Do women rape? (Updated)

This weekend I had a lot of conversations about this topic. Largely with a large and belligerent transvestite rape apologist, so that was fun. But I figured this post needed to be made and covered. Hopefully it will be a handy cue card I or anyone else can just throw towards radical feminists when they’re claiming only men rape.

If you speak to radical feminists at all, you’ll probably notice their rigid idea of rape and their reliance on rape statistics – well, the statistics that suit their narrative anyway. Rape in radical feminism is an example of male violence, which I already debunked here. Male violence means that culturally, biological males, including trans women, are prone to being rapists. Obviously this inspires fear and cautiousness around anyone suspected to be biologically male, and that tends to cause a lot of hate towards anyone daring enough to have a Y chromosome and a penis.

Statistically speaking, they are right in their claims. Rape is overwhelmingly carried out by males on other people, be they male or female. In rad feminism, males are only ever raped by other males, not females. Which again, according to the statistics is all true. It’s undeniable that statistics show that men carry out all rape. These statistics inform the rad feminism position, and explain why they hate males so much.

Except… it is kinda deniable. See, the rape statistics tend to be gathered from government sources or from charities carrying out surveys. Most importantly is the definition of rape that they use. Here’s the definition for rape in the UK from the sexual offences act 2003:


As you can see, the definition of rape is very, very, very one-sided. The very wording includes the word “he” and that’s no mistake – as the other time they make reference to a person, they make sure to use “another person” instead of a gender marker. From the get go this is clear cut sexism and it only gets even clearer as we read on in the sentence and see rape requires a penis.

The definition is important, because this is the definition statistics will use to define something as rape or not – not the common definition of “sexual intercourse without consent – regardless of genders”. So according to the definition and therefore the statistics based on this definition; women cannot rape.

Which, again, according to this bias definition – is accurate. The statistics I link below show that 93.3% of male rape victims are raped by men – but only if you skew the results purposely to exclude women from being rapists.

This gender bias has lead to people scrutinising government led surveys regarding sexual violence. In the US rape has a similar definition to what’s used here in the UK where women are excluded as potential rapists. Here are the CDCs statistics – which have been quoted at me by radical feminists online before.


These statistics show the problems we’re discussing here, as only male on male is considered rape. However they do hold a lil nugget of truth if you look even vaguely hard enough. That nugget is the “made to penetrate” statistic. Which shows that men are “made to penetrate” read: raped, almost exactly as much as women are raped. Furthermore, the statistics say that 79.2% of men are made to penetrate (read: raped) by women. Throwing the whole radfem ideology that women don’t rape and only men rape totally out of the window. Other people who have criticised this include Time and their website.

I can’t blame them for their wrong think here, but I can in fact blame them for their inability to correct their wrong think in the presence of new information. That makes them fundamentalists, not just bigots. That’s a problem for any society, its regressive and holds us back as a collective. If I were an SJW I guess I’d call it, problematic.

I can also blame them for their willingness to throw victims of a heinous crime under the bus based on their biology alone. To deny the facts they see before them and excuse that as being acceptable. You are all wrong radfeminists. Women absolutely rape, and using purposely misleading definitions to exclude yourself as rapists isn’t solving the problem that men are being raped.

Ugh. The worst is that they use the shitty legal definition to defend their toxic ideology. Rather than accepting that the legal definition needs to be changed.  



UPDATE: I’ve written to Maria Miller MP, the Equalities Minister of the UK. Perhaps she can help sort this blatant inequality out once and for all. Thanks for making helping make some noise! I will also be using the #WomenRapeToo hashtag on Twitter and




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