cameo shifts being shifts that aren’t of your kintype)


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