NatGeo, Blaire White & child abuse

Recently, National Geographic decided to run a ‘transgender’ piece, called the Gender Revolution. Giving people who fit under the transgender umbrella, which I’ve spoken about before here, a little representation and a little limelight. One of the things that has caught people’s attention and ire the most from this event is a young girl named Avery, who appeared on the cover.

And by ire, oh trans boy do I mean ire. Most notably of the objections that I’ve seen personally came from trans advocate YouTuber and all around right wing pander-fest, Blaire White. Yes, she is a trans advocate – her idea of trans doesn’t match everyone else’s and neither does mine, but we are both advocating for our idea of it, thus are trans advocates. Deal with that now before you get butthurt and tell me otherwise.

So any way, after a tirade of angry tweets from Blaire about this cover as well as numerous other people too. Blaire decided to make a video, and well… either she’s intentionally misrepresenting the facts, or she’s too lazy to actually look them up. Either way its retarded and I figured I should probably do a little clarification. Since actually… when you’re talking about the medical treatment of a child – you’re not really allowed to be wrong. [insert self giggle here]


Here’s a link to the video, lets get this show on the road!

0:21 “children being allowed to transition”

This is the first chunk of misinformation dear Blaire gives us. She doesn’t actually specify what transition in the context of children means, but of course she wouldn’t. She’s pandering to her hysterical right wing audience – giving the facts would be absurd.

When we talk about “children transitioning” its really important to note that there is no hormone medication involved. The closest they get is puberty blockers around the time puberty begins. This medication purely blocks puberty and has no known side effects or dangers, and can be stopped any time.

There is speculation amongst gender specialists that some ‘natural’ puberty should be facilitated before blockers to allow children more space to change their mind. This I agree with, because yeah, we shouldn’t transition kids who aren’t trans and its pretty important to make sure we’re doing this right.

Here’s what Dr Polly Carmichael has to say about blockers: “The blocker is said to be completely reversible, which is disingenuous because nothing’s completely reversible. It might be that the introduction of natal hormones [those you are born with] at puberty has an impact on the trajectory of gender dysphoria.”

ie, blockers themselves aren’t bad medication – but we shouldn’t rush to using them to treat children with as ‘natural’ puberty may sometimes impact GD. That’s a doctor who works at a children’s gender identity specialist clinic here in the UK. So I’m gonna go out on a limb and say maybs she know’s what she’s talking about.

0:40 “its a little bit frustrating to be the only trans youtuber speaking out against this”

Ever heard the phrase, if everyone you meet is an asshole, its probably not them, its you? Yeah that.

1:24 “I don’t believe in allowing children to undergo medical gender transition”

Good thing they’re not then, huh.

1:43 “Its crazy to take the child’s word as infallible truth that they’re transgender!”

Obviously. That’s why there’s a lot of therapy involved beforehand. If a trans child says they are trans at age 4 (like Avery in the pic did) – then do you know what parents do? They take their kid to a doctor. Because when a child tells you its experiencing some kind of pain, be it physical, emotional or mental its child abuse to ignore that, even if you don’t believe the kid.

So Avery’s mum took her to a doctor and then through the same process doctors use to diagnose almost everything – ie, talking to the patient and asking them how they feel, they decided this kid was trans.

1:48 “permanent bodily changes, sterilisation, woaaaaah!”

Already covered how this isn’t happening. This is the exact kinda scaremongering and right-wing pandering I was talking about earlier. Keep an eye out for it in the rest of the video!

1:57 “they can’t even drink! or drive! or vote or consent to sex!”

This isn’t a valid reason why they shouldn’t be allowed to socially transition at whatever age they want. Nor is it a good reason why they shouldn’t be allowed to medically transition at 16. Being legally able to do one thing doesn’t automatically imply you are legally able to do another thing – hence why the drinking, driving and voting ages are all different. Why would the age for transition have to be the same as any of the others? There’s no logic behind this at all other than “muh feelings”.

The reason teenagers are given the option to take hormone medication at 16 and blockers before then is because puberty can be damaging to a trans person. You and I are okay, we lucked out on the genetic lottery, transitioned at 20-ish, and everything’s going swell for us. That’s not the case for other trans people who can be totally cripplingly debilitated by the negative affects of ‘natural’ puberty. It would be outlandishly cruel to force a trans person through a whole puberty that is almost guaranteed to exacerbate their dysphoria. That is child abuse.

