Grab ’em by the sexual assault definitions

A lot of people have heard the clips, so I won’t link them, they’re easy enough to find on YouTube and I’m being lazy as heck. But this is about Trump’s hot mic confession that he “just kisses, doesn’t wait” and “grabs ’em by the pussy”. A lot of people have obviously called this out, because it is pretty lecherous and disgusting, but also possibly an admission of sexual assault. There are others who don’t agree.

A lot of people suggest that “it’s not sexual assault” if they let you do it. I’ve heard this on Twitter, on YouTube, its not an uncommon idea, but it is kinda a wrong one. Though there’s a lot of nuance to it, which should probably be discussed first before coming down on a yes or no answer.

The implication Trump gives is that he doesn’t wait, just kisses and “they let you do anything… grab ’em by the pussy”. Which obviously has a lot of people excusing the comments because look, he said it himself, they “let” him do it. Its obviously not sexual assault, that’s consent!

In the famous word of Trump… wrong. This only works in a context where you are firstly, acquainted with the person, and secondly on terms with that person where grabbing them by the pussy is just part of your relationship. I could grab my partner by the pussy, and it wouldn’t be sexual assault – because that’s the kind of relationship we have. However if it was just some woman I met for the first time then it all changes.

Grabbing a woman you’ve only just met, or haven’t got the relationship with that implies consent until its revoked – like myself and my partner – then you absolutely are committing sexual assault. Touching someone’s genitalia without prior consent is sexual assault. There is no ifs and butts about that.

“But… he said they LET him do it!!!” – even if she doesn’t report it, or react negatively, heck even if she liked for it and asked for it again. The fact that someone did touch her body in a sexual manner without prior consent is absolutely assault. Victims have a choice on whether they report a crime and press charges, absolutely, but this doesn’t change the fact that the crime took place. You cannot “let” someone sexually assault you, its something they do without your consent – that is literally the whole point.

Of course, we don’t know about Trump’s relationship with the women he allegedly sexually assaulted, perhaps he was on that level with them – most likely not though. So there’s no real sure fire way to say “yes Trump did sexually assault people and brag about it” but what we can say is that “Trump bragged about sexual assault”. If anyone ever tells you that its not sexual assault because “they let him do it!!” then just refer them to this blog post.

and maybe call them an asshat or something, I don’t know, I’m not the boss of you.


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