TERFs and “male violence”

So I argue with TERFs a lot on the internet, and one of the cornerstones of their ideology is #MaleViolence. Which hilariously is only one letter away from malevolence, but I digress. This idea of male violence is the entire reason they are trans exclusionary, or at least its the reason they put forwards. The idea being that people who are biologically male are the people who commit around 90% of all violent crime. So it’s obviously male biology that makes people violent no?

No, because that’s not how correlation works. First of all, the stats used are often conviction rates. Conviction rates which are skewed unfairly against men and particularly black men. The ratios are skewed unfairly because men are far more likely to go to prison for committing a crime than a woman who commits the exact same crime in a lot of instances. Studies also show that men go to prison for longer for the same crime than women.

Hell, there are even instances where its not just the legal system itself that shows this gender bias, but also the media covering it. Name pretty much any female teacher who raped a student and you’ll see the media coverage of it is absolutely not the same as of a male teacher raping a student. See this example where statutory rape is described as “had sex with”.

There’s a stark contrast between how we perceive women and how we perceive men. Ask anyone, and they’ll probably tell you men are more prone to violence, aggression etc and that women are more nurturing and caring. But is that strictly true, for all people? I’d argue not. There are countless examples of women being violent online. One of the videos I watched that really got my blood boiling with the sheer cruelty and disgusting behaviour was that of a Birmingham bully. One girl bullying another girl, while all her girl friends watched, one even handily recording it.

The level of which this girl dehumanises and destroys this girl, on camera, in front of all those people. The amount of cruelty and hatred she shows. This is one of the most violent things I’ve ever seen on YouTube, without a doubt. But it isn’t isolated to this one event, I’ve known other girls like this in my personal life – and you can find hundreds of girls bullying other people on YouTube. Some even have the girl bullying a male.

All of this is irrelevant. You can alter stats by race instead of gender, and you can see that in a lot of places, most crime is committed by either one race or another. We can see this with white vs black people. Black people statistically get arrested more for the same crimes a white person commits, as evidenced by drug dealing arrests. Even despite the fact that white people are more likely to be dealers. The difference between this and what TERFs do, is that nobody is looking at this and saying “well I guess it just must be their biology.” Why? Because that’s incredibly racist and fundamentally undermines any notion of equality we have or want.

Just like how its incredibly sexist to assume men commit more crime because of their biology. Rather than both of these things being down to social and environmental factors. Such as being born in poor neighbourhoods and having no good education.

Furthermore, its not “the majority of men” that commit crime. It’s just that men commit the majority of crime. Its rather dishonest and unfair to attribute violence to men, when most men don’t commit violent acts. Most men never go to prison. Most men never get arrested. Most men aren’t violent at all. The same way my few videos of women committing violence doesn’t some how mean all women are suddenly violent. That would be rather dishonest to imply.

Lets do some quick maths…There are 31 million men in the UK. There are 88,249 people in prison. Even if all 100% of people in prison committed a violent crime, and are male. That’s still only 0.2846741935483871 of men that you’re using to judge the whole sex by. That’s shockingly dishonest.

We cannot ignore violence. The gender and sex of the person committing violence and the gender and sex of the person who is victim to violence is largely irrelevant to the fact that violence has occurred; and that’s its wrong. If we want to tackle this problem, we cannot simply pick one side of the argument to tackle, we must stamp out all violence, regardless of who the perpetrator of it is. Putting so much focus on the perpetrator’s gender, sex, race, age, orientation, job, nationality, whatever – diminishes the justice we’re doing for the victim. Lets stop doing that.




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