Dana Rivers Arrested for Brutal Murder of Couple and Their Son

This is how the radical feminists who exclude trans women like to smear us. Because one committed a heinous act we’re all somehow responsible, despite the facts that the act itself wasn’t motivated by her being trans at all. Sources actually claim it to have been over a property dispute.

Furthermore in the comments “Cerulean Blue” claims women don’t commit double and triple homicides, which is again, more dishonesty. There are several times where women have committed heinous crimes such as rape, murder, and even double and triple homicides. Here’s one where a woman murdered three people over a weave. A WEAVE.

This article is a smear article, written by someone pushing an anti-trans agenda. Nothing more. The only reason I’m reblogging it is because my comments seem to be disappearing off their page somehow.


Booking Photo (Alameda County Sheriff's Department) Booking Photo (Alameda County Sheriff’s Department)

Noted transgender activist Dana Rivers was arraigned Tuesday on charges of committing a brutal triple homicide in Oakland, California in the early hours of Friday, November 11. The victims have been identified as lesbian couple Patricia Wright and Charlotte Reed and their son Toto “Benny” Diambu-Wright.

Rivers allegedly stabbed and then shot the victims in their home, which he then set ablaze in an attempt to destroy evidence. Rivers was apprehended while attempting to flee the scene of the crime on Reed’s motorcycle. He was covered in their blood.

Police state Rivers made statements confessing to the crime. He was arraigned without bail on charges of triple homicide, arson of an inhabited dwelling, and possession of metal knuckles. He faces life without possibility of parole, and potential death sentence.

Rivers’ motive is unknown. The Mercury News reports: “Authorities have not released a motive but have…

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