#TERFwar and why you need XX

So if you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ve probably heard of my scraps with the TERFs of Twitter. One of the things I noticed amongst their exclusionary ideology and religious devotion to biology… is XX. It’s everywhere, and once you notice it you can’t stop. It’s in a good amount of their tags.

Its a show of their exclusionary ideology, and well… that just doesn’t sit right with me. Not only a lot of these people vile people, who lie and misrepresent things as I’ve discussed in my other posts. But also they are far too exclusionary, so why don’t we do something to make it a little more inclusive?


That’s why you need XX. Adopt it for your Twitter name, spread the inclusion, and help tear down something that this less than savoury group hold dear. Join the #TERFwar today, it takes only a few seconds, and anyone can do it!

Plus, it’ll be really really really really funny.


10 thoughts on “#TERFwar and why you need XX

  1. Jason says:

    “A religious devotion to biology”. That’s a contradiction in terms. If someone is ‘religiously devoted’ to the scientific method then they aren’t religious because science is about changing your mind according to evidence rather than maintaining an entrenched belief based on magical thinking.

    Believing that reality is malleable to your will, is the very essence of magical thinking, the basis for all religion which is something you seem to be advocating. Another key tenet of religion is purity/sanctity- the idea that some people are morally tainted by their lack of belief. The demonisation of the other, as heathens, heretics or infidels. When you talk of ‘vile people’ this is exactly what you are doing – demonising people who have a different belief system to you.

    As to inclusion and exclusion. We are led to think that all inclusion is inherently good and all exclusion inherently bad. Yet are there no areas in life where you think exclusion is justified? For example people found innocent of crimes are excluded from prison. People without mental health difficulties are exluded from mental health units. People who aren’t pregnant are excluded from ante natal classes. White people are excluded from support groups for people of colour. Adults are excluded from studying at primary school. Or do all these practices sit uncomfortably with you?

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    • cursedeblogger says:

      You raise good points. Absolutely.

      The comment on religious devotion was more about how they behave and practice their belief. Rather than what the belief is about. I dont agree that they do practice a scientific method. Their ideas are rigid and fixed, even in the face of science. That’s why I likened it to religious devotion. And yes! They also demonstrate purity and sanctity by being exclusive of anyone they deem “male”. Whether that be a trans woman, man, or just someone they’ve read that way.

      I demonise them because they hit me with vile crap on twitter everyday. Right now one is repeatedly talking about how my parents must be ashamed. You can go look it up if you like.

      You’re right on inclusion. Not all of it is good. Exclusion is good for the right reasons, not for the wrong ones though.


    • EgregiousCharles says:

      “That’s a contradiction in terms. If someone is ‘religiously devoted’ to the scientific method then they aren’t religious because science is about changing your mind according to evidence rather than maintaining an entrenched belief based on magical thinking.”

      Sure, it’s the same sort of contradiction in terms as a mean Christian; meaning it’s disgustingly common. Unskeptical “skeptics” and unscientific “science believers” who do not question, nor hypothesize, nor experiment, nor record or analyze results, but only accept and repeat things based on the the authority of others are probably even more common.

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      • cursede says:

        Yeah exactly

        that’s the point. They dont and won’t change their mind when presented with information. They are religiously devoted to biological sex as the ultimate fact of life. They just parrot each other without actually doing any critical thinking or analysis. Hence religiously. Jason didn’t get that.


        • John Stuart Mill says:

          You’re describing the Trans Cult to perfection. When faced with the end result of billions of years of evolution – the sexual dimorphism of all mammalian species – they refuse to recognize that biological SEX and socially constructed GENDER are two different things. They also refuse to acknowledge that women/girls are oppressed on the basis of our biological SEX – and that socially constructed GENDER roles/rules is the mechanism of this oppression. This fact is why we want/need to organize on the basis of biological SEX to throw off the yoke of our oppression. This is why males are not wanted nor invited to lead, why males are not our sisters in this fight. Facts matter, science matters, biology matters – but the current formulation of the Trans Cult doesn’t want to take even ten minutes to THINK about these issues. They are in denial about human reproductive biology and how this biology uniquely intertwines with women’s & girls’ oppression.


          • cursede says:

            Actually no, there are trans ideologues, absolutely – but they hardly make up all of trans people, nor are they inherent to it. If all the morons disappeared, trans would still exist and still be a real problem people live with every day.

            Sex and gender aren’t two different things and gender isn’t socially constructed either. Gender presentation and gender roles are social constructs, gender itself not so much. For people who aren’t trans, gender matches sex and these words can be used interchangeably. Man/Male, Woman/Female. However, trans people don’t have this match, the literal entire point is that there is a mismatch between physical sex and gender. This gap causes dysphoria and that’s what we try to minimise, make the gap smaller, make the dysphoria smaller.

            Science and biology both matter, yes, but you’re applying them in a way that isn’t what the science actually supports. Science, and medical science in particular supports trans people, hence why we’re able to get medical treatment for it.

            As for oppression – I don’t believe women are oppressed any more than men are. It isn’t women who had to sign up for the draft, it isn’t women with sky high suicide rates, it isn’t women who lose their kids in custody cases, it isn’t women who only have weekend access, it isn’t women who get no decision in whether their child is aborted or not, it isn’t women who make up the majority of homeless people, it isn’t women whose rape isn’t taken seriously, it isn’t women who have absolutely no access to domestic violence shelters, it isn’t women who can’t actually talk about these problems without getting called an “MRA” and dismissed.

            You want to fix oppression? Look in the mirror.


  2. Jason says:

    Let me guess how you might respond to these points. – insult and invective, delivered with a tone of moral superiortiy based on your right thinking religious views? Your assurance in your own beliefs gives you an immunity from looking at either the substance of your argument or your tactics in defending it. Having othered someone they’re not really deserving of human rights are they? So you can attack them with impunity. Burn the heretics!


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