Also furthermore, in a lot of states in the US children as young as 13 can consent to sex. Such as Louisiana where its totally legal for a 16 year old to copulate with a 13 year old. There are various laws like this where under 16s can consent to sex in the US. The age of consent is not just simply 18. So again your argument is bad and you should feel bad.

2:24 “why is the kid on the cover of a national magazine… with pink hair?”

Kinda hard to pin point which bit annoys you the most here, but I’ll do both since I’m on a roll.

I agree, I wouldn’t put my kid on the cover of a magazine if they were trans…


…or autistic, or had downs syndrome or any of the other kinds of medical conditions that have been put on the covers of magazines for awareness sake. Its not something I personally would do. This doesn’t necessarily make it a bad thing. People only seem to have this concern when its a trans kid though, which kinda shows that this isn’t about the kid, its about trans.


On the pink hair – look at how far you push your tits up/your blatantly injected lips, how are you even going to criticise someone else for choosing an exaggerated feminine appearance? Just… stop Blaire… like… oh wow.

2:45 “her twitter handle is trans girl underscore mom, not the name of her kid! because building your identity around your kid’s identity is totally normal”
and “what is the chances that a trans activist gives birth to a trans kid!?”

It is when your twitter account is one purposely made for the advocacy of your trans daughter’s rights. I mean… this isn’t even a chicken or the egg kinda scenario since there’s a full on video where Debi Jackson, the mother of Avery, actually explains how she became a trans advocate in a video which went viral two years ago. It’s called “that’s good enough” and is quite the tearjerker towards the end.

As you can see, she became a trans advocate after her kid came out as trans.

3:32 “this just reeks of pimping out your kid”

Based on nothing but misinformation and your pandering to RW hysteria? Yeah. Super stinky.

Her speech went viral and she was likely invited by many news agencies as a result of it to come talk about her kid. Obviously wanting to help progress her kid’s rights, she was likely more than happy to do that – because what parent wouldn’t be keen to try and make the world a better place for their child?

What’s wrong with you!?

4:44 “there are adults who struggle with the decision to transition and/or detransition”

Yes, in a very minority of cases this happens, not in the majority. Though I will say I personally struggled with the decision to transition too. I didn’t want this for my self any more than any trans person really wants to be trans. We all just want to be happy, and not hate our bodies – that goes for kids too who can also feel that pain – whether you want to think they do or not.

Also important to note is that detransitioners aren’t usually young people – they’re old people. We’re in an unprecedented time where medical support for trans people isn’t hard to get, and where we’re more open about wanting to get it. You absolutely cannot compare this to the demographic who detransition the most – the older transitioners, who transitioned in their late 30s onwards, were ruined by puberty and now blame everyone else for their decisions. Such as the former trans woman, now dude, who set up Sex Change Regret.

Medically transitioning around 16 and having unprecedented social support too has really changed the landscape ahead of you as a trans person. Before it was a rocky climb up and down mountains of bullshit, and now its a far flatter journey.

Blaire… you posted an incomplete argument that wasn’t well researched or purposefully pandered to the hysteria of your RW audience, and if you don’t want to take my word for it – here’s a long ass interview with Debi Jackson, the mother. Which includes a lil tidbit that Blaire was also either too lazy to find or purposefully didn’t mention where she says:

“You don’t try to give little kids medications, antidepressants or anything like that because it messes with the brain and it can be pretty dangerous. So instead, just affirming who she says she is and letting her do a social transition, growing her hair, changing her clothes, changing her pronouns, that is going to be much healthier than us trying to deliver a bunch of drugs to her never knowing what the side effects could be down the road. “

and one final tidbit from me is that the above social transition that Debi Jackson not only describes but allowed her daughter to undergo – the same social transition this whole damn video shit storm was about? Yeah that? It’s been scientifically proven to have positive mental health out comes for trans kids. Yes, that’s right. Its so damn far from child abuse that it can give Pluto a high-five.

TLDR Blaire contributed to a shit storm for viewership – despite that she most probably knew better than that and only presented half the argument. Way to sell out ho.








9 thoughts on “NatGeo, Blaire White & child abuse

  1. Emily says:

    Please reconsider your use of the word “retarded”. I’m sure you can understand the negative effects that language can have on a group of people.


    • cursede says:

      I think context is probably important for when deciding we’re going to restrict use of language.

      Is the context in which I used it going to impact people with learning difficulties? Because I’m not so sure it is.


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