2017; New Year New Meme.

Its 2017 and I just wanted to fill you all in on my plans for the future of my blog and internet shit posting. This is all rough as heck so don’t take it at gospel and some of it is subject to change. However…

A few of you have offered to give me money and this just isn’t really something I’m comfortable with at this point. I’ve planned that if I reach a decent amount of success & reach, I’ll start using the Patreon I set up as a joke when I was winding someone up. Ideally I’d like to be able to make some kinda difference in the world, and it would be amazing to do case studies on charities, like say for domestic violence – especially for those who are under represented massively. I’d like to use Patreon to not only fund this and create awareness, but also to make a donation to the charity. This way people can suggest to me charities and causes they’re passionate about and I can help spread the word and maybe raise a little money for them too.

So I’m super appreciative that you think what I’ve got going on here is worth your money, but I’m afraid there are probably things that are way more worth your money – and there are other ways you can support me instead.

I plan to buy and monetise this blog. I’m not reaching yuuuuge amounts of people right now but that’s rising every month. I started my blog in April 2016, but didn’t start actively taking part in discussions and promoting it on Twitter until September/October. Since then my views for October were 1,000+ then in November 2,000+ and in December 3,000+ (obviously aiming for 4,000+ in January!). That’s amazing and I can’t thank you enough. From my online research that kind of traffic – your views – is worth a small sum, which I’m intending to use to help fund myself getting a YouTube channel up. Which will probably have minimal ads, but enough to help keep it all afloat.

I work a crappy job and the idea of being able to quit it and work on the blog and YouTube channel full time would be incredible. Especially if I can make it not just about shit posting wildly, but also about enacting positive changes to people’s lives. I want to be entertaining, but with a purpose; if that’s something you’re interested in, then keep visiting the blog, keep clicking the ads (when I actually monetise, not yet) and lets see if we can kick 2017’s ass.

Thank you so much for all the support and kind words, you fucking rock.

Oh also. Totally unrelated, but I’m probably writing a novel. More on that at some point when I actually plan something.


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