Why people hate trannies: a response

So recently Blaire White decided to drop another video on why people hate trannies. Except as is with the case with most of Blaire White’s videos – such as her recent skrimish with Onision, where she tried to call him a paedophile – or my own previous run in with her where she entirely misrepresented trans kids because that shit sells – she’s wrong. She knows she’s wrong and she’s intentionally misrepresenting the situation to pander to her histrionic right-wing audience. So here’s a quick post covering exactly why she’s wrong this time

First of all right off the bat she talks about trannies and then somehow makes it into a political thing regarding leftism – when she herself has already said before in videos that transsexualism has nothing to do with politics. People who are trans exist on all sides of the political spectrum – so is the video about trannies? or is it about leftism? Perhaps she’s just creating a video about hating on trannies to pander to a right wing audience? Lets see shall we!?

Moving forwards in the video Blaire talks about people who throw out words like “bigot” and “transphobe” at the drop of the hat – and finally, I agree with something she says. I see this a lot too and I’ve touched on it in blog posts before. There is a real problem with society relying on using terms like these and “racist”, “sexist” etc to silence opposition. To end discourse rather than hashing it out with someone properly, as a discussion should happen. This isn’t merely unique to left-wing politics as Blaire would have you believe though. This bullshit behaviour happens on both sides of the argument as a direct result of identity politics – something I’m fervently against. All the same though, Blaire plays the ID politics game when she mentions her “right leaning” identity and the left leaning, marxist identities of the opposition as if its somehow valid to the argument at all. Which is retarded because ID politics will never be beaten into submission by more ID politics. You need to stop that.

Next up she suggests her following “just happens to be” right leaning, conservatives and republicans etc – this is not the case. If you did not pander specifically to this audience by misrepresenting facts and cherry picking what you present – you would find that your audience would be significantly less supportive of you. Go ahead and try it sometime, I’ll wait.

She says her audience before finding her had “no understanding of trans people” – and I say that a bad understanding of trans people isn’t any better. Do a better job and stop lying to people.

Next up she – without a single shred of irony – says “The representation the comes out of the trans community is usually filled with really bad ideas”  – like… honestly no self awareness at all. She goes on to blame “marxist little shits” for having these bad and misinformed ideas – yet fails to recognise her own bad ideas. So either she’s a marxist or again identity politics is a bad idea – one she’s pushing for.

Finally we get to something really crucial in this video. Canadia’s Bill C-16. Apparently this bill made it illegal to misgender people – this is categorically not the case. I learnt this the hard way too, and I’ll hold my hands up and say the blog post I wrote about it is filled with inaccuracies. Here’s an article on what the bill actually says and means. For reference its now the third article down in a Google search for “bill c-16” – which is very evident of Blaire’s laziness when putting together these ranty ass videos. Short story being the bill does not make it illegal to misgender people.

Furthermore if she had done any digging at all she would have found that in NYC they did -in fact – bring in a similar law that vaguely forbids misgendering. The law states that malicious use of misgendering can result in a fine – which I discussed in a blog post already. She later does go on to show a screen cap of this but once again, misrepresents it. Claiming you can be fined for “forgetting to call someone zhir” – this is not the case. You can be fined for malicious misgendering specifically. The actual law uses the phrase “willful, wanton or malicious conduct”. Not that this is all too great in my personal opinion, but it isn’t as bad as what Blaire is suggesting it is – but of course she wouldn’t represent it fairly, she never does.

Finally, she says that America isn’t some kind of human rights hell hole for trans people – and I agree, it isn’t the worst it could be and in the last 5 or so years alone trans acceptance has been at an unpresidented high. However there’s still a lot of problems with America as can be evidenced by statistics! You know those fact things? Here’s some statistics from the Williams Institute on the experiences of some trannies.

Amongst these statistics are a lot of social factors, which I covered in my blog post already and discussed how they’re the leading contributor to the markedly high suicide rate of trans people. Because you know, I do my research… These social experiences that are shared amongst many many many trans people are the reason for why some people take such a stance against misgendering.

All in all they’re just trying to make a better experience for trans people in the world and bring that suicide rate down. Whether you agree with their methods or not, trying to deny that negative social environments and the lack of access to medical and legal support are real because you personally don’t experience it is retarded. Please stop being retarded.

America isn’t the great bastion of safety for trans people, there are a lot of things that still need to be fixed before our suicide rate starts going down. First and foremost I think we need to fix the information we’re putting out there. Lying and misrepresenting things to pander to an audience isn’t making it easier for anyone. However Blaire’s right, we do need to fix our attitudes towards other people – especially those in the trans community who would call others scum for not being trans, ie cis scum. Finally? We need to not shy away from discourse – even if that discourse is loaded. Blocking people for different opinions or for making fun of us isn’t helping either. It just makes us look like those SJWs Blaire claims are ruining everything.

*cough* Blaire *cough*.


PS – go post this @ her on Twitter for me? She went full SJW and blocked me for making fun of her.

@Blaire Please stop. You are not the hero trans needs nor are you the one it deserves. All you’re doing is pouring fuel onto the fire then asking everyone else why its so damn hot in here. Talk about politics, talk about Onision, talk about whatever – but you’re doing nobody any favours with your pandering bullshit. So stop talking about trans issues, or at the very least actually bother to do some research and present the information fully. Instead of just one twisted side of it that will make your audience like you more. 


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