TERFs &  Twitter  vs Truth (I’m shadow banned) 

Credit for the title goes to my partner.  So this right here is some bullshit.  I’m currently  being shadowbanned by Twitter.  Please check my feed @CursedEBlog for all the evidence.  And any you could retweet to help kick up a storm about this would really be appreciated.  Thank you!

This is all happening because I kicked the TERFnest. I wrote a few blogs on it and even started a cheeky but harmless troll.  The XX campaign to make fun of TERFs usage of XX in their names.  To make it utterly meaningless.  To take their smug bullshit away from them and have fun doing it.  It’s all a bit of fun and games.

While promoting this idea amongst anyone TERFs were arguing against using Twitter’s search function. I’d also take part in the conversation.  This lead me to write a few more blogs and do some more research.  Armed with said research I continued antagonising them into debates and proving them wrong with facts.  I may have said a few mean things,  but absolutely nothing compared to the vitriol I received.  Tweets such as “your mother is ashamed of you”  were coming my way,  and any other kind of nonsense they could imagine.

However I’m not here to play victim.  I’m here to show that I won’t be a victim to them or anyone else.  See,  this shadow ban comes very soon after my conversations last night. Which likely means some TERFs have reported me and because enough of them dog piled and did it. I’ve now been selected for the award of being silenced.  This post is about not being a victim of that,  and I’m not ashamed to ask for help in that aim.

If you value free speech,  if you value reason and rational debate above “this hurts my feelings”.  Then please retweet my tweets and share this post.  The more noise that is made the quicker my ban will be lifted.
And of course,  in advance thank you very much for all your help.  You’re amazing.

Yet I’m the one who is banned 


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