I’m left wing because

I’m left wing, and no that doesn’t mean what you think it does. Left wing politics are amazing, they’re some of the principles I was born into, raised under and live by every single day. The problem is that old school leftism has been silent while the growing new leftism of social justice warriors has been at the forefront of political ‘debate’.

Following the many lost political battles recently, from Brexit to Trump and possibly in future Le Pen too, I wanted to clear up a few things about leftism, and explain why I’m a leftie.

I’m left wing because I believe there is social inequality. I’m left wing because I think that 1 million people having to rely on food banks for food is absurd for a developed country. I’m left wing because part of the reason those food banks even exist is because of the good will of left-wing people who also can’t bear that people are starving as only half of councils fund foodbanks. I’m left wing because Tory austerity has targeted the poor of our country for almost a decade. I’m left wing because the media supported it, airing television shows aimed to frame the poor as scroungers.

I’m left wing because instead of turning to the rich and affluent when we needed to cut the deficit, we turned to the poor. I’m left wing because libraries, railways, the police, the nhs, ambulances, GPs, doctors, roadways are all suffering as a result of right-wing policies which target the poor.I’m left wing because welfare sanctions have caused the deaths and homelessness of many people. I’m left wing because tax evasion costs us £36bn, but we ignore that to save the possible £1.3bn from benefit fraud. I’m left wing because of the bedroom tax. I’m left wing because of the housing crisis.I’m left wing because our country has hundreds of thousands of homeless people. 86,000 of which are children. I’m left wing because of the cuts to disability benefits. I’m left wing because university prices are rising, make it far too expensive to get an education if you’re from a working class background. I’m left wing because I believe all people have the right to a good education.

I’m left wing because we are killing the planet with global warming and unregulated green house emissions. I’m left-wing because we should prioritise and incentivise green initiatives for clean energy.

I’m left wing because its hard for male victims of abuse and rape to get access to crisis centres. I’m left wing because the rape and abuse of men is hardly ever part of the discussion regarding rape and abuse, despite 12,000 of them being raped every year. I’m left wing because 1 in 6 men will be victims to domestic abuse, but do not have equal access to support. I’m left wing because if you bring these problems up in discussion, you’re laughed at, called an “MRA”, told to go away… by people who call themselves “left wing” too.

I’m left wing because you shouldn’t be discriminated against by employers or the Government. I’m left wing because all people deserve equal opportunities. I’m left wing because you shouldn’t lose your job for the colour of your skin. I’m left wing because of the 800,000 people are earning less than the minimum wage on 0 hr contracts, who can’t afford the cost of living.

I’m left wing because without a well funded NHS Children’s Hospital in Birmingham, I wouldn’t be here today. Nor would thousands of other children. I’m left wing because without a well funded NHS hospitals, I would have lost my eye sight when boy threw builders sand into my eyes as a child. I’m left wing because mental health services give people with mental illnesses the best chance they have in life, but they are badly underfunded.

There’s more, but this was getting heckin’ repetitive.  These are the reasons I’m left wing, notice none of them are about my feelings, or being offended. The left, the true left, do not care about these things. Instead we work for actionable change to the circumstances that create social inequality. If you agree with most of the above, then you’re likely left-wing too, please make your voice heard. Old school leftism needs to have its voice heard, now more than ever, our silence and ignorance towards the right’s problems with the SJW types has allowed them to grow in power. Brexit, Trump and perhaps in future Le Pen too, will all be our fault for being ignorant and complacent. This has got to stop if we ever want the left back in power again.




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