Identity Politics; radfem edition

So as promised I’m going to continue writing up things about different groups of people and their use of identity politics. Since I argue with radfems et al a lot on Twitter, I figured I’d kick it off here and leave some of the less expected ones until later. This should be a pretty short post since I’ve covered most of this before in other posts already.

As was explained in the previous post on IDpol; its simplest and shortest form is politics based on identity. Meaning identity is literally the most important part about you.

When it comes to radical feminism, the most important part about them is their female biology. This is their identity, and all of their politics as a result of this rely on this idea. They make statements such as “women are oppressed because of our biology” for example. Yet as was touched on in the last post, IDpol tends to need an identity to go up against, one to say “look we’re not as equal as they are” to. The obvious counter-identity for this is people with male biology.

To this end nearly all of radical feminist’s problems can be explained through the evil that is those with male biology. With careful and clever cherry picking of information, and twisting of definitions; radical feminists argue that all males are “culturally violent/rapists”. This means that because of “male socialisation” – people with male biology are most likely to commit violent acts against people with female biology, or even effeminate people with male biology.

As you can see, its all ideas that are heavily based on the idea of identity above all else. If you’re a male, then because other males have done X action – you too are likely to do X action. It’s guilt by association, except the association is down to the fact that you have Y chromosome.

Obviously, as I’ve covered in other blog posts before, this isn’t true. Having female biology doesn’t exclude you from being the perpetrator of violent crime, such as abuse or rape. Not just that but if you actually take the reported numbers into account, you find that women rape as much as men. As can be seen here in the CDC stats I posted before.

However this doesn’t stop radical feminists using twisted facts to advocate for “women’s spaces” because, and here is a super important part, they are always the victim in the current system. A system they and their politics argue to change. Which is the pretty standard rhetoric for anyone arguing for/about identity politics.

The truth is that having male biology or even “male socialisation” doesn’t make you more likely to become a rapist or murderer, and to judge a whole group of people based on this idea is unfair to the majority who don’t. Identity in this situation doesn’t mean anything as both sexes under both male or female socialisation are capable of doing evil things. We can evidence this easily by looking at crime stats, and sure – men commit more, but is that because their biology or because of reasons which are totally specific to each individual case? Well… considering these crimes happen for wildly different reasons, I think the latter is looking the most accurate.

But of course, this ‘truth’ doesn’t work when your entire ideology is based upon your identity as a victim. So its usually rejected for “””””truth””””” that does.





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