@AssumptaHart does not exist

I just wanted to write this quick post, especially after my previous post about “why people hate trannies”, because I feel like the criticism of the trans community from within the community isn’t happening or isn’t as visible as it should be. So I wanted to add to that visibility and out right condemn shitty behaviour to all of my followers. This is quick story about a trans activist named Aoife, whose Twitter account @AssumptaHart is now deleted.

Aoife is a trans activist and she was arguing against Cathy Brennan, a trans exclusionary rad feminist. In the argument it seems from the evidence provided that Aoife tried to post a website including the school of Brennan’s kid. I assume from Brennan’s use of “allegedly” in the tweet means it wasn’t the right school, all the same I’m not going to post a pic just in case.

More importantly though is that even if it wasn’t actually the right school – the intention to post that school was there all the same. The intention of the tweet may have been to expose Brennan for something she had done wrong, using the tuition fee of her kid’s school as evidence of dodgy dealing – or something vaguely like that. However this does not excuse basically doxxing a child to win an argument on Twitter. Kindly fuck off with that shit.

You hold no moral high ground when you do this. You’re just being a dick and its a truly horrible thing to try and do to someone. The trans community is often called up for this kind of stuff whether it be calling people scum or doxxing or telling people to die or whatever. If that’s the kind of stuff you do – you’re a fucking awful person. Not even to mention the fact that you also give ammo to the people you’re “”””arguing”””” against. They collect the captures, they post them and it helps convince people of their opinion – sure its ad hominem as fuck, but you’ve screwed the pooch on having any sense of credibility on the discussion already.

In short, if you can’t keep yourself from lashing out with super personal attacks,  doxxing, or getting people’s family involved – then just stay out of the discussion. Leave that shit to someone who isn’t a total histrionic retard dick bag.



18 thoughts on “@AssumptaHart does not exist

  1. Aoifeschatology says:

    Oddly enough, Brennan his/her/dykself has broadcasted the name of the $30k a year school of the unnnamed, unpictured pupil repeatedly. Strange, for someone feigning concern — or rather alcoholic rage indignation. The pupil’s yearly tuition far exceeds the average salary of the working class women Mx Brennan holds in the name of the usury conglomerates zyr represents. I’ll wait for the reality to hit you.


    • cursedeblogger says:

      All of this is super and all – but you being an asshole isn’t justified because she was an asshole too. You want the moral high ground then BE BETTER than the person you’re targeting. Acting the same way and doing shitty stuff yourself is fucked and doesn’t make your argument any stronger. It just makes you look like an asshole.

      Stop being an asshole.


      • Aoifeschatology says:

        Can you pose an argument without cursing like an adolescent on adderall? Your incapability to hold a consistent ethic and apply it with a metric of honesty just reveals what you are: a gladhanding doodler with little sense and a big empty space where most people have a brain. Good luck with that. None of you bottle barrel bullies intimidate me. You’ve already lost the gender ID contest.


        • cursedeblogger says:

          Gender is not a contest you colossal retard.

          Look you were doing something shitty – own up to that or double down and let everyone know what kind of horrible person you are.

          The latter harms more trans people than the former. You decide what you want to do.


  2. Aoifeschatology says:

    Well, you inarticulate hack, I thank you for the screen caps of your collosal hypocrisy. See, anonkiddo, I can SC too — except instead of thumping twitter, I present your duplicitous
    hypocrisy in PowerPoint form — next month at UCLA. You’ll be exhibit B! Congrats! Until then try to imagine your life with a little more courage and a lot more talent. Writing is surely not yr game nor will it ever be. Adieu, sweets– you really push the limit of indifferent littleness xx

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  3. Neko-chi says:

    “I feel like the criticism of the trans community from within the community isn’t happening or isn’t as visible as it should be”

    If you mean criticism of actions like the ones described in this article, I don’t think it’s so surprising. The trans community is quite small and most people within the community don’t act in such shitty ways. Hell, I cannot recall a single example of someone being so much of a douche. Plus there is the defensive reflex some people hold onto, which is quite reasonable. Trans people’s (especially trans women) misdoings are oftenly presented as a larger portrayal of our kind in general, not just isolated incidents. From a point onward, I think we just don’t want to give more attention to that sort of negativity -regardless of whether that is counter productive or not.

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    • cursede says:

      I see it often enough and from someone like Aoife who has quite a large blog following and gives speeches on trans issues? Yeah she needed to know that wasn’t a good thing to do tbh.


  4. genderskeptics says:

    It’s not very smart to write false defamatory things about attorneys. I’m not one so this isn’t legal advice so much as common sense.


